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Alone With Daddy

Mums not home and ive finally got daddy all to my self so ive got a little sexy outfit on ready to persuade him to want some naughty time with me and he soon gets his cock out ready for me to suck and fuck it and I love it and fuck daddy hard until he cums all over my ass.

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“Harder Daddy Harder “

Dear Diary,
Last weekend there was this cool party I wanted to go to but my stupid parents grounded me. The night of the party rolled around and I waited til my parents went to sleep. Once I was sure they were out I slipped out the front door and had a friend pick me up. After a long night getting crunk I finally stumbled back into the house.
I fell over on my bed and Daddy sprang out from under the covers mad as hell. He started scolding me and I got sassy so he went to spank me. When Daddy lifted my skirt and saw I wasn’t wearing panties he got a bit flustered before he started spanking me.
I’m not sure if it was the party favors or some deep seeded need but Daddy spanking my ass really turned me on. In my hazy state I grabbed his cock and soon had it in my mouth. I fucked Daddy like a crazy nympho then he threw me on the bed and fucked me from behind.
Daddys cock was so much bigger than my boyfriends it really filled me up. I moaned and called his name begging him to fuck me harder until he exploded all over my ass. I couldn’t believe what we had done but it was so hot I wanted more of Daddy soon. Is it so wrong to love Daddy like that?
Xo Zelda

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Daddy Plucked My Rosebud

Dear Diary,
So the day I was waiting for finally came. I had been masturbating and using toys in my rosebud long enough to where I felt ready to give Daddy his surprise. I called him in and showed him my shiny butt plug. You should have seen the look on his face.
Daddy was so excited and nervous at the same time so he gently stretched my virgin butthole then licked it to lube me up. Daddy eased his big cock into my rosebud and it felt great.
Daddy fucked my ass slowly until I encouraged him to go faster. He fucked my ass like I dreamed and soon I was cumming like crazy. Daddy made me cum several times by fucking my ass then finished me off with a big creampie in my pussy. Mmm I can’t wait to do that again.
Xo Zoey

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Daddy Cum in my Mouth

Tiffany desperately wants a raise in her Allowance…but her Daddy is very clear that they cannot afford to give it to her. They are so tight on cash, that Dad is reading through a home repair book, to try and fix the Dryer by himself…because they cannot afford to hire a repairman. Tiffany, however, being a young girl…focused on her own needs….is unsympathetic to her Dad’s situation. Tiffany begs and pleads with her Dad for a large raise in Allowance. She offers to do the dishes……make Supper while Mom is at work….clean the house….Tiffany tries everything to convince her daddy to raise her Allowance. When nothing works….Tiffany gets desperate. She starts to remove her clothes as she says….”You’re a guy Daddy…right? I know what guys like. Tell you what….I’ll let you take a poke at me twice a week….in exchange for a $100 a week raise in my Allowance”. As She finishes the sentence….her panties have just come off. “Daddy…..do you have any idea what a girl my age tastes like?”. Dad looks at her sweet, young pussy….and snaps!!! He says “I bet it tastes just like honey!!”….and with that….Dad burries his head in Tiffany’s crotch and begins to eagerly lap at her beautiful young cunt!! Tiffany moans as her Dad gives her a good licking….and then Dad tells Tiffany to go for a ride on his hard cock. Tiffany rides her daddy’s cock and squeals with delight!! Dad turns her over and Fucks her hard from behind….before insisting on making her swallow it as part of the deal. Tiffany wants to cinch the deal…..so she sucks Dad until he fills her young mouth with sperm. dad gets out his wallet and gives Tiffany her “raised” Allowance!!! She is off to the Mall….

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Daddy Busted Me!

Dear Diary,

Now that school is out there have been so many great parties going on all summer long and of course every young girl wants to party with her friends & cute boys! Well earlier today this boy ive been crushing on for years now invited me out to his summer house party. He said there’d be all kinds of fun stuff going on if you know what I mean. While I was there things got pretty intense! People were dancing, drinking, all kinds of stuff and when everyone started crashing at the end of the night I figured I would head back home to crash in my own bed. Well Diary when I got home I thought I was in the clear. I safely made it into the house without waking daddy. Phew. Go me is all I could think as I fell flat onto my bed still in my outfit! Then daddy walked in. Fuck! I knew I was busted! I knew I was about to get in so much trouble! Grounded for life with my luck. Daddy started spanking me trying to punish me but I was still tipsy so with each impact of his palm on my ass I’d let out a giggle or a moan. Before I knew it my hormones had taken over and I convinced daddy to let me suck his cock. Holy fuck! I was sucking his cock working it with my wet mouth and then next thing I knew I was fucking his cock with my warm pussy! Daddy was behind me fucking my brains out when I came so hard on his cock I flopped over. Apparently I’m not the only person who came though! Daddy said he came inside me! Even though I thought it was super hot he shot his warm load on me im not on the pill!

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Daddy May Have Knocked Me Up

Dear Diary,
I’ve always been the rebellious one in the family and I like to party quite a bit. One morning I stumbled into the kitchen after being out all night. I was going to grab one of Daddys beers and slip off to my bedroom before anyone got up. No sooner did I open the fridge and Daddy was standing right behind me. Apparently it was later than I thought cause mom had already left.
Daddy started lecturing e and I made the mistake of back talking him. Daddy spun me around and started spanking my ass. He bent me over the sink pulled up my dress and started spanking my ass even harder. OMG it felt so good in my state of mind I started getting turned on.
After a few minutes I couldn’t take anymore, I had to have a hard cock… Daddys Cock that is so I started teasing him and soon we were fuucking right there in the kitchen. Daddy punished my little pussy until he exploded inside me and sent me off to bed. I can’t wait til he gets home and punishes me even more
Xo Zoey

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Daddy Wanted To Play

Dear Diary,

A few weeks after poker night mommy went to visit her sister for a few weeks. As soon as Mommy was gone Daddy walked in my room and started rubbing my tits. I stood up and he unbuttoned m shirt while I rubbed his cock. We undressed each other quickly and roled into my bed. I sucked Daddys cock then slid him inside me. Riding daddys cock made me cum so fast I couldn’t believe it. Daddy must have been pretty excited too cause he came so deep inside me I’m sure to get pregnant.

Xo Maria

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Daddy I Want More!

Dear Diary,

The night after Poker night mom was off helping take care of her ailing Aunt so when my brother left for work we were all alone. I went running into Daddys room and jumped on the bed. I started rubbing him and soon he woke up with my hand rubbing his cock. Daddy was a bit hesitant toward my advances so I grabbed his cock and sucked it hard. Daddy spun me around and made me sit on his face while he ate my wet pussy. We tumbled into a hot 69 and I came really hard but I needed more. I straddled Daddy and rubbed his hard cock against my clit making us both even hornier. I rode Daddy hard and fast, twerking and bouncing my ass until I came even harder. Before long Daddy pulled out and creampied my ass cheeks bigtime. I hope he pulled out in time cause that was a small creampie he left!!

Xo Maria


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Daddy Loves you

Family Home sex Daddy with Daughter

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Phone Sex with Daddy

Busty Moka Mora gets caught skipping school by her stepdaughter Tony. She convinces him that it’s a mistake, but when he forgets his keys and returns inside he finds Moka confessing to her boyfriend that she lied. As he listens in, she flips up her miniskirt and starts rubbing her pussy beneath her panties as she has phone sex without knowing she’s being observed. Tony knows he needs to punish her.

Whipping out his cock, Tony tells Moka to suck him off while staying on the phone. She obeys him, describing what she’s doing as she sucks and strokes. When Tony takes off her thong and puts her on the bed on her hands and knees, Moka is already slippery wet and eager to take his cock from behind. She’s so horny that she leans back into every single thrust with moans of delight. Laying down on the bed, Tony pulls Moka down on top of him and enjoys the sensation of his stepdaughter riding his cock while telling her friend all about it. Then she turns around so he can watch her titties bounce as she brings off with an anal pounding. When Moka is satisfied, Tony pulls her head down to suck his dick again. This time, her BJ doesn’t stop until she gets a mouthful of cum to play with and swallow.

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