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Christy Mack in the Rebellious Daughter

Cory found out her Daughter shaved her head and loaded her body full of tattoo’s…Cory wants to throw her rebellious daughter out of the house but Dad does not believe his daughter would do such a thing…Mom and Dad agree to discuss the tattoo issue with Christy later in the day after she returns home from school…Dad walks off to shower before work and finds a surprise in the bathroom…Christy is nude in the bathroom waiting to see Daddy…Daddy finally sees the tattoos and is in shock…Christy gives her Daddy a big smile and asks if there is anything she can do to make him forget about her new haircut and the tattoos.
Daddy has a boner and remembered that Cory no longer has sex with him…His hot daughter offered to suck him off and he took her up on the offer…Christy gives him the best blowjob he has ever had and finishes with a big swallow…
Dad tells Christy to keep this a secret and he will not tell Mom anything about what happened…Christy gives Dad a wink and tells him she will see him later…
At breakfast with Christy and her Brother Wally, we discus the tattoo and shaved head issue…I storm out of the room in a rage, upset at what my daughter has down to herself…Wally leaves the table and does not want to get involved with the Christy issue…
Dad is doing the dishes and Christy comes over to chat…She has an evil grin on her face and really wants Dad to fuck her…Mom is in the other room but Christy does not care…She goes down to her knees and pulls Dad’s cock out and begins to suck…Christy has Dad hard and wants his cock in her tight pussy…Dad cannot resist and slips it in…At that moment Cory walks into the room but she cannot see over the counter to see what is going on…Good thing she cannot see, Daddy is pumping away while talking to Mom….Mom walks off and Daddy finishes…He drops his seed inside Christy, pulls his throbbing cock out of her tight pussy and walks away to clean up for work…
Christy turns and gives Dad a smile and reminds him she will see him later…
Christy skipped school today…She wanted to spend the day with her new lover…Daddy was on the way to get dressed for work but found his daughter waiting for him in the living room…Christy was hardly wearing anything and ready to seduce Daddy before he headed off to work…
She begged for Dad’s cock and wanted her tight hole filled…Dad could not resist, Cory refuses to put out anymore and Dad has needs…He fucks Christy on the couch and wants to turn up the kink with Christy…The move to Cory’s bed and fuck like rabbits…Mom is almost home from work and they have to wrap up the third fuck of the day…Dad finishes inside of Christy’s pussy and hold her down so no drop leaks out…Christy leaves the bed and walks off to her room…She gives Dad a wink and promises more later…
Mom and Dad we laying in bed…Cory was sound asleep but Dad was wide awake…He could not clear his head from the day he had with Christy today…Just as he began to close his eyes, Christy walked into the bedroom…She slid under the sheets and gave Dad the greatest blowjob yet….
Dad looked over to see if Cory was still sleeping, she was but just barely…The blowjob from Christy became more and more intense, so much he walked Christy out of the bedroom and into the living room…He did not want to wake up Cory…
Daddy sat Christy on the couch and told her to lay back…He gave her the best fuck of her young life…If they were going to get caught eventually, they should make the best of this…
Christy wanted a different ending this time, she wanted Daddy’s cum in her mouth…Dad could not pass up the opportunity, Cory never swallows…Dad pulls his rock hard cock out of Christy’s tight snatch…Christy went down to her knees and begged for his cum…She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as Daddy painted her tongue with a perfect coating of all his love…
Christy swallowed every drop and licked her fingers clean…Dad slipped away, back to to bed and Christy promised more for later…

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Daddy Daughter Wrestle Fuck

Scene One: Teach me wrestling

Dillion, her mother and father are watching wrestling on TV. Cory is a lot less excited about wrestling than they are. “This is fake” Cory tells them rolling her eyes. She gets up in disgust to do laundry while they watch their wrestling. As their watching Dillion asks if her dad knows some of these moves and if he can teach her. They get on the floor and laugh as they lovingly fake wrestle.
She gets on top of him and they laugh. As dad starts to push her off his hands press against her large breasts. They both stop looking awkwardly at each other. She starts to grind against him and dad takes a step back. What was that, he thinks.“Let me show you something else” he says. After a few more moves and some groping hands they are both on the edge with excitement.
They take off their clothes to wrestle some more. They both know this is wrong but they can’t help themselves. They will stop before anything really happens they think. Dad gets on top of Dillion pinning her to the ground when his penis slides into her and he thrusts into his little girl. “Oh daddy!” she screams.

Scene Two: Pins and Choke holds

“Pin me against the wall” Dillion tells him. Lifting her up he pushes her against the wall and bounces her up and down on his cock. She moans, her face in wordless pleasure. “Oooo Daddy, Oh yes” she screams. He shows off a choke hold move while fucking her and she loves being dominated by her daddy.
She fucks on top of him and he fucks her back around the living room. They lose themselves knowing what they are doing is wrong but unable to stop. He cums in her mouth and she drinks it all down loving the taste of her daddy. “Did you hear that? Oh my god hurry get your clothes on” Dillion screams. They finish dressing just as Cory walks in. “I didn’t know you guys liked wrestling that much” Cory says and Dillion and her dad give each other an embarrassed look.

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Daddy Fucks And Facials His Daughter Karlie

Daddy has heard that his daughter Karlie is not the innocent virgin he thought she was. He confronts her in her room and when she admits it, he takes her across his knee and spanks her ass. The sight of her firm young ass gets him horny though and he decides to see how much of a slut she really is. He undoes hos trousers and she doesn’t hesitate to jump on his cock, wanking and sucking him to a big erection. “I’ve wanted to suck your cock for so long Daddy,” the little slut says before stripping off and begging him to fuck her. Daddy doesn’t hesitate and slides his cock into her wet cunt with her moaning in pleasure. He fucks her in several positions with Karlie telling Daddy how wonderful his cock feels and how she wants him to fuck her every time mummy goes out from now on. As he fucks her doggie style he gets so turned on that he pulls out and has a massive cum explosion all over his daughter’s pretty face.

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Father watching his daughter get fucked by BBC!

The shit nearly hits the fan when Brooklyn Rose’s father gets THE phone call of all phone calls. A nosy neighbor has called Mr.Rose informing him that his daughter has been seen associating with a black guy. Isiah and Brooklyn are headed back to her place where they think they’ll have complete privacy. Wrong. Mr.Rose walks in on his daughter sucking Isiah’s big black cock in their kitchen. You see, ever since he caught her sister with a black guy he’s been addicted to interracial porn. Mr.Rose turns into Mr.Creepy by having a front row seat to his adult daughter getting down and dirty with black cock. Isiah’s meaty member slithers its way into her pussy as her daddy watches. In fact, he yanks his cock out and goes to town like it’s going out of style. And the old fuck cheers her on. Wow! There isn’t much more to say except this: We’ve taken interracial porn up to the next level.

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Homemade Incest Video – Father fucking his Teen daughter

Now that this girl are 18, she desperately want to feel a dick deep inside he tight teen snatch. So she call upon their own father to give her the hard fucking she deserve!

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Mother Forced her Son to fuck her and her Daughter

Brycen is picking on his sister Hayden again… Mom has to break up the fighting… As punishment Mom makes her son lick his sister then lick her.. Since he does a good job she will let him fuck his sister then blow his load all over her tits.

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Mother Molested By Son And Daughter

I am home from spring break and it’s time to get nasty with my mom and sister!

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Daughter Swap

Johnny and Tommy had their hands full last weekend in the vacation home they rented with their rebellious teen daughters. Full of sweet tits that is! After unloading their bags and eating dinner, those spunky gals started telling their dirtiest, skankiest sex stories in front of their dads. But all that talk only made those guys hornier to jump into bed with each other’s wild daughters. After dinner, the heat was on, and each girl got to act out her filthy father-fucking fantasy on their best friend’s dad, and both pairs fucked all night in the same room.

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Stepdad Timestop to Fuck Daughter

Lumin and Torro Bravo – Lumin is home from school, reading a book in her living room when Torro, her new step-dad comes in to see how she’s doing. He starts to touch her, and she tries to get away, but Torro timestops her before she reaches the door. He picks her up and puts her in the middle of the room and pulls her top down, then restarts her, she pulls her top back on and Torro stops time again then strips her completely. Torro then holds her in his arms and starts to kiss her and unfreezes her again, she pulls away from him, but he stops her again before she can get away. He pulls out his cock and puts her hand on it and continues to tease her by unfreezing her and freezing her again, then he puts her on her knees and puts his cock in her mouth, he fucks her timestopped face, then unfreezes her, she see’s her step dads cock in her mouth and tries to get away, but he freezes her and lays her down and fucks until he cums.

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Mother Daughter Milk Brother

Rachel caught her son Allen jerking his cock while peeking at his own sister changing. Rachel grabbed him by his ear and pushed him into Leihla’s room. Leihla was shocked that he was doing that. Rachel and her daughter had enough of his perverted thoughts and actions; it was time to take matters in their hands. Rachel pushed him on the bed and pulled his underwear off. Allen was hard as a rock. They both laughed at his weakness and began sucking his cock. Mother and daughter took turn jerking and sucking him while humiliating him verbally. Allen got hornier by all this. Leihla stripped naked and his mother whipped out her tits smashing them in his face. Rachel masturbated while she watched her daughter suck her son’s cock. Allen wanted to explode. Rachel knew this and quickly got face to face with her daughter and ordered her son to give them all of his cum. Now he is drained and will be obedient for them. Rachel told him he would wash all their used panties with his tongue.

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