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Daughter have Attitude problem

Melanie has an Attitude Problem. No doubt about it…..a BIG Attitude Problem!! Dad gets a phone call from the Principal saying that…..once again….Melanie skipped school today. dad is furious….and tells the Principal that he will take stern action when Melanie gets home. When she arrives home…..chewing bubble gum…..blowing bubbles….full of Attitude…..Melanie is confronted by her Dad about skipping class. Angry Dad tells her that she is Grounded for two weeks for her actions….effective immediately. Melanie tells her Dad that Grounding is….in her words….”unacceptable”…..and she simply takes off the shirt from her school uniform to unveil her Giant Tits. Melanie points to her Tits….then caresses her Daddy’s crotch…..and tells him that there “must be another solution”. Dad is putty in Melanie’s hands….staring at her Big Tits with his jaw open. Melanie quickly puts Dad’s cock in her mouth, and begins to Suck away her Grounding!! To cinch the deal…..Melanie sits on Dad’s face, and lets him taste her sweet young cunt $ asshole, before letting him give her a good, hard Pounding. Needless to say….Dad is spent….and Melanieis free to come and go as she pleases. Girls with Big Tits don’t get “Grounded”.

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Father using his sleeping daughter

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Step dad forces himself inside his daughter

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Redhead teen daughter with hairy pussy fucking with daddy

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Father Daughter Manipulations

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Amazing natural tits on slutty daughter

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Step Daughter Brutally Face Fucked

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Cum-Thieving Daughter

*knock knock* Surpriiise! Happy birthday, Daddy! Hehe, are you surprised? I’m your birthday present from Mommy! She tied you up just for me. We both know just how much you’ve been staring at me, lately. I’m all grown up for you, Daddy, and this year I’m finally ready for sex! Silly Mommy, though. She thinks we’re actually going to use these condoms she left us! I’m going to toss these in the trash, Daddy. Sex with your little girl’s going to feel so much better without a rubber on, don’t you think? And, ready or not, Daddy, I’m going to ride you until you cum deep inside my unprotected pussy. Mommy never has to know! Isn’t this the best birthday present, your daughter’s tight little pussy? You’re going to make me pregnant, Daddy. I want a baby so badly! Wouldn’t you rather it be yours than some boy’s from school? I’m going to make you splash your semen across my cervix, Daddy, and make me pregnant! Feed my womb with your cum and you can keep fucking me as my belly grows and grows for the next nine months!

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Virgin Daughter Fertilized

Oh my Goodness, that was the best date I’ve ever been on! I- I really think I love this guy. Oh, he’ll be so happy to hear I’ve been saving myself for him! But, I really can’t help but feel so turned on. He looked so sexy tonight. Well, no one’s home… Daddy must be late at work. I just have to masturbate!
Wait, Daddy?! What are you doing here? Wh- I thought you were at work? Hey, come back!
…Daddy, … you didn’t have to run to the restroom. I know what you were doing, so just come clean. You were watching me, weren’t you? Did you like what you saw? Daddy, I’m a virgin and I’m saving myself for my boyfriend! We’re really serious, you know.
Hey, I know it’s been tough since Mommy left… Is there anything I can do for you? Er, anything at all? … Yes, Daddy. I’ll relieve you of your stress. Please, let me. Let’s go to my room. I’ll let you fuck me.
Oh, Daddy, yes! I love this. I love you! This is better than I’ve ever imagined, especially since it’s with you, Daddy. I love sucking your cock and licking your balls. I’ve always thought of you. Please, can you fuck me like you did Mommy? Yeah, I want to be just like Mommy. It’s okay that I’m not on any sort of contraception, right? You’ll still fuck me, Daddy? Oh, please cum inside me! I need to feel you shoot your load in me. I want to be bred, fertilized, like Mommy was! Yes! Daddy, yes!

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Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid

Dressed in lingerie and stockings Molly is in the kitchen making food. Dad can’t believe this, what if mom comes downstairs. Molly tells him that he could always pay her to go change.
A smile crosses his face and he drops to his knees. Pulling her panties out of the way he licks her making her moan and shake with waves of emotion.
Dad pushes her over the counter and fucks her. They fall to the floor in a heap and fuck on the floor. Molly cums and forgets about everything else. “Go change” he tells her, and leaves without paying again.

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