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Daddy is my Boyfriend

Aries has discovered that sinister new website that is catching on….”The Daddy Boyfriend”. She shows it to her Dad…and, since she has just been stood up by her last (stupid) boyfriend….she asks her Dad if maybe they should try and do like the site says!! “Look how happy everybody looks on the website” she says. Dad agrees to give it a try…and Aries is thrilled to find out that, unlike her last few boyfriends….her Dad LOVES to lick cunt!!! While Dad goes down on her…Aries has a powerful orgasm!! Then Daddy fucks the living %#*! out of Aries…and uses her as a cum dumpster!!

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Daddy We’re All Alone

Daddy we have this big room all to ourselves and I know what I wanna do. First lets have a little fun cause I felt precum when I reached in your shorts. Damn Daddy, you’re already hard and barely fit in my mouth. You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you? Well theres something I’ve been waiting for too, your hard cock in my wet pussy. Yes Daddy, just like that, it feels so good when I ride you like that. Take me from behind daddy and really make me cum hard. Thats it, right there Daddy, I’m cumming all over your cock….. Opps did I make you cum too? Lets go get a shower and play around some more then call room service. It’s gonna be a long night!!

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Cum On My Bush Daddy

Daddy, you’re finally home to spend some time with me!! Well I did something really special while you were gone, wanna see what it is? Thats right Daddy, I grew a bush just for you and I’ve been waiting for you to cum all over it. Oh Daddy I missed your cock so much I can’t wait to feel you growing in my mouth. Thats it Daddy, lay back and let me enjoy your big cock. I’ve missed it inside me so much my pussy is dripping in anticipation. Oh wow Daddy, I’m cumming already, fuck me until I cum again!! Thats it Daddy now it’s your turn, cum all over my hairy pussy!! Thank you Daddy, welcum home!!

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Daddy ends up fucking his own daughter

Dad has a fool proof plan on how to get the sexy divorced lady next door to have sex with him, while his wife is out of town….he has purchased a powerful Magic Potion!!! All he needs to do is get her to drink the wicked elixir….and she will crave his cock! He has the Potion all mixed up, and ready to go…when his wife calls him on the phone. while he is distracted by the call…his Daughter Sara arrives home…and drinks the Potion!!! Sara goes crazy and starts to pull off dad’s pants, and start sucking his cock!! The good news is….the Potion works like a charm!! The bad news is….instead of fucking the hot lady next door….Dad is now fucking his own Daughter!!! Sara takes a pounding from Dad…and then gets a gigantic semen facial!!!

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Daddy I Still Won – Even though I technically Lost

Dear Diary,

I am so bad some times, especially when it comes to Daddy. I talked him into a game of pool the other night and sure enough started to lose. I started teasing Daddy by grabbing his cock and showing my boobs but it didn’t distract him quite enough. Daddy beat me just like I planned. Of course that meant I was going to have some fun with him right there on the table. Daddy teased my wet pussy and took me right there on the edge. Before long he moved me to his hog and fucked me til the alarms went off.
We moved back to the table and Dasddy took me from behind again. I did a split on the edge of the table and he pounded me til we both came together. Of course he came inside me just like I wanted so I still won.

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My Father In Law Fucked Me

Dearest Janie,

I can’t believe I haven’t written you since the wedding. Things have been moving pretty fast here and life has gotten pretty complicated. A few weeks after the wedding we were playing pool at Johns dads place and we actually won a few games. John was pretty tired and we had a long drive in the morning so he headed to bed. I stayed to play another round with his dad and thats when things got pretty interesting.

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Husband Caught Me With His Father

My worst fears have come true and things are pretty crazy. A few days ago my husband had an interview out of town so he was supposed to be gone awhile. I invited my father in law over against my better judgement but I couldn’t help myself. We made wild passionate love all night long and after he came deep inside me we fell asleep together. Next thing I knew my husband was pulling the covers off the bed and found us together. My husband came home early and now he knows the truth. What a mess I’ve gotten myself into but it’s kind of a massive turn on cuckolding my husband.

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Daddy fuck sleeping Daughter in ass

Daddy love his little baby but what Daddy loves the most is to fuck her ass with his big cock. He opens it so wide. He loves how big are my gaps. He fucks me deep and hard until I cum and to thanks him I decide to swallow his cum. I love the taste of it. So weet. I cum so much taht day

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Sex-Ed Homework With Daddy

Lily is getting frustrated. She is failing Sex-Ed at school….and she thinks that the material is not making any sense to her, because she is a Virgin. When her Dad comes to her room to check on her….Lily explains her dilemma to Dad. Dad tells Lily that she probably needs to experience all the material mentioned in the text book…..to fully understand it. With Dad’s help….Virgin Lily gets the FULL tutorial on Sex!! To start with, Dad teaches her what “cunnilingus” is. He hikes up Lily’s skirt, and begins to lick her tight, young pussy. Lily moans with pleasure. To teach her the definition of “orgasm”…Dad focuses in on her “clitoris” and licks her to her first orgasm.
Dad then shows Lily how the reverse of oral sex on the female works…..by taking off his pants and showing Lily how to suck a cock. Lily even learns to relax her throat muscles and administer Deepthroat!! Dad shows Lily what “69” is…where they can combine the two oral skills she has learned so far…and Lily experiences a second orgasm!! Next, the two check the text book to see what else is in the curriculum and Lily questions what “missionary position” is….so Dad lies her flat on her back…and mounts her!! Dad goes very slow at first…but when she seems to enjoy it….Dad really goes to town on her!! Dad shows Lily “spooning”….and “Doggie-style” and when Lily starts to get flush…and begins to sweat….Dad senses she is aroused immensely and goes down on her again…bringing her to an earth shaking third orgasm!!! Shortly after giving his young Daughter her third orgasm in 25 minutes….Dad unloads inside her…filling her up with a big creampie. Lily seems to understand Sex much better now!!!

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Daddy watch how Son fuck Mommy

Mom has had it!!! Fresh out of the shower….Mom tells Dad…”That little bugger did it again…..he keeps Jerking-off to me every time I take a shower!!! I can’t take it anymore!!”. Dad explains that young Conor’s behaviour is normal for boys his age…that he is full of raging hormones….and any naked female is going to have an effect on him. “But I’m his MOM!!!” Mom cries out. Dad assures her that this “awkward” phase Conor is going through will pass. Since Mom is at the end of her rope…Dad has an idea. “Maybe if we just let him have a go at you….he will get it out of his system…”. Mom is appalled by the suggestion…but since she is also very desperate for a solution….she agrees to give it a try. Mom and Dad call Conor in, and confront him about Jerking-Off to his Mom. Conor is very embarrassed, but before he can opt out of the experiment…..Mom gets his pants down and starts to carress his penis. Mom is shocked at the enormous size of her Son’s cock….and she soon warms up to the situation!! With Dad watching, and coaching…Conor Pumps away at his Mother!! Mom even takes some Spit-Roasting from Hubby and Son , as she sucks Dad’s cock, while Conor Pounds her from behind. Conor finishes by Tit Fucking his Cougar Mother until he cums on her huge Tits. Mom had so much fun, that she tells Conor to ask for Mom’s help next time, instead of Jerking-Off behind her back!

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