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Daughter wants orgasm from daddy

Cindy hears her mom having multiple orgasms every night, so she got so jealous and decided to seduce her stepdad!

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Dad Busts Daughter Having Phone Sex and Fucks Her

My daughter is such a little slut. She was going to shower but her boyfriend talked her into having phone sex. I walk in and see her rubbing that beautiful pussy so I stroke my cock behind her, unnoticed until she cums. OH NO, she sees me! I shove my cock in her mouth and make her keep touching herself. I LOVE IT!!! She keeps talking to her stupid boyfriend like she doesn’t want him to know she is sucking on her daddy’s cock! I am going to finger the hell out of her pussy!!! I will make my daughter CUM harder than her boyfriend ever could! I shove my cock inside her and rub her perfect clit. It’s time to bend her over and cum!!!! YES!!!!

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Beautiful blonde daughter enjoys feeling her dad inside

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Anal Punishment For Daughter

Daddy decides to punish his daughter when she comes back from a party dressed like a slut

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Ava Taylor Porn Addicted Daughter

Ava is looking at porn on the computer masturbating. She sneaks into dads room before he has gotten up in the morning and gives him a blowjob. He comes in Ava’s mouth,falls back asleep without knowing.
Ava watches her father take a shower and rubs herself thinking about him, he comes out of the shower and she fucks him.
Ava wears skimpy clothing around the house and teases her father. Dad breaks down and fucks Ava on the couch. Mom comes earlier but there is no time for Ava to get off dad. Mom sits down and asks if Dad has talked to his daughter about acting Slutty. Dad promises to have a talk with his daughter and mom leaves.
Dad continues to fuck Daughter till he finishes inside her.
Ava gets naked in dad’s bedroom and ties her hands together and tells her dad to take advantage of her. Dad helps with the restraints and fucks Ava in every position he can. Ava begs for his cum in her mouth and makes Dad promise to always keep this a secret.

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Seduced by my Daughter Over and Over Again

*Alex- Can I sleep with you tonight daddy?* -I am laying in bed almost asleep, my wife works a late shift so don’t expect the bedroom door to open. Its Alex, “daddy, I don’t want to sleep alone, can I sleep in her with you since mom isn’t home?” I nod, “Thank you daddy, only, you probably don’t know since you don’t tuck me in anymore, I don’t wear anything when I sleep.” She looks nervous, but opens her robe. “is it ok that I am naked?” She climbs in bed and puts her head on my lap, rubbing my leg and, then she feels how hard I am, she wants to take care of it…
*Alex – Daddy, can you rub my back pleeese?*- (True mounted POV) I hear Alex calling me, I go to her room, she wants me to rub her back, and massage her. She tells me to go lower, she moves her hips as I massage her, little soft almost innocent moans, moving her hips more, more moans, somehow she gets me to slide her shorts off…
*Alex – Let’s Work out together daddy* – I am in our little home gym in the garage, I need to just work out and get rid of some stress. My little Alex comes in, tiny work out shorts and shirt, bare feet, she wants to work out with me. I can’t help but watch her, her body is so firm, she knows I am looking, she wants me to hold her feet for sit ups. I am practically between her legs, then she is holding my legs but she lets her hands go where they shouldn’t…

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Father and daughter before birthday

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Father takes his daughter in the process

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Hot chubby daughter with large soft hooters rides her own father

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Because I Love You Daughter

I take being a Father very seriously. It’s my job to make sure my son and daughter become happy, well-adjusted, and productive members of society. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect– but I try my best. I have my flaws, I drink too much, smoke too much, and sometimes I let my temper get the best of me… But when I caught my daughter Molly smoking in the bathroom again, I knew I had to be firm. I don’t want my daughter to make the same mistakes I did. I gave her the discipline she needed — only because I love her so much…After spanking my daughter Molly’s ass red for smoking inside, I bent her over and fucked her as hard as I could. My daughter needed a stern reminder of who’s in charge around here… HER DAD!!! I turned her around and pounded my little daughter’s cunt even deeper when she kept giving me an attitude. Finally she agreed that her old Dad was right and even asked me to cum on her face like a good girl!! I love my daughter — even when she misbehaves, sometimes she just needs a reminder of how much I really care…

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