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Daughter swapped daddy pills

Hi Daddy! I swapped your sleeping pills for erection pills. Does my ass look big? Do you want me to dance? Daddy, are you watching a porno? Why don’t you teach me to do what those nasty pornstars do? You do want to fuck me don’t you daddy?

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She fucks Daddy to save Mommy

Jessa Rhodes is Back and this one is very TABOO so be warned! Jessa plays a young girl who’s tied up in the basement. she starts whining when she feels someone touching her. when her blindfold is lifted she realizes its her daddy. Daddy makes up a story about how the bad men have mommy and to get her back they want a video of daddy molesting stepdaughter. Jessa goes along, she cries a little at first cause daddy is taking her virginity and it hurts her but soon gets into it and cums on daddy cock. ends with a facial
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Daddy Got Me Pregnant

Dear Diary,
Before my mother passed she told me several times to find my godfather if anything ever happened to her. A few weeks after she passed I had no choice but to seek him out. When I did he welcomed me into his home for the night. We talked a bit and then he showed me to my room.
I couldn’t sleep well since mom passed so late that night I went to my godfathers room to get some comfort. He let me climb in bed with him and we cuddled up tight. Strangely enough his touch began to turn me on and I could tell he was turned on too. Needless to say we wound up having sex in his bed and we both relieved some tension. Unfortunately he came inside me and I’m not on the pill. At least if I did get pregnant we’re not related.

Dear Diary,
The next morning I went for a walk to clear my head and when I got back my godfather was waiting in my room. One thing led to another and we wound up having sex again. This time after he came inside me he made a comment and we both realized I was actually his daughter. We both freaked out a little and I ran off to clean up.
Xo Stefania

Dear Diary,
I left to visit friends for a bit and my period never came, then my boobs got tender so I got a pregnancy test. Sure enough I’m pregnant so I’m going home to tell Daddy in person. Wish Me Luck
Xo Stefania

Dear Diary,
Daddy was totally shocked when I told him the news but he soon settled down and wanted to celebrate. We made love right there in the living room and Daddy really took care of my needs. He made me cum several times before laying me on my back and pounding me until he exploded on my pregnant belly. This is going to be a wild 4 more months.
Xo Stefania

Dear Diary,
The farther along I get the more demanding I’m becoming. Last night I couldn’t sleep so I went in to Daddys room so he could help me. I woke him up and made him fuck me until I came enough to get tired. I know I was a bit bitchy but at least I let Daddy cum in me now, the damage has been done already….
Xo Stefania

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Daddy Daughter Wrestle

She pulls down his pants as they wrestle and puts his hard cock into her mouth. He yells at her to stop, but she knows he likes it. She strips off her clothes and continues to wrestle with him. “I just want you to fuck me daddy” She pleads with him, wrapping her hot naked body around him and grinding on his cock.
He can’t take it anymore, his hot daughter’s naked body all over him. He’s frustrated and he knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help himself. He slides his cock inside his daughter’s forbidden pussy and fucks her on the mat. Melanie finally gets what she’s always fantasized about, her fathers hard dick inside of her. He fucks her in every way imaginable until she cums on his big cock. She fells him tense and he shoots a large load right into her horny little mouth. “That was all I wanted daddy” Melanie moans, playing with his hot love.
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I Win Daddy

I was getting ready to go out the other night and figured I’d shoot a game of pool to loosen up a bit. Daddy walked in and busted me about to play without permission. I decided to have even more fun for the night by making a little bet with Daddy. If I won I got to fuck him on the pool table and if he won I’d have a week of butt sex every night. Daddy did pretty good at first and I thought it was gonna be buttsex until I started distracting him. Next thing I knew Daddy scratched on the 8 ball making me the winner. We stripped and I made him lay on the table and wouldn’t let him touch me…. at least for awhile. I rode Daddy til I came a few times then gave him the ok to fuck me back…… Daddy pounded me with his stick until his balls were emptied in my pocket. Now to get ready for my date, poor guy won’t get lucky tonight though Daddys stick was more than enough, at least for now!!!

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I’ll Get Them Up Daddy

The other day I was in Daddys room masturbating and I must have been pretty distracted. I opened my eyes after a massive orgasm to find Daddy standing there looking pretty upset. It turns out
the school sent another one of those stupid reports saying I’m failing. Needless to say I did what and bad daughter would do and distracted Daddy with my sexy body. I started sucking his cock
and he seemed to forget all about my grades. I rode him for awhile then Daddy got really aggressive. He pulled my hair and spanked me while fucking me pretty hard. He fucked me so hard we both lost control and he came all in my pussy. Lets hope I don’t end up a pregnant schoolgirl, that would suck

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Do It Again Daddy

After having the baby things have been pretty hectic here but they’re starting to settle down. When I do get time for myself I catch up on notes and of course masturbate. The other night I was playing with myself and thinking about Daddy knocking me up again. I grabbed my hitachi and the next thing you know I was squirting everywhere.
I was so turned on by the fantasy I went in and woke Daddy up for sex. I got him hard pretty quick and soon his hard cock was deep in my wet pussy. I needed his seed so bad I rode him hard and fast til he exploded inside me. Daddy was shocked when he discovered I did it on purpose but I got what I wanted!!

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Deflower My Butt Daddy

Daddy and I have been getting pretty risky with our encounters and I really didn’t want to get pregnant. I overheard some of the girls talking about anal sex and I started doing research. Turns
out that it’s a perfect way to avoid pregnancy and some girls even like it. I was a bit afraid it would hurt but I’m sure it will be worth it.
That night when I told Daddy my idea he was really thrilled. I guess Daddy likes anal sex or something. Anyway he loosened me up with his fingers and tongue but when his cock started to go it it
was intense. I’d never had anything in my butt before so it was a mix of pleasure and pain.
After I relaxed a bit I started to enjoy it a lot. Daddy picked up the pace and even though it hurt at times I actually came from buttsex. Daddy fucked my virgin asshole until he exploded inside
me. That was so hot I want to do it again.

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Daddy Can’t Resist

So every now and then Daddy gets a little out of line with my expenses so I try teaching him lessons. This time I convinced him to let me handcuff him to the chair so we could have sex. I locked
his hands tight and started sucking his cock then teased him a bit. I straddled him and rubbed his cock against my pussy to make myself cum then I started riding him. Daddy was having fun until
I got off the second time and left him cuffed to the chair. I thought I tought him a good lesson but somehow he managed to get the key and get loose enough to chase me around the house.

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Daddy Busted Me

The other day I was smoking in the house again and fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I knew Daddy was spanking me on the ass. I tried to blame my sisters but it was no use and Daddy was
pretty mad. luckily I know just how to calm him down. I let him spank me a few more times then started sucking his cock. Daddy turned me around and started fucking me pretty hard, i love it when he punishes me like this. Anyway Daddy made me cum so hard he had no choice but to cum in me and then he crashed on the couch.

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