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Dads Banging My Wife

Miles and Lauren had been married almost 6 months when the unthinkable happened. Lauren and Miles dad began hanging out quite a bit while he was working and even some late game nights. One thing led to another and horny milf that Lauren is she started fucking his dad often. One night they were watching TV and Miles crashed from too much booze. Lauren started teasing his dad right infront of her girlfriend who immediately grabbed a camera. She filmed every hot and horny moment right up until Miles dad exploded in his wife. Lauren woke him after everyone left and took Miles to bed none the wiser.
Lauren was so turned on after that night she came up with an even hotter plan. She invited her girlfriend and Miles dad over assuring them he was gone for the night. Miles Dad jumped in bed and soon Lauren was sucking his cock while her girlfriend filmed. Lauren climbed on top at the perfect time and started riding him as Miles walked in. Lauren orders him to sit and watch while she fucks his dad and Miles sheepishly watches from the corner. Finally his dad starts fucking Lauren hard and fast til he expoldes in her wet hairy pussy. Lauren then makes Mil;es clean up the mess his dad left in his wifes pussy.

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Lets Play While Dads Away

Conor is texting on his cell phone when his Step-Mom, Julia Ann, walks in. She tells Conor that his Dad is out of town, and she thinks that maybe they can do something fun. Conor explains he has a lot of homework, but his Step-Mother pushes for him to take some deserved time off. Julia thinks that her and Conor need to become more acquatinted, since she just recently married his Dad. Conor stands firm that he has homework he must finish, and suddenly.. His Step-Mom grabs his cock! “Come on, Conor! I know you want me to jerk your cock..” Conor is surprised by Julia’s advances, but it’s not an idea he’s willing to refuse. Julia unbuttons Conor’s pants, and begins to rub his cock. Conor is worried about his father finding out, and Julia tells him that won’t be happening. His father wouldn’t like to know that his son has a bigger cock than him, anyways. Julia gets Conor’s cock nice and wet, and strokes him with her hands. She knows that he stares at her breasts all the time, and just sits in his room watching porn. He’s wanted this the entire time, and she knows it. She strokes Conor’s cock with both hands, and rubs his balls. “It’s getting a little hot in here..” Julia begins to remove her top, and bra.. Showing off her big breasts to Conor. She quickly lays down the futon couch, and jumps on top of Conor’s face. She sits her ass on Conor’s face, as she strokes his cock. She jerks his cock in between her breasts, moving his cock in and out. Julia lifts her skirt so Conor can get a clear view of his Step-Mom’s pussy. Julia gets on her knees, so Conor can properly fuck her tits. She squeezes her breasts together as Conor runs his cock in-between her breasts. Conor’s Step-Mom strokes his cock, and let’s him fuck her breasts until he cums all over them. “Look at that cock.. Drained! Don’t mind me while I just lay back and play in my Step-Son’s cum..”

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Daughter asshole owns her Dad`s Cock

You’re my Daughter who just got back home from the gym and enter your room only to find me with the panties. You have your hair in a ponytail and start off in a sports bra and yoga pants/leggings with no panties underneath (kind of have a thing for the sporty/tomboy look). You’re shocked and upset, saying things like “what are you doing in here?!”, “are those my panties?!”, etc. You pause for a second and in a sort of angry, almost sarcastic tone ask what I think about when I have them. You move a little closer and surprisingly take off your top, then in that same tone ask if I think about your breast as you rub and pinch them. You then get closer, turn around and slowly take off your pants as you ask me something like “or do you think about this ass and this pussy?” Still in that doggy position and looking back at me, you start to rub yourself and get a little grin on your face. You then notice how hard I am and say “well I guess I can’t just leave you like that” and surprise me even more by reaching over for me and start giving me a handjob. As you do this you continue to ask about what I do/think about with your panties until you’re giving me a POV blowjob. Eventually you stop and say you have a confession to make. You’ve noticed the way I’ve been looking at you lately, the times I peak on you in the shower, etc. You admit that you’ve actually been turned on by it all and have even been leaving your dirty panties put for me to find. You then take the panties from me and say that I’d like them even more if they were really dirty. You put the panties on and say you want to show me how you’ve been masturbating to the thought of me playing with your dirty panties. You grab a pillow and start grinding against it while facing me, talking dirty and about how wet you’re getting. You tell me to keep stroking for you, but eventually you can’t take it anymore and you need to feel me inside of you. You tell me to relax and lie back, climb on top of me, riding me POV cowgirl. You tell me how you’ve actually wanted this for a while, getting more and more turned on each time you caught me lustfully looking at you. You continue to talk dirty, asking if I like the way your tits bounce as you slide up and down my throbbing cock. You then turn around and tell me to take you doggy style and play in that position a bit. Eventually you lie back missionary and tell me to keep going until we come together. Tell me it’s our little secret and to hold onto those until next time…….Mandy Flores

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My Dick Is Bigger Than Dads

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Dad’s House Dad’s Rules

Scene One
Your daughter has finally done it. She got caught doing drugs at her mothers house and got kicked out. At 18 she should be living on her own not partying and getting into trouble. You pick her up and explain to her that things are going to be different at your house. My house my rules you tell her. No locked doors, and you will be strip searching her. Youre not going to go to jail because she brings illegal things into your house. You watch as she disgruntly strips naked in front of you. But your my dad she argues. You have no responsibility for her and are only doing this as a favor. How are you going to pay to live here? You ask her. Brooke looks at you with the realization that living with her dad isn’t going to be easy. She gets to her knees and puts your cock inside of her mouth. She sucks you until you cum splashes the inside of her mouth.
Why is the bathroom door closed? You open to make sure nothing is going on, to find her taking a shower. You watch her as she complains.

Scene Two
Her bedroom door is closed! You barge in and check her. What do you want this time? she asks you. You make her spread her legs and touch herself and watch as she gets wet. She may not like it but your going to make her fuck you.Pulling her close to you, you push inside her pussy and fuck her. She grips the pillows hard as you fuck and cum inside your daughters tight pussy. You leave her filled and used.The bathroom door is closed again. You walk in to check her over and watch as she soaps and washes her tight body.

Scene Three
Brooke needs a job and you have a great opportunity for her. Fashion model. You make her put on different styles of clothes and take pictures of her. God she looks great in the outfits, her tight body sliding in and out of the clothes. Seeing her body makes you think that rent is due and you watch as she sucks your cock hard. Relaxing you make her get on top of you and fuck you like a good daughter would. She reluctantly does whatever you tell her because she doesnt have a choice. Your hard cock cums inside her again filling her up and making you feel great.

Scene Four
I just talked to mom and she says I can come home Brooke says excitedly. But before she can leave she has to fuck you one last time or all her friends will find out that she’s been fucking her dad. You can’t do that to me dad! she screams. Reluctantly she lets you put yourself inside her and fuck her.
How long are you going to do this for? Why would you even want to fuck your daughter? She asks you. You tell her that your going to cum on her face. Your cum is gross she responds. Are you ready for it? You asks as you explode all over her cute face.

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Dad’s Discipline 18yr old teen Daughter

Riley has been doing whatever she wants. Well her dad is tired of her staying out late, dressing like a whore, and basically being a disgrace, It’s time for rules, and punishment.

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Craving Dad’s Cock More and More

PART 1 – Aria Takes Care of Dad – Aria has always been “daddy’s” girl. Now dad is home late after having a few and he is pretty much out on the couch. Something comes over Aria, she finds herself thinking about dong what she has only fantasized about. It is the best experience of her life. She has always know she could take care of her dad better than her stupid bitch of a mother ever could. Aria doesn’t even know why her mom married him if she isn’t going to take advantage of what a real man her dad is.
PART 2 – Aria’s College disappointment – Aria went away to college thinking finally she would bet to fuck lot’s of real men instead of the boys she left behind. She waits for her dad, wearing just one of his shirts, and explains exactly what she has been needing and why he has to be the one to give it to her.

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Dad’s Discipline Naughty Daughter

PART 1: Caught Stealing from Daddy – Piper has been helping herself to the money in dad’s night stand for a while. This time though she thinks dad is on the other side of the house and gets caught. She tries to deny it, and be daddy’s sweet girl. She is old enough to be taught a lesson about what she has to do if she expects to get money from a man, including daddy. Piper is punished with dad’s thick cock and she can’t barely take it. Dad has mercy after his deep fucking makes her cum and wears her tiny pussy out. He orders her to use her mouth to finish the job and she does as she is told.
PART 2: Young Slut Broken by Daddy – Piper has been acting like a tramp and a slut. Trying to sneak boys in. Hickies ALL over her, her dad has had enough. She is on totally sexual lock down until he says otherwise. But Piper hasn’t been listening to daddy and he finds a big vibrator in her room. Just like if she was caught smoking and have to smoke the whole pack, he is going to work her tiny young pussy with the vibrator till she can’t look at it, and make her cum till it hurts. Just to make sure he pussy is punished inside and out he starts using cock to add to the abuse. Piper cums so many times, and so hard it is agonizing.
PART 3: Not a day at the Beach – Piper is on her way to “school” but dad is checking the mail and sees that she has been skipping classes almost constantly. Dad spots the skimpy bikini under her “school” clothes and decides to show her what girls that don’t get an education can look forward to. Piper gets the hardest fucking of her life from daddy.

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Step Dads Big Job

Mazzaratie Monica and her boyfriend broke up and since then she’s been horny all the time. She’s even getting horny while talking to her friend about accidentally seeing her stepdad’s big cock once. While she’s thinking about that, she starts fingering her fat, wet pussy. She calls stepdaddy Rodney into the adjoining room to get help with her wi-fi, but while he’s messing with the computer, one of Monica’s huge tits pops right out of her lingerie and right into Rodney’s mouth. Rodney can’t resist Monica’s curves, he buries his face in her huge rack then in her ample butt. She sucks his cock and licks his balls. Soon his prick finds its way into her wet pussy. There’s lots of hot hardcore and oral action before Monica sits her huge ass down on Rodney’s face. She jiggles her fat butt cheeks back and forth over his tongue. Rodney shoots a big blast of goo across her pudgy face.

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When Dad’s Away, Stepmom Will Play!

With his father away, Keiran Lee is asked to not only take care of his stepmother, Yasmin Scott, but to help with chores and the upkeep of the house. Keiran doesn’t want to help out Yasmin—that is until she offers to make it worth his while. While cleaning the entire house together, the two also get a little dirty, with both giving into their temptation for one another and soon they fuck around the house. You know what they say: when dad’s away, the stepmom will play!

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