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Daddys Been Watching – Every Time We’re Alone

Dear Diary,

I’m just a normal young girl I suppose, even though my hormones seem to be excessive. Most of the time when I’m home alone I can’t help but please myself. About a week ago I got the feeling someone was watching me and it turned me on a lot more than normal. I played with my pussy harder than ever before and it was so intense. The next time I played with myself I got the same feeling and I’m pretty sure I caught Daddy peeping.
Yesterday I was in my room masturbating again and I knew I was being watched so I really put on a show. I began to fantasize that it was Daddys cock making me cum and soon I was blissfully calling his name. Before I knew it Daddy was in my room making my every fantasy cum true. Everything was better than I had ever imagined untilDaddy got to excited and lost it inside me. I hope I can get a morning after pill or something, I just can’t get pregnant at my age.
Xo Piper
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Hope wants Daddy’s attention

Hope’s friend have been telling her that her daddy has been coming to the strip club to watch them dance. hope gets jealous cause she wants daddy’s attention. when she tells daddy she gets everything she wants and more! …ends with cum in the mouth

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Wet Pussy For Daddy’s Cock

Dear Diary:
Mommy left her vibrator out and I just had to try it. It looked so big and I was just so horny! A thrill ran through my arm and straight to my pussy when I turned it on, the powerful vibrations already making me wet. When I finally pressed it against my naughty bits, it felt like an electric shock ran through me. And that was just through my cut-offs. Shimmying out of them, I couldn’t believe how wet and sticky it had gotten between my legs. It feels so good when I fiddle with my little pussy, but this was a hundred times better! But that’s when daddy caught me. I know I was being bad, but I found out that sometimes daddy likes it when I’m bad. I could see the bulge in his pants from watching me get off, so I looked up at him, making my eyes big like when I want boys to do things for me, and asked if he wanted me to suck on his daddy cock. I know that it’s bad to use words like that, but daddy likes that, too. I love the feel of daddy’s hard cock, so stiff, yet the skin is so soft! And the masculine smell to it? So good, not like the tiny boys at school. The best part was using mommy’s toy between my legs, while taking daddy’s man part in my mouth. Yum! I guess I did a good job, because he picked me up, right off the couch (daddy’s so strong!) and bent me over the back. He shoved his pee-pee in me from behind, just like I’ve seen him do with mommy, when they didn’t know I was looking. It was so big! It felt like he was stretching me out from the inside. I don’t know how mommy does it, but now I know why she makes those mommy noises. I couldn’t stop cumming. It’s sooo much better than my fingers. He pulled my ponytails, threw my tiny body around and treated me like a mommy. I then felt his thingy grow really big inside me and he growled and I felt my insides get even hotter. I think a lot of daddy cream came out of him, while he was deep inside me. He says I’m tighter than mommy, so I can’t wait to do this again.
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Daddy’s Deep Cock

Angel Loves her Daddy, and even more her Daddy’s big cock. She sneaks into his room while he is sleeping. creeping up onto his bed she pulls out Daddy’s big cock putting it in her mouth. It tastes so good as she pushes it further and further down her throat. She deeps throats his cock, gagging on it. Drool dripping down his shaft. She takes off her shirt then her panties. she gets up and sits down on his cock sliding it deeper and deeper into her tight young pussy. Daddy’s cock gets so deep. She gets off to finish her sleeping Daddy’s cock in her mouth and down her throat, draining his balls completely.
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Daddy’s Present

I just wanted to give everyone a chance to get my cute Daddy anal cum video hehe))) Part Two of Daddy’s Present! Daddy’s good little anal slut is plugged and ready to be fucked, but not before getting your big cock nice and hard with sloppy wet deep throat. I gag on Daddy’s cock, telling you how good you taste and begging you to fuck me. You tease me, sliding you cock up and down my tight pussy before finally sliding inside. I ride you harder and harder until I cum hard on your cock. I let you watch as I take out my plug and show you my cute little booty gape before finally letting Daddy put his hard cock in my ass for the first time. It takes some maneuvering but once Daddy is inside it starts to feel really good. I talk dirty and ride Daddy’s cock in my ass, needing your cum deep in my ass. Finally you pull out and we watch the big hot load drip out of my ass and all over my cute little pussy. Best Christmas present ever
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Daddy’s Sweet Angel

Little Alice Loves to get her Daddy’s attention. She loves her Daddy so much rolling around in his bed playing with the pillows.Her Daddy catches her in his bed and see’s how much he excites her. Alice wants more then her daddies love, she wants his cock too. She pulls out his cock and gives him the best blowjob of his life. He daddies cock rock hard as she gobbles it down her throat. He tastes her pussy for the first time. Getting it all wet before he slides his cock deep inside her.Fucking her in all the ways to make her feel all his love. She is so excited to have her daddy cover her in cum.   Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Pussy Fucking, Blowjob, Daddy/Daughter, Body views, Foot Views

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Daddy’s Bad Girl

Max’s little girl, Norah, is in trouble again, wrecking his car through sheer carelessness, but she has a way of saying “Daddy” that makes a man’s pants feel tight. He been noticing her acting out since she turned eighteen, thinking that her age made her an adult, but still demonstrating her immaturity on a daily basis. What’s a daddy to do with a brat like that. Bend her over your knee, that’s what. Ordering her to assume the position, he flips her tiny skirt up to expose her pure white, cotton, little girl panties, barely covering her round and sexy ass. She squirms in his lap, as his hand slaps her cheeks painfully. “Isn’t there anything else I can do?”, she pleads, though perhaps more from the desire her punishment is inspiring, rather than the pain. Max notices his little girl’s panties getting wet and his spanks turn into caresses. Pulling her panties to the side, her spreads her young ass cheeks open wide, stretching her soaked and puffy labia, rubbing her growing clit. Is that a clitoral piercing? She really is a bad girl. Standing her up, he opens her shirt to examine and squeeze her perfect tits. His suspicions were correct, her stiff, young nipples are pierced, too; his little girl is growing up so fast. If she wants to be treated like an adult, Max is eager to oblige. Bending her over the dinner table, he pulls her panties down and shoves his daddy cock inside her tight cunt, railing her like a common slut. He’s so big! She is overwhelmed by being fucked by the man of the house and her head thrashes around, mouth agape, moaning, each thrust stretching her out a little more. Brats are rumored to have the tightest pussies, so it isn’t long before Max grips her hips and unleashes a tidal wave of sperm while deep inside his little girl, the spasms of her own snatch milking him hungrily. She’s so proud that she was able to make her daddy feel so good. Maybe he’ll call her his good little girl, now.
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Daddy’s little Princess

Dear Diary

After daddy and I had our wonderful weekend we decided it would be best if I got into my own apartment for school just like my step sister. Not to brag or anything but the apartment daddy got me was way nicer than Addies. Daddy stops by regularly so we can have fun and I think he’s coming by tomorrow…. I really hope so.
I was right, I came home from class and daddy was waiting on me. I wanted to show him just how grateful I was so I started massaging his cock through his pants. It wasn’t long before I stripped off my top and unzipped his pants so I could suck his cock. Since it had been a few days I couldn’t wait to get his hard cock in my pussy so I sat on his lap. God it felt soooo good. Daddy fucked me on the couch and even on the living room table and made me cum several times. Daddy was so turned on he came in me really hard too. Oh how I miss living at home.
The next weekend Mommy was gone and Addie had some weekend event so I knew Daddy would be home alone. Saturday morning I let myself in and snuck into his room to surprise him. He must have been glad to see me cuz his cock was hard before I even pulled down the covers. I took his hard cock in my mouth and got it nice and wet then climbed on top and started riding him. Daddy and I spent the day fucking and we both came lots.
After a great night of intense orgasms with Daddy I woke up pretty hungry. Daddy was in the kitchen drinking coffee so I demanded breakfast. Apparently Daddy didn’t like my tone cause he spun me around and spanked me with a spatula. Even though it felt good I knew I’d better appologize so I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. It grew fas and soon Daddy had me bent over the kitchen chair fucking me hard. He moved me to the table and really pounded my pussy…. OOOOO it was hot…Then he pushed me to my knees and had me suck his cock til he came in my mouth. That was just the breakfast I needed
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Daddys Working Hard

Dear Diary,
I’m so excited, the holidays are right around the corner and I finally get to see my aunt after all these years. Daddys been busy getting things ready so he hasn’t had much time for me. Needless to say I had to get some alone time before everyone got here.
I found daddy working on the kitchen in the guest house for granny and figured he couldn’t say no in that position. I teased and sucked his cock then straddled him right there on the floor. I came pretty quick and then Daddy bent me over the sink fucking me to yet another orgasm. Daddy sat back and let me finish him off in my mouth the way he knows I like. I hope we can find time like this when everyones here.
Xo Anneliese

Dear Diary,
The morning after my aunt arrived I was in my room reading when Daddy came in. I was already a bit horny so I tried to convince him to fool around a little. Daddy was hesitant at first but he figured his sister would still be asleep so we went for it.
I sucked Daddys cock and as soon as he was hard he got behind me doggy style. While he was fucking me I thought I saw someone watching from the doorway but it felt too good to stop. I got on top of daddy and rode him til he came inside me and we went to get cleaned up. I’m not sure if daddy noticed but I think my aunts wet panties were outside my door.
Xo Anneliese

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Daddy’s Little Girl

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Amarna and her daddy are on their way to reunite with Amarna’s mother in Spain and they have a 10 hour lay over. Amarna’s father, Laz is tired from all the traveling and decides that he and Amarna should get a hotel room before they continue their journey. Laz tells Amarna that he is going to take a nap and that she can go do some shopping or hang around in the lobby but she tells him that she is tired and would like to take a nap with him. Laz is reluctant to allow his wife’s daughter to sleep in the same bed with him but he’s too tried to argue. Laz crashes within seconds, leaving Amarna in her underwear lying next to him. Amarna decides she wants to toy with Laz and see if she can get him aroused while he sleeps. She lightly touches him and rubs her young body on his but her advances are met by Laz’s deep grumbling snores.
Disappointed, Amarna heads to the bathroom where she finds Laz’s toiletry bag. She rifles through it and finds a bottle labelled “Spanish Fly”. Oh she knows what this stuff is! She prepares a glass of water and then squirts a little of the Spanish Fly into the glass. Unsure of how much it will take to render her stepfather powerless against her sexual prowess she pours the entire bottle of Spanish Fly into the glass. Amarna wakes Laz and offers him the concoction saying that the water will calm his breathing so he can sleep more soundly. Laz doesn’t think twice and drinks the water and falls back to sleep. Amarna continues where she left off, lightly groping and caressing Laz. Noticing the rock hard bulge in his pants, Amarna takes it a step or two further by pulling out Laz’s juicy cock and starts sucking it. There’s no way he is going to resist this Spanish Vixen now! Laz awakens to find Amarna milking his cock with her soft wet mouth. He jumps up, pushes her off and realizes that his heart is pounding and that his urges and desires have become uncontrollable. He has no choice. He must take Amarna and her young body. He must feel the inside of her now! Amarna giggles and savors the pounding. She loves taunting him by calling him Daddy…. “Fuck my pussy Daddy, Fuck my pussy Daddy!” And he does, very well, until he cums all over his pretty stepdaughter’s face.

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