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Get LOUIS VUITTON SHOES by fucking your daddy

Like all 18 Year Old girls….Kendra likes shoes. She especially likes pretty shoes….sexy shoes….EXPENSIVE shoes!!! Kendra wants a pair of Louis Vuitton Shoes. She goes to her Daddy to ask him if he would please buy the shoes for her. Dad, of course, says no….and when Dad finds out that the Louis Vuitton Shoes cost a whopping $600….it’s gonna stay no!!! Kendra says that if Dad “loans” her the money….she’ll pay it back from her allowance every week. Dad points out, that at $40 per week….she’ll be paying back the debt forever. At this point, realizing that her Dad is right….meaning it wouldn’t be practical for her to pay the money back…..Kendra opens her robe and shows her young, naked body to her Dad. “Daddy, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me, if you buy me the shoes. You can Fuck me….Lick me….cum all over me….whatever you want….”. Before Dad can protest….Kendra quickly gobbles up his cock into her mouth. Daddy is now putty in her hands (or mouth lol). Kendra Sucks her Daddy…..lets Daddy lick her…..and true to her word, lets Daddy cum all over her face!!! Won’t somebody look particularly stylish at school on Monday……

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Chrissy – Daddy, Can I Make a Baby Today?

Hal lets his brother have a go on his daughter, Chrissy. Once her uncle’s done, Chrissy lets her daddy dump a dirty load up her cunt!!!

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Daddys Surprise Visit – Sadie’s Daddy Desires

Dear Diary
So I was at school almost 2 weeks when Daddy dropped by for a visit. I was dying to feel his cock again but I had class soon so it had to be quick. He fucked me on my dorm counter and made me cum hard. Rushing made Daddy lose control though and he jizzed deep inside me. That wasn’t good since I’m not on the pill but at least if I wind up pregnant we’re not genetically related.

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Daddy I’m Addicted – Daddy Will It Hurt

Dear Journal,
After Daddy and I had our “Talk” I was almost ready for my boyfriend when he dumped me. I was on my bed in tears when Daddy came in to see what was wrong. When I told him he began to massage me and before I knew it I was sucking his cock. Daddy teased and fingered my pussy til I was ready for his cock then he took me from behind. He made me cum a few times then let me get on top and have some control. I rode him like a girl possessed and came hard a few more times. Daddy grabbed my throat and fucked me while I was laying on him which made me cum really hard. Daddy then threw me on the dresser and pounded me til we both exploded…… He came inside me again too.
I’m Really Nervous Now,
Love Jennifer

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Daddy Cover My Pregnant Belly With Cum

Daddy I am so horny! I want your cock so deep inside of me. But I am so close to giving birth that we can’t risk having sex. I still want your cum and will do anything else to get it. Tell you what why don’t you get out your big daddy dick and stroke it for me while I rub my pussy and pregnant belly. Yes Daddy please jerk for your daughter. I love my Daddy’s cock so much and wish you could stick it inside me. You have been fucking me for over a year now and I still can’t get enough of it. You know Daddy we haven’t really talked about it and I have been waiting for the right time. I know you have wondered who the baby Daddy is. I have only had sex with you and we never use protection so guess what? YOU ARE THE DADDY!!! Isn’t that great! Aren’t your proud of your baby girl? I see how much that turns you on! Now give me that Cock! I want your cum all over my baby belly!!! This is a very Hot TABOO “PREGNANT” Fetish clip. This clip includes PREGNANT, TABOO, FAMILY SEX, DADDY DAUGHTER, HANDJOB, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, JOI, and CUM ON PREGNANT BELLY!!!

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Jade Learns Self Defense From Her Daddy

Jade’s daddy wants to make sure she can handle herself and is teaching her how to fight and protect herself. A couple of accidental touches when he show’s her how to “hit where it counts” and then a few more compromising positions begins to create tension. Jade wants to ow what to do if an attacker gets on top of her, daddy explains she needs to use her hips to wiggle free while biting and clawing but when Jade gets too intense, digging her nails into daddy’s back, biting his neck and grinding her hips her dad pushes away, embarrassed by his impossible to hide hard-on. Jade’s tights are soaked at the crotch and her dad tries to say it doesn’t mean anything, that they should take a break, but with smoldering eyes Jade peels off her tights and jumps on her dad, kissing, biting, clawing biting, tearing off his shorts. Over and over her dad tries to get her to stop, but she is wild and pulls his cock into her. They fuck with wild intensity showing how long this has been building .

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OMG Shes Fuckin Daddy Too

That evening I wanted even more of his cock so I went in Daddys bedroom and started teasing him. He played with my titties as I sucked his shaft and soon I was riding him hard. Daddy teased my nipples and spanked me a bit really driving me wild. He took me doggie style next and withing minutes blew another load in me. I’m a bit scared now.

Dear Diary,
Now I really hope Tucker doesn’t read this since I’m pregnant with our stepdad’s baby.

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Cosima Dunkin in Peeping Daddy – Shower Peep

After a long day at school and a long soccer practice, Cosima strips down and takes a shower. As she showers her daddy comes in and asks how practice was. He can’t get enough of his daughter and peeks in on her in the shower. Seeing her daddy look at her Cosima masturbates for him as the water runs down her young body.

She steps out wet and dripping and jerks her daddy’s cock. She asks him to fuck her dirty again and he thrusts his cock inside her. They fuck all over the bathroom counter until he cums inside his little girl.

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The Tabooddhist – Dee Dee Lynn & Her Daddy

Dee Dee thought she was home alone, so she took a shower, after her shower, she heads to the living room to find her dad, drunk and moving furniture.
She asks him what he is doing and he said he got home early, he sits down and has her sit on his lap. He starts to run his hand up her leg and under her towel, Dee Dee is reluctant, but definitely enjoys her fathers touch.
He pulls the towel away and lays her down on the couch and starts to eat her pussy, making her moan softly, then he sits back so she can return the favor sucking his dick.
He lifts her up and fucks her on the couch in reverse cowgirl, then lays her down in missionary and fucks her until he cums all over her cheet

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Controlling My Daddy – Changing a Bulb

Not quite sure what happened, dad goes about his normal day. skye calls him into her room. In her underwear she asks if her dad can change the light bulb in her room. As he unscrews the light bulb she pulls down his pants and jerks his cock. He protests and tries to push her away, but can’t fight her amazing mouth as skye sucks his cock. She pulls down her panties and fucks him hard. She cums on his cock trusting deep inside her. Flipping around she then sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth. She swallows smiling, knowing that she has dad right where she wants him.

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