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Daddy Was I Dreaming?

I’ve been sleeping pretty restlessly here lately and I think I know why. I’ve been having lots of dreams about my Daddy and they’re pretty sexual. Quite a few of them feel so real it’s hard to ignore how they make all 4’6 of me tingle. Apparently I talk and moan in my sleep too.
The other night Daddy walked in cause he heard me call out his name. Something I said made him touch me gently and that was all it took. I woke up to Daddys face buried in my pussy and I was in heaven.
Daddy was so gentle at first, I guess because I’m so tiny, but soon he really started fucking my tiny pusy. Daddy let me ride him a bit then he bent me over and took me from behind. Daddys cock was so big he filled me up and made me cum quick that way. Daddy fucked me hard and fast until he made a big mistake and came inside me. I can’t get pregnant at my size. I’m barely 75lbs soaking wet.

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Daddy This Is Dirty

Daddy what are you doing in the garage? I’ve been looking everywhere for you since mommy left for the mall. I know you’re really horny but its really dirty out here so I’ll just suck your cock
for now ok? Daddy you’re cock is so hard I can’t help it, I need you inside me but keep your dirty hands off me. Oh Daddy its so hot being bent over like this in the garage I’m cumming already.
Daddy damnit did you just cum too?

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Daddy Was Watching

Dear Diary,
Today I stopped by Daddy’s office to grab a few things and meet this really sweet guy that just loves to bring me presents but while I was shuffling for my things Daddy snuck up behind me!
Apparently, he knows exactly what I’ve been doing because he installed cameras all over everywhere! Daddy just kept going on about whatever and I couldn’t help but shut Daddy up by putting his cock in my mouth then stuffing it in my hot little pussy until he gave me a big warm load all over my clit! Maybe he won’t be so mad and I’ll make the nice list this year.
Now that I think about it, I can only imagine all the naughty things Daddy has seen me doing. OH MY GOSH! What if he saw when I fucked the delivery guy a few week ago! FUCK! Maybe I won’t make the nice list!

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Daddy Made Me Do It

I was sitting on he couch texting a friend the other day when Daddy walked in and sat down. He started rubbing up against me and I knew what he wanted so I played hard to get. Of course that had exactly the result I was after, Daddy grabbed my head and made me suck his cock. Next thing I knew he pinned me to the couch, pulled my panties to the side and fucked me. Daddy getting agressive made me so hot I was cumming hard in no time. He must have enjoyed it too cause he exploded inside me pretty quickly.

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Daddy We’re Fucking Tonight

Daddy, my boyfriend wouldn’t stay out late tonight so I’m horny. You’re going to fuck me and I’m not taking no for an answer… Like you’d really say no!! You know how much you like it when I suck your cock! Daddy you feel so good inside my tight pussy I’m gonna cum. Watch my ass bounce up and down on your cock Daddy, you like that don’t you? Cum all in my pussy Daddy and give me a nice creampie before bed. Thank you Daddy!!

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Quiet blowjob for my Daddy

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Cum for me Daddy

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Double Daddy anal creampie punishment

Daddy wants to punish my ass more even though its sore from the day before~ When daddy cums in my ass, he tells me to hold it in, he brought a friend over~(my other daddy) I have to hold daddys cum in my ass while im being fucked in the ass again~ And get another huge anal creampie~ I beg daddy asking him if I can release it now~ I fuck in up close doggy style~ Use two dildos BBC and a tan dildo

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Daddy think he fuck his wife

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Daughter fucks her Daddy

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