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Daddy I Want To Make You Feel Good!

Daddy, it’s been a year since Mom has died… I am sure you get lonely Daddy, don’t you miss a woman’s touch? Don’t you get horny Daddy? What do you do to relieve that feeling? Do your jerk off Daddy? Do you think about me when you do? I bet you do!!
It’s been so long since you have been with a woman Daddy, I just want to make you feel good… don’t be shy Daddy, you know you want to….
This is a Daddy’s Girl, Taboo, POV 30 minute video. This video includes taboo fantasy, dirty talk, age regression, female masturbation, dildo fucking and more!
Watch as I rub my pussy for you while I tell you to stroke your cock for me… I make myself cum for you Daddy, but I want more. I tell you to come closer and bury your face in my pussy… “Please lick my pussy Daddy!”, I say it over and over again, until I cum for you again. Now I want even more Daddy, I want your cock inside me… I beg you to “Please put your cock in my pussy Daddy, please fuck me!” You start to thrust your cock in and out of my pussy fucking me until I cum! It feels so good Daddy!!!

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Daddy, I’m SO Hungry

Daddy, I’m SO hungry, there’s nothing in this house to eat! I’m starving. You have to go grocery shopping. Ugh, I just need something – anything! – to put in my mouth… Hm? I guess cum has some protein in it and stuff,… hehe
Okay Daddy, feed me with your cum! Fill my tummy up with that big load you’ve got for me. I can tell- your balls are so swollen and big. I’m going to have to deep throat your stiff cock to satisfy my cravings right now. Then we can go to the store and I’ll get to pick out whatever I want, right Daddy?

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Daughter Wants To Find A Boy Like Daddy

Red head Step Daughter Tana Lea strolls in to find her Step Father lounging on the couch. The boys at school have been making fun of her because of all her tattoos and punk rock attitude. While her Mommy is out of the house, Tana Lea wants to have a man make her feel good. The slutty red head seduces her Step Dad by telling him how she wants to find a man just like him. She then flashes her big tits at him and soon enough has her tight shaved pussy stuffed with her step daddy’s dick. Tana Lea loves to say “fuck me daddy” while her step father pounds her. Nothing will stop this horny young slut. Even when her Mother calls during sex almost getting the family caught. Tana continues to suck off her step dad until she drains his balls of cum. like it.

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FamilyTherapy – Seducing Daddy

Daddy, you’re blushing. Don’t act like you don’t know what I want… I see how you look at me ever since Mom’s been gone. And I know I look just like her when she was young… I want to do what she did for you Daddy. I want to make you feel good again….

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Daddy You’re Dickstracting

Hi Daddy, I’m studying for something really important tomorrow, can you wait a bit? Daddy my studies are really important if you want me to pass. Ok fine let me do something to help you out for a bit so I can study. Your cock is so hard, no wonder you couldn’t wait. The way you swell in my mouth really turns me on Daddy, I can’t wait til later. Thats it daddy cum all over your daughters face and fill my mouth too. Ok Daddy I’ll see you in a few hours when I’m done studying, you’ve got me soo horny now!!

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Daughter tricks Daddy to fuck her

NEW Actors Nadya Nabakova and Brandon Ashton, daughter tricks daddy to fuck her, creampie

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Daddy, I Only Want You

Daddy, I caught you! I knew you wanted to play with me… Daddy, don’t lie, I know those are my panties. It’s okay Daddy, we’ll keep it a secret. I won’t tell your girlfriend or Mom, I promise… See Daddy, I knew you’d like it. I’ve thought about this for so long… But Daddy, I don’t want a boyfriend, I only want you….

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Daddy Creampies the Bride

Can you believe I’m all grown up and getting married today Daddy? Are you ready to walk me down the aisle? To let go of your little girl so she can be with another man forever? I’m not sure that I’m ready for it Daddy. I do love him, but I’m not so sure I want him to be the father of my . I don’t think any man will ever compare to you. So, I was thinking Daddy, that maybe you could give me one last thing before you give me away. I want you fuck me and cum in me Daddy. When I walk down the aisle with you I want to feel your cum dripping out me and filling my panties. I want you impregnate me.
Will you do this for me Daddy? Will you give your little girl a creampie on her wedding day?

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Mommie Found My Selfies And Kicked Daddy Out

Dear Diary,

I feel so bad for Daddy it drives me crazy. A few nights after I raved him on the couch mommie was looking at pictures with me and one popped up. Next thing I knew she was screaming at me while throwing Daddy out. She threatened Daddy with legal action if I went with him so I stayed put.
A week or so later I went to see dads new place. When I walked in I could tell he was upset so I decided to cheer him up the only way I knew how. I unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock in a flash. Daddy was so hard it wasn’t long before I had him inside me. I rode Daddy for a bit then he took the lead and pounded my pussy proper. He made me cum so hard he lost control and came inside me. If I get pregnant mommie will destroy us both.

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Katrina Satisfies Daddy

Katrina Jade over slept when daddy comes in and sees her napping. Not happy that she hasn’t done her chores she decides to make daddy happy with her mouth and slutty pussy, Katrina Jade won’t listen no matter what her dad does. She keeps getting new tattoos even after her Mom go so upset she walks out. Since there is a new man taking care of her now she got a special tattoo just for him. Right above her pussy. Katrina is certain she can please a cock better than her mom ever could and decides she is going to take on all of her responsibilities. Including using her big natural tits to drain the cum from the man of the houses dick.

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