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Daddy’s Gonna be Proud of Her

This Daughter is smoking hot. You need to get her back in front of a camera, and soon!
Little Daughter not bad vicious asks her Daddy to film them while they fuck intensely. After she leaves, the guy takes revenge by sending us their little “naughty memories”.

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Big Cumshot for Daddy’s Little Girl

Amber has a special attraction to male role models. She also has a big booty that looks great bouncing on cock. Enjoy watching her suck her pacifier while getting fucked bareback in her adult onesie, made especially for Daddy’s little girl

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Young Daughter Fucks her Daddy`s Fat Cock

Grand Dadz Daddy`s fat dick inside in tight Daughter`s pussy.

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Having Daddy’s Baby

Stephie’s Mom and Dad have been trying to add to t5he Family…by having another Baby…but no luck. As it turns out, Mom’s ovaries are not healthy enough for her to conceive again. After some discussions….Mom and Dad have decided that maybe Stephie could help out…by bearing the baby for them. Dad comes to have a talk with Stephie to ask for the enormous favor.
Stephie, of course, is surprised by the request…but….wanting to do what’s right for her Family, Stephie agrees to have Dad’s baby!! Stephie recently learned in health class, that the probability of conception is greatly increased, immediately following a female orgasm…so Stephie asks Daddy if he would make her cum first. Dad agrees….and Stephie takes off her pants. After a nice orgasm…Dad gets to work, pumping Stephie full of semen!!! Hopefully that did the trick…..

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Daddys All Mine For The Hurricane

Dear Diary,

Last weekend Mommy was still out of town and Hurricane Irma kept her from flying home. As soon as I got the news I went in to the bedroom to tell daddy. As soon as he found out I noticed his cock getting hard which is just what I needed……. All through the storm. I pulled down Daddys pants teasingly and before long his hard cock was deep in my throat. Daddy peeled off my panties and next thing you know we were locked in a hot 69. Daddy ate me unti I came really hard which made me want even more.
I straddled his cock and rode him slowly savoring every thrust. We made love like that for a long time then Daddy took control. He pounded my tight wet pussy til he exploded all over me. I’m so glad Mommy didn’t make it so Daddy and I can do this for days!!!

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Daddy’s Brown Sugar

Scene One: Daughter Tip Toes
Daughter tiptoes into the living room wearing a tight dress carrying her shoes. Out of nowhere Dad shoves her against the wall. He pins her arms over head with one arm, and begins squeezing her boobs with the other while nuzzling her neck. He says, “My little Brown Sugar. You feel so hot, just like your mother, she was always hot.” She starts crying, “Daddy, please…” etc.. He reaches under her skirt and begins finger-fucking her roughly. She begs and he finger fucks for a couple of minutes. He slides off her panties, unzips his pants and bends her over the couch. After he cums, he continues to hold her against the wall while continuing to nuzzle her neck and tell her how much he loves her.

Scene Two: Daddy Please
Daughter is lying in bed, the room is dark, eyes wide open and we only see her face… In a stunned/disembodied voice she says, “Please Daddy, I don’t want to do this anymore. Please.” She then winces showing her laying on the bed naked and spread-eagle. The Father is sitting on the edge of the bed finger-fucking her. He gets on top of her and sucks her breasts briefly and then shoves his dick in her. She cries out lightly when he does this. While he fucks her; he kisses her neck and shoulders, her face is blank and uncomprehending, eyes wide open with tears rolling down her cheeks, he is really slamming in and out of her. After he cums, he gets off of her and walks away. She continues to lay there unmoving, just crying silently.

Scene Three: Daughter Strips
Ariana comes into the living room, Dad is standing there; he tells her how beautiful she is. He tells her to strip for him; she refuses, he insists, she reluctantly and slowly undresses, she sobs and covers her breasts and pubic region while doing this and he masturbates. He tells her to dance for him, she clumsily and awkwardly while crying dances briefly. He walks to her and tells her to get on her knees. She begs not to but complies after he continues to insist. He rubs his dick all over her face and has her give him a BJ. He then fucks her all over the couch in multiple positions…

Scene Four: Daddy Takes His Time

Daughter is asleep in the bed on her side, under a single sheet, wearing panties and some type of top that buttons up, room is dark. Dad comes in naked and stares to her for a moment while standing close by the bed. He slowly pulls the sheet back, without touching her he slowly runs his hands up and down her body.
He very slowly turns her on her back, slips her panties off, and unbuttons her blouse and pulls it open exposing her breasts. Again he runs his hand up and down her body. He then gently fondles her breasts whiles starting to masturbate. He then, slowly & gently starts playing with her pussy leading to finger fucking her. He starts to get on top of her and she wakes up with a start, she opens her mouth to scream, he clamps his hand over her mouth, with the other hand he sticks his dick in her and fucks her really hard and vigorously. After Dad cums in her mouth, he walks off, and she turns on her side, eyes wide open and slightly convulsing.

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Daddy’s Slut Princess

Leila was in her favorite coffee house trying to hold back the tears. Dad surprises her with two of the yummiest treats known to man! He used to bring her here when she was younger and they would always get their famous macaroons! It was a happy place for Leila. But today was not a happy occasion. Her boyfriend had just dumped her and she never saw it coming. They were about to move in together and everything seemed great. She cried as her Father tried to comfort her. He hated seeing his little girl in such pain. And just as Leila started to compose herself, she realizes that she would still have to see him at work and began to breakdown again. Her Dad told her that wouldn’t be an issue, that he said he was going to quit so she didn’t have to see him at all! She smiles for a second and then asks her Dad how would he knew that.

Dad explains that he talked to him a few days ago and found out then. Leila starts to question why he is always trying to be friends with her boyfriends. Then becomes increasingly suspicious about his motivation with her boyfriends. She remembers all the heartbreaks. All of them very sudden and without warning. She accuses her Daddy of sabotaging all of her relationships! Every time they start getting too close or she may move out then they are gone! Her Dad tells her to lower her voice. He says he only wants the best for her and none of those guys were good enough her his baby girl! “Why Dad? Are you jealous? You didn’t want any other men touching me because you want me?” she yells in the middle of the cafe! “None of those guys are you? You want fuck your little girl is that it?” she yells even louder. Her Father is totally embarrassed and tries to calm her down. Instead she gets up and removes her panties right in front of the whole place and puts them on the table. She sits back down and grabs her Daddy’s hand and places under the table on her pussy. “There. Is that want you want Daddy? You want to finger fuck your baby girls pussy?” she said. Reluctantly her Dad starts to plunge his big fingers inside of his Daughter. “I bet you want my lips around your Daddy cock don’t you?” she asks. She gets on her knee under the table and begins to such her Daddy’s dick. He was afraid someone would see. They would know that his own Daughter was sucking his cock in public! But it felt so good there was nothing he could do. She kept looking up at him reminding his that his slut princess was sucking Daddy’s dick. “Fuck me right her right now!” she begged. They could only fuck so long before they are kicked out so Daddy tells her that have to go home. As soon as they get home the continue to fuck with wild abandonment! By the end she tells her Daddy to cum inside her slutty pussy and make her his. Make her his one and only Slut Princess!

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Daddy`s Floor Licking Whore Shaking Orgasm

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Daddy’s New Whore

Daddy notices his little girl is home early from school and tells her that she better not be skipping last period. Before Daddy can start to lecture her she tells him that she’s not going to last period any more because she doesn’t like the teacher. Dad lets her know that is unacceptable and she better start… She cuts him off and tells him she has been skipping all week and saw him yesterday with that whore. She asks him if that’s why he switched his work schedule to get home early so he can fuck that girl before Mom get’s home? “She is almost the same age as me!” his daughter screams at him! Dad is embarrassed and tells her he will do anything to not have Mom find out. She agrees but has some demands first. Like doubling her allowance and he is going to have to buy her a new car. Dad said they can’t afford that.

She tells him that maybe he can work longer hours instead of fucking that bitch! Dad hangs his head and agrees and says he doesn’t mind that she is blackmailing him. But since he won’t be having sex with that whore anymore that she would have take care of him. She didn’t know what he meant. Dad explains that Mom and him don’t have sexual relations anymore so she would have to service him if she wanted everything she is asking for. “You will have to become Daddy’s new whore” he says. He puts her on his lap and tells her that they love each other so it’s only natural she has sex with him. He feels her pert young breasts and admires what a woman she was becoming. They kiss and Daddy asks her if anyone had ever touch her little girl pussy. She said a few boys had. He then inquires if that had stuck any fingers inside of her. She says no. He then proceeds to shove a finger in her tight pussy.

She says it’s so big so Daddy then put another finger in and said he would have to stretch her pussy out to fit Daddy’s big penis. He finger fucks her pussy hard. He then opens her up and tells her to stick her own finger in there as well. He then put’s three fingers in. She screams with delight! She asks Daddy if she can cum. Her loving father says she may. He asks her if she had ever touch a boys penis before. She shyly admits she had but had never put one in her mouth. Daddy makes her stuck his cock. But it’s too big for her tiny mouth. That’s ok your pussy will do. He makes her try to put his large cockin her virgin pussy but it won’t fit. He lays her down and says Daddy will get it in. His little girl is screaming with pleasure saying how big it is but how good it feels. Daddy asks her if she likes being Daddy’s whore. She looks at her Daddy says yes she wants nothing more then to be his whore. Daddy cums all over her pussy and then tells her that Daddy’s cum always belongs in his little girls pussy. She fingers her Daddy’s sperm inside of her as she cums again and again.

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Daddy`s Girl want fuck

“There’s nothing to a handie.” Daddy tells her, “But, like with all things, practice makes perfect.” She asks her experienced Daddy MaX to give her some pointers and proves herself to be an eager and attentive pupil. He guides her through the important variations and subtleties that can turn one’s tug job from an uninspired fumbling with the pink joy stick into a handy-gram that’ll make someone see stars.

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