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Daddy Was Watching Me And It Really Turned Me On

Over the past few weeks I’ve felt like someone has been watching me in the shower. I know it’s kind of strange but I really think it’s my Daddy. Now I really should be shocked at the thought but to be honest it kind of turns me on a bit. I was so sure I was being watched I began to fantasize and masturbate in the shower. As I was playing with my pussy under the warm water I finally caught a glimpse of my watcher and sure enough it was Daddy. My fantasy kicked in to overdrive and I came really hard. I put on quite a show for Daddy in the shower but when I was done fingers just weren’t enough. I dried off and walked into Daddy’s room to confront him in hopes that my fantasy would come true. Daddy was shocked at my forwardness but when my hand gripped his cock and it was already hard he couldn’t protest any more. I took him in my mouth and sucked deeply making Daddy moan. Sucking his cock turned me on so much I had to feel him inside me so I straddled him on the bed. I rode Daddy hard until I came then turned around to get him deeper.I bounded up and down on Daddy’s cock for what seemed like hours before Daddy pulled my pussy to his face in a hot 69. Daddy pleasured me then took control and fucked me hard through 3 or 4 more orgasms. I was so happy I had to do something for Daddy so I sucked and stroked him til he exploded for me. Daddy and I are closer than we’ve ever been, I just hope mommy doesn’t catch us.

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Assfuck Me Daddy

Dear Diary,
Not long after my 18th birthday, I was a home packing for college, something got me really horny. I sat in the chair and started to masturbate when suddenly a vision of me sucking Daddys cock popped in my head. The thought of it got me soo hot I pumped my dildo faster and imagined him fucking me too. By This time I was really turned on and my pussy got soo wet. Moaning Daddy over and over I furiously fucked my little pussy until all of a sudden I squirted all over the place. Apparently thoughts of Daddy get me really hot now.

More Later Xo Sadie

Dear Diary
So last weekend Mom left to visit Aunt Dolly and I just couldn’t control myself. After Daddy went to bed I put on some sexy lingere and snuck in his room. I pulled down the covers and saw he didn’t have pants on….. Jackpot!! I took his cock in my mouth and my pussy quivered as it started getting hard. I sucked his cock for a bit when Daddy woke up and was completely shocked. After he heard how I felt It wasn’t hard to get his big cock in my little pussy which made me cum hard. He got me soo worked up I even begged him to fuck my ass. Daddy licked my tight asshole awhile then slid his cock in my ass. I came soo hard we nearly had to change the sheets. Daddy pounded my ass and pussy til he blew a huge load on my belly. God what a night.

More Later Xo Sadie

Dear Diary
So I was at school almost 2 weeks when Daddy dropped by for a visit. I was dying to feel his cock again but I had class soon so it had to be quick. He fucked me on my dorm counter and made me cum hard. Rushing made Daddy lose control though and he jizzed deep inside me. That wasn’t good since I’m not on the pill but at least if I wind up pregnant we’re not genetically related.

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Daddy Daughter Creampie

Tinytwat is laid on her bed doing her homework wearing her slutty school uniform after a hard days work her daddy needs some relief taking her homework off of her and replacing it with his cock Tinytwat is on all fours on the bed sucking his cock.
Tinytwat is laid on the bed her daddy pulls off her panties she is sucking his cock while laid back he has a quick play with her pussy change of position with Tinytwat pointing her ass at the camera and giving it a quick shake he gives her ass a quick smack a bit more cock sucking before he fucks her doggystyle some daddy talk he then cums in her slutty pussy Tinytwat then laid on the bed legs spread showing her pussy with cum leaking out video ends with her fingering her pussy.

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Daddy Fucks And Facials His Daughter Karlie

Daddy has heard that his daughter Karlie is not the innocent virgin he thought she was. He confronts her in her room and when she admits it, he takes her across his knee and spanks her ass. The sight of her firm young ass gets him horny though and he decides to see how much of a slut she really is. He undoes hos trousers and she doesn’t hesitate to jump on his cock, wanking and sucking him to a big erection. “I’ve wanted to suck your cock for so long Daddy,” the little slut says before stripping off and begging him to fuck her. Daddy doesn’t hesitate and slides his cock into her wet cunt with her moaning in pleasure. He fucks her in several positions with Karlie telling Daddy how wonderful his cock feels and how she wants him to fuck her every time mummy goes out from now on. As he fucks her doggie style he gets so turned on that he pulls out and has a massive cum explosion all over his daughter’s pretty face.

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Daddy Its Prom Night Quicktime

Dear Diary
I was at my senior prom the other night and my date decided to dump me. When I got home Daddy was on the couch and he tried to comfort me. His touch made me soo bold I stripped out of my dress and had his cock in my mouth before he could protest. It felt soo good growing in my mouth I knew he was enjoying it too. I drooled all over his balls in my fervor and soon had to feel him inside me.
I rode his hard cock while he sucked my big titties. His balls slapping against my big ass felt soo good I came really hard. Daddy soon bent me over on the couch and pounded me from behind until he exploded deep in my pussy not realizing I wasn’t on the pill.

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This Is So Bad Daddy

You in black or white see through leggings…your dad is jerking off and finds near dads bed a fleshlight or pocketpussy or something like it…he starts to fuck it but doesnt know what he is doing…you come in and he covers up…you are completely disgusted but yet interested cause you only had sex once with your boyfriend under the sheets and didnt really see anything…he pulls his cock out and starts to play with while he looks at you..you start to move around showing off your ass in the leggings…then pulls out toy he found…you get closer in leggings and say that this toy is like this and you rub your pussy through leggings and can see through them…then it leads to you saying this is too much we cant do this, but you come back and jerk him off and blow him…then you start to rub his dick on your pussy through leggings…(try to capture his dick and your pussy through the leggings)…then you grab the toy and start to put his dick in it…then you stop and say no way we cant do this…but now your all wet and proceed….you go back to him and pull the leggings off and straddle him but continue to have his dick fuck the toy…you then pull his dick out and stick it in your pussy…then back into the toy, back and forth..(maybe change up positions?)…then you start to blow him..Ends in facial cumshotIncludes-(taboo, fucking, blowjob, hand job, oral sex,18 19 years old, doggystyle,fleshlight)

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On Daddy’s Desk – Daddy I Wasn’t Sleepwalking

Dear Diary,
I went to the Dr the other day because I’m about a week late, sure enough I’m pregnant. I went by the office to tell Daddy the good news but we were so hot for each other I never had the chance.
He fucked me all over his desk and when we were done he remembered to pull out and aim all over my tummy. I didn’t have the heart to tell him then but I have to soon, He’s gotta divorce mommie so we can raise our family. The courts may think its a bit weird but at least we don’t share the same DNA.

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Kissing her Daddy in Nasty Way

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Redhead teen daughter with hairy pussy fucking with daddy

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I Need You, Daddy

I waited til Daddy went to bed and gave it a few minutes then started screaming for him. Daddy came rushing in and I claimed I had a nightmare. He comforted me and started to go back to his room until I begged him to stay with me for the night. After a bit of convincing Daddy agreed to stay and laid down beside me. Once his breathing got heavy and he started snoring I put my plan into action. I slowly pulled down Daddy’s pj’s and got my first close look at his cock, wow it was bigger than I thought. I started sucking on it and it got soo hard in my mouth it almost gagged me. Daddy cock got me so excited I had to feel it inside my wet pussy so I pulled off my panties and straddled him. I rode his cock slowly trying not to disturb him but I guess I must have moaned, because Daddy opened his eyes and was really shocked. When he realized what I was doing he began to protest but I think it must have been his fantasy too since it didn’t take long for him to relax and enjoy my tight pussy. I rode Daddy’s cock pretty hard and got so turned on I pulled down my shirt so he could play with my nipples. Leaning over I put my nipples in daddy’s face and he started sucking my tiny perky nipples. I came several times that way then daddy took control. He had me spin around so he could spank my bottom and play with my nipples while fucking me, ohh what a feeling. Daddy made me cum soo hard that way. Next Daddy laid me on my back and really started fucking me hard. He pinned my legs with his strong hands and plunged his cock deep in my pussy making me buck and moan a lot. This must have really gotten him hot because he made me get on my knees and started fucking me from behind. He spanked my bottom a few times and next thing you know we were both cumming hard. That was my best plan ever. I can’t wait til my daddy gets home tonight. I have so much I want to try.

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