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Mother Molested By Son And Daughter

I am home from spring break and it’s time to get nasty with my mom and sister!

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Daughter Swap

Johnny and Tommy had their hands full last weekend in the vacation home they rented with their rebellious teen daughters. Full of sweet tits that is! After unloading their bags and eating dinner, those spunky gals started telling their dirtiest, skankiest sex stories in front of their dads. But all that talk only made those guys hornier to jump into bed with each other’s wild daughters. After dinner, the heat was on, and each girl got to act out her filthy father-fucking fantasy on their best friend’s dad, and both pairs fucked all night in the same room.

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Stepdad Timestop to Fuck Daughter

Lumin and Torro Bravo – Lumin is home from school, reading a book in her living room when Torro, her new step-dad comes in to see how she’s doing. He starts to touch her, and she tries to get away, but Torro timestops her before she reaches the door. He picks her up and puts her in the middle of the room and pulls her top down, then restarts her, she pulls her top back on and Torro stops time again then strips her completely. Torro then holds her in his arms and starts to kiss her and unfreezes her again, she pulls away from him, but he stops her again before she can get away. He pulls out his cock and puts her hand on it and continues to tease her by unfreezing her and freezing her again, then he puts her on her knees and puts his cock in her mouth, he fucks her timestopped face, then unfreezes her, she see’s her step dads cock in her mouth and tries to get away, but he freezes her and lays her down and fucks until he cums.

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Mother Daughter Milk Brother

Rachel caught her son Allen jerking his cock while peeking at his own sister changing. Rachel grabbed him by his ear and pushed him into Leihla’s room. Leihla was shocked that he was doing that. Rachel and her daughter had enough of his perverted thoughts and actions; it was time to take matters in their hands. Rachel pushed him on the bed and pulled his underwear off. Allen was hard as a rock. They both laughed at his weakness and began sucking his cock. Mother and daughter took turn jerking and sucking him while humiliating him verbally. Allen got hornier by all this. Leihla stripped naked and his mother whipped out her tits smashing them in his face. Rachel masturbated while she watched her daughter suck her son’s cock. Allen wanted to explode. Rachel knew this and quickly got face to face with her daughter and ordered her son to give them all of his cum. Now he is drained and will be obedient for them. Rachel told him he would wash all their used panties with his tongue.

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Daddy’s Dirty Dream With His Slutty Daughter

Daddy fell asleep dreaming about his little girl. She was all grown up now and he fantasized sexually about her all the time. He jacked off smelling her panties and peeked when she showered. Shirley knew how to push his buttons and she purposely teased him to get whatever she wanted. She went into his bedroom one night and stripped off her night dress. His cock was hard. Shirley baby talked to him and asked him what he fantasized about. He told her he wanted her to suck his cock. She smiled and sucked. He fingered her sweet wet pussy. Shirley moaned and told him how good he made her feel. She asked him what else he wanted. He wanted to fuck his little girl; she got on top and rode her daddy’s cock with pleasure. When she came she sucked her daddy’s cock until he was ready to explode. He laid her head on his lap and jerked his cock onto her pretty face. She smiled and sat up, looking him in the eyes. She licked her lips tasting her father’s cum. Dad was so happy this finally had happened and he could not believe she would just go for it, he thought she would be grossed out. Dad woke up the next morning and felt his cock was out, He looked around the room but there were no signs of his daughter, this was all a dream!!!

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Nora´s Private Incest Photos Daughter Pregnant With Dad

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My Mesmerized Daughter – Fuck Your Daughter

They next morning I quickly put my wife and daughter under to dress them in something a little less comfortable. “yes daddy” they respond, putting on lingerie for me. I make Cory put on a strap on cock and watch Dillion suck her mom. I have to get in on this. “Suck both of us” I tell her and her head bobs from one cock to the other jerking and sucking. Cory moans like her cock were real as Dillion works both like a pro.

I bring them to the Couch and have them both strip naked. I fuck Dillion while she sucks of Mom. Her body getting rammed from both ends. “I love your cock daddy” Dillion cries as she gets fucked. I fuck Dillion relentlessly until I cum inside her. I wake them both up. They can’t believe what they were just doing and yell in anger before I leave the room.

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Make Your Daughter Suck My Cock

Rachel has been sucking off the young men in her neighborhood. One afternoon a young man who she had been with once, came back for more. Rachel told him she was married and was not doing that anymore. He insisted she not only blow him but she get her daughter to do it with her. Rachel told him no. He threatened her with some pictures he had. Rachel lived very comfy now with her new husband and her daughter was so happy to be out of the trashy house they lived in before Rachel married this rich man. Rachel started sucking his cock. He told her to go get her daughter. Rachel brought Jessica in to the room, she was only 18. Rachel did not want her to have to do this but explained to her they would lose everything. Jessica did what her mom asked. Rachel opened her blouse and climbed up on the couch smothering him with her tits. Jessica on her knees sucked and jerked him. The two women licked the sides of his cock together paying close attention to the head. Jessica pulled her DDD tits out for him to play with. They jerked him off in to Jessica’s mouth. Rachel told her to swallow it and she did. Rachel saw the look of disgust on Jessica’s face as she swallowed so she told her to give it to her in a kiss. Jessica transferred the cum left in her mouth to Rachel. They told him they were even, he laughed and said maybe.

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Molly Jane in Helping My Daughter With Sex

Molly comes back home from taking her final exam “I got a 100 plus the extra credit!” she says excitedly. To thank her daddy Molly says she wants to do something she has not done with anyone. “I want you to fuck me and cum in my mouth” she tells him. She strips off her clothes and rubs her pussy making her dad get hard.

He fucks his daughter on the bench making her moan with high pitched squeaks for her daddy. He fucks her until he is ready to cum, ecstasy washing over Molly as her dad’s cock fucks deep inside her. Telling her to get to her knees he explodes over his daughters pleading face. “Thanks dad” she tells him

They sit naked on the bench coming down from their sex high when mom walks in topless. “What’s going on” she asks. Molly excitedly explains about the test and Cory smiles. “Thanks for helping her study” she tells him and the girls smile knowing there will be many “Study” sessions in the future for this family.

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Your Pregnant Daughter Really Needs Your Cock

Daddy can you come in here a minute is all you hear from your pregnant daughters room. When you walk in you can tell she has one thing on your mind, your hard cock. When Kaylie pulls down your pants and begins to suck it you can’t resist. She smiles up at you and asks you to fill her pussy. Kaylie has you lie on the bed and gets on top aliding your cock into her swollen pussy slowly. Once it’s all the way in she rides you slowly grinding her swollen belly against yours. Her tits bounce in her bra and soon she remcves that while leaning back to ride you harder. She needs you in still deeper so she turns arond and you watch your pregnant daughters ass bouncing on your cock til you both cum hard. Thank you daddy is all she says before drifting off to sleep.

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