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My Dad Likes My Bush

Hey dad! What’s up?
Oh hey sweetie, I’m just reading. What are you doing?
That book is so old!! Come on, let’s go do something fun!
Like what? Do you want to go to the movies or something?
Umm.. I don’t know, I was thinking of something like what we did last night…
Sweetie, I keep telling you, we can’t do this…
But why not? I don’t see what the big deal is!
Because it’s just wrong, you exposed yourself to me last night and I told you that was enough.
Well I want you to know that I saw your browser history
You saw my what??
Your history on your laptop, I saw all those naughty websites you were on.. I know that you’re into girls with bushes.. and I want to show you mine!
You’re not supposed to be doing that!
Too late, I already saw.. Just take a quick peek! Look at my bush! It’s not that serious, I know mom has a bush too..
No I shouldn’t be doing this… How did it take you to grow that out?
Not long, a few weeks.. Do you like it dad?
I do… But your mother can never find out about this!
The past few days with my daughter have been strange.. First she tries to get in the shower with me, and the next day she’s pulling her pants down to show me her bush! I must have left my laptop open and she snooped around my browser history and found all of the porn I’ve watched.. I do admit to having a thing for a woman with a thick bush above her crotch. And when my daughter showed me hers, I couldn’t look away. She grew it out just for me to enjoy! I rub my throbbing cock through her pubic hair and give my daughter exactly what she wants and cum right on her womanly mane!

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“Dad.. Did You Really Just Ask Me That?!”

“Hey sweetie…. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you!”
“Oh! lol no worries, let me put on some pants..”
“No that’s ok, you used to run around here all the time with no pants on! You don’t have to hide anything from me.”
“Yeah well I’ve grown up a bit since then dad haha”
“I can tell, you’ve definitely grown into a beautiful woman.. How is school going for you?”
“All of my classes are great and everything, but honestly it’s so hard to make money to buy new books for school. You and mom have done so much for me already, I hate asking you guys for more money…
“Well what if I give you some cash to help with buying books, and….you maybe do something for your old man?
“Like what dad?”
“Well….this is something that if I ask you, it needs to stay between you and me. Your mother can never find out…understood?”
“Ok, of course dad….you know I love you and would never betray your trust. What did you want to ask me?”
“Well….I would be willing to help you out with some extra cash, if you….were to show me some skin.”
“…. You mean take my shirt off?! C’mon isn’t that a little weird?”
“If you need the cash does it matter? I’ll give you some more if you pull those panties to the side”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes hun, come over here and put those pretty lips around me… This can’t be the first time you’ve given a blow job”
“No it’s not, college can get pretty wild sometimes.. Am I doing a good job?”
“You’re doing great, but I want feel it inside of you! It can be real quick… Here’s some more money.”
“But what if mom comes home!? She can’t know about this!”
“Don’t worry, she won’t be home for a while…”
Watch my daughter do unthinkable things with her father when the cost of school becomes too much. She’s more than willing to help him out for some extra cash, and she does a great job showing off her skills! Kimber takes her dad’s raging hard on like a champ and sucks him off until he explodes all over her innocent face!!

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I Thought We Shared a Moment Dad

Hunny…what are you doing? Is that mom’s robe?
Yeah you said you only want to be with mom, so I thought this would help you think of her…
No honey, this isn’t right! I told you the other day, we can’t do this!
Dad…yes we can. I thought we shared a moment together?
That was an accident, I wasn’t in my right mind…
Come on dad, I can’t stop thinking about you… Since that night I’ve been wanting you so bad. Last night I was touching myself to the thought of you inside of me.
Sweetie this is so wrong, but I can’t stop thinking about you either. Fuck…. I am so hard for you right now!
Dad…is it okay if I feel you through your shorts?
Your mother can walk in at any time! We have to be quiet if we’re really doing this…
One more thing dad, I want to fuck you in the bed you share with mom…
Watch as I lead my daughter into my wife’s and my bedroom, and let go of my carnal desires to feel every inch of her soft young body….until I explode my fatherly load deep inside her pussy!

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Don`t Ground Me Just Love Me Dad

I bet you`re wondering why I`m getting cummed on by my stepfather. It all started when I asked for some help. You?d be surprised how far a needy stepdaughter will go to get what she wants…

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Fucking With Brother While Dad In Next Room

Is this your phone??
Yeah why do you have it?
I found it… But I saw something pretty weird
You went through my phone?! Not cool!
There’s pictures of me in the shower!!
It’s not like we’re fully related anyway, what’s the big deal if I see you naked?
I don’t want you to have my nudes on your phone! I’m deleting all of these pictures… And I’m going to tell your dad about this!
C’mon don’t do that! You know he’ll be pissed at me.. Plus you are super hot..
Oh yeah? Maybe we can work something out…Watch as my hot step sister teases me and strips down to her bare ass! She makes me look at her pretty pussy lips as my punishment for taking pictures of her while she was in the shower. I beg her to not tell my dad and that I’m sorry! But once she noticed me growing beneath my shorts, she couldn’t keep her hands off! My step sister sucks me off so good and fucks me until I shoot my load all over her face!

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Dad Busts Daughter Webcam Side Hustle

She scratches and rubs the thigh. a new level of intimacy.. then she strokes the belly and grabs his balls… not yet touching the penis. Daughter wants it, but she wants to be conquered.. it’s a taboo after all, you don’t want to appear too into your Brother. She is hesitant but opens her legs as Father hand explores her tender lips. Then she rubs her firm ass cheek against his Penis. Is that allowed, Daughter? And why is her nipple getting so hard from this? Sssshhhh.. don’t talk… don’t say a word… it’s coming closer… genitals touch now. Oh yes, they touch, it’s hot.. so hot. Daughter is a whole woman, she just had her period and feels so horny after not having a penis inside for so long…

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Don’t Tell Dad Our Little Secret

As they are planning a school project… Son comes home and he likes the look of his Mom’s co worker… He gives his Mom a big kiss and they proceed to show this hot MILF the way a Mom and Son like to fuck….

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Fuck You Dad

Its Molly:) So… my family is completely falling apart again. MY DAD IS A TOTAL SCUMBAG NOW!!! Ever since he got laid-off all he does is lay around the house naked and get drunk. Mom left 2 months ago, so its just me and my loser brother, who’s barely ever home anyway. My Dad won’t stop drinking and he’s not even looking for a new job. And he even stole a pair of panties from my best friend Esmi when we had a sleepover the other night. Esmi and I decided to show my Dad who’s in charge, so we went in his room and started jerking and sucking his nasty old cock. But this was punishment, we SMACKED HIS BALLS AND GOT HIM RIGHT TO THE EDGE OF CUMMING — THEN STOPPED!!! He was way too drunk to stop us. We were determined to humiliate and ruin my Dad for good… My Dad is such a perv!! I know he gets drunk and jerks off and probably imagines fucking both of us. Well we made him fuck us but, I’m sure he didn’t imagine this! We humiliated my drunk pathetic Dad by telling him how worthless he was, and the whole time he was begging for us to let him cum. BUT WE DIDN’T LET HIM!!! We got him right to the edge over and over, then slapped and squeezed his worthless cock and balls. Finally we let him cum and my best friend Esmi totally ruined his orgasm by squeezing out every last drop of cum until he cried. That’s what perverts like him deserve. FUCK YOU DAD!!!

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Backstage Ass For Dad

Daddy and I got to the woodshed a bit early for Gapetoberfest last year. Once we had the banner set up I figured we might have time to sneak in a quickie. Daddy was worried someone would see us but I was so howny I didn’t care. I started sucking his cock on the couch and Daddy soon forgot about where we were. I rode his cock for a few minutes then he took me from behind. Just as Daddy was about to cum we heard someone coming so he exploded inside me to minimize the mess. I hope nobody was recording that!!

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Dad is Waiting

Mom? Are you ready?… Mom, you’re not even dressed yet. Dad is ready to go, he told me to come up and check on you… Mom, seriously, we don’t have time for that. Dad is right downstairs… I mean it, you really need to hurry up… Alright Mom, but we have to be quiet….

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