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Daddy Cums On His Little Girls Face

Little Layla’s daddy offers to help her with her home work and discover is baby girls gone and gotten a whole bunch of tattoos. He should be reprimanding his daughter but instead he’s getting turned on. Layla may not do well in school but she can deep throat her fathers cock great. Before long daddy’s fucking his little girls pussy every which way, He teases her tight little asshole with his finger then finally blows a huge load all over his daughters face.

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OMG, you are my Daddy!!!

Dear Diary,
The other day my girlfriend Hope caught me reading her diary and I was reading about the things she was doing with her Daddy. It had actually turned me on and it had apparently affected Hope too so she called her Daddy in to take care of us. He fucked me pretty good while Hope watched but when it was over I still wanted more.
While Hope was napping I went to the kitchen and spent some more time with her Daddy. He threw me on the counter and ate my pussy til I was all tingly then he fucked me on a chair. We both got overly excited until he busted right in my vagina and I’m not on the pill. What Should I do?
Xo Akira

Dear Diary
My worst fears came to light about 8 weeks later when my Dr confirmed I was pregnant. I went over to talk to Hopes Daddy and instead of being upset he was really happy. We had sex right there in the dining room to celebrate and man it was soo hot. Hopes Daddy really takes good care of his lovers neds.
Xo Akira

OMG this is so crazy. A few days after I told Hopes Daddy what happened we were going through some old photos and I found a pic of my mom and Hopes Dad. It seems they were fucking around after Hopes mom split and based on the time frame he’s actually my Daddy.
That discovery made things even hotter for both of us. We groped and caressed each other hungrily. We stripped out of our clothes while pleasing each other and I came more times than I could count. Daddy took suck good care of me I even swallowed when I let him cum in my mouth. I can’t wait to tell Hope she’s my sister and we’re going to be one big happy family.

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Daddy Likes Watching

Dear Diary,
I’m just a normal young girl I suppose, even though my hormones seem to be excessive. Most of the time when I’m home alone I can’t help but please myself. About a week ago I got the feeling someone was watching me and it turned me on a lot more than normal. I played with my pussy harder than ever before and it was so intense. The next time I played with myself I got the same feeling and I’m pretty sure I caught Daddy peeping.Yesterday I was in my room masturbating again and I knew I was being watched so I really put on a show. I began to fantasize that it was Daddys cock making me cum and soon I was blissfully calling his name. Before I knew it Daddy was in my room making my every fantasy cum true. Everything was better than I had ever imagined until Daddy got to excited and lost it inside me. I hope I can get a morning after pill or something, I just can’t get pregnant at my age.
Xo Piper

Dear Diary
It’s getting so overwhelming lately, I’m even skipping school to spend time with Daddy. The other day after breakfast I couldn’t contain myself any longer and as soon as mom was gone I dropped to my knees. Daddy and I got so intense we were all over the kitchen, He even picked me up and held me for a hot 69. After Daddy made me cum a few times I dropped to my knees again and finished him off all over my tits. At least I can’t get pregnant that way.

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Giving Daddy Blowjob in Office

Odette misses her daddy so she goes in to his work to visit him. She feels like she hasnt seen him very much lately, especially since her moms new boyfriend has entered the picture. She doesnt like him nearly as much as her daddy. She notices hes been working really hard and asks if theres anything she can do to help him relax. She doesnt like seeing her daddy so stressed out and tired. She starts by rubbing his shoulders to ease the tension and relax him. She knows her mom used to rub his shoulders and his back, and then suck his dick. He is taken aback by this information. This is adult stuff and her mom shouldnt be talking to her about this. But shes old enough now and wants to show him how good she can make him feel. She starts to rub his chest and works her way down to his crotch as she sinks down to her knees. He stops protesting immediately.She removes his pants and puts his dick in her mouth. It starts to harden as she licks and sucks her daddys big cock. She starts really going and then takes her shirt and bra off so her daddy can see her cute little titties. She makes eye contact as she sucks his dick and uses her hand to help until he cums in her mouth and she swallows his load, licking the excess of the tip of his cock and her fingers. She loves the way her daddy tastes.

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Dreaming of Daddy

Dear Diary,
Lately I’ve been having these really weird dreams about my Dad. I don’t know what going on with me or if these fantasies are even normal but I really seem to enjoy them. Like last night while I was sleeping I had a dream my Dad gave me the opportunity to act on my desires! He called me into his office and it was like he already knew what I had been dreaming about! He asked me to fuck him, it felt so real! Almost like I was actually having sex! We fucked all over his office and then later that day he called me into his bedroom where we continued to fuck! In my dream Daddy even came inside me, it was so warm and I could feel it leaking out I got so excited I woke myself up and then something weird happened. I was laying there naked with cum leaking out of me and my Uncle J was walking away laughing. Maybe that was just a weird dream too? Maybe I was fantasizing about fucking Uncle J too, but then this creampie felt so real. Well back to bed. Night Diary!


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Teen girl giving her young pussy to Daddy

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Beautiful 19yr old daughter love her Daddy

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Cum Quietly Daddy When You Fuck My Virgin Ass

Dear Diary,
Daddy and I have been stealing quiet moments alot lately. The other night I was so hot for his cock I called him in right after mommy went to bed. Daddy was reluctant to fuck me with mommy close by but my lips persuaded him quickly. When he started fucking me I had an overwhelming desire to explore anal sex. Daddy was eager to enlighten me but he had to keep me quiet too. When his cock filled my ass it hurt a bit but Daddy loosened me up until it felt so good I came all over the bed. Daddy came soon after and filled my virgin ass with a huge load. I guess we came quietly enough, mommy never even stirred.

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Do What He Says Daddy (Forced Incest Creampie)

Desy Diary
I moved back home after a year at school and things were settling in nicely. One night in my bedroom I was masturbating and started having a very vivid fantasy. I saw myself taking my father prisoner and making him do kinky sexual things with me that soon became such an obsession I formulated a plan. One of my friends agreed to play an intruder the next time mom was gone.
My plan was flawless and soon Daddy was handcuffed, blindfolded and shackled on he couch. I played with his cock a minute then before I sucked it I told Daddy I was scared. I took his cock in my mouth and was glad he couldn’t see the smile on my face. I played the game out perfectly, getting on top of Daddy and riding him til he came inside me. When I was done I took off the blidfold and told daddy the truth. I’m glad he wasn’t too upset and had a heart attack or something.

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Cuckold Daddy Loser

Dad catches daughter making out with boy and tried to discipline her. The bratty daughter laughs at him and tells her boyfriend that she’s caught her dad jerking off to her dirty panties and watching her in the shower. She tells him that her mom confessed she hasn’t bothered to fuck him for years because his dink is so small. She makes dad show them how small it is and does a comparison with her boyfriends huge cock. Extreme verbal degradation, spitting and blackmail. The bratty daughter is unbelievably cruel knowing that she has her cuckold daddy under her control. Great close ups and a cum shot facial on dad. She then rubs her foot in the cum and makes dad lick it off while she and the huge cocked boyfriend laugh at him!! How humiliating and degrading!

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