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Cum for Mom

I’ve grown tired of sex with my husband, the same old boring missionary sex, no foreplay, no excitement I need to have exciting sex with someone soon otherwise I’ll go crazy. When he goes away for a weekend with work its my opportunity to find someone to pleasure me but I didn’t think this would be my Step-Son!

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Brothers New Cum Slut

I covered for my sister the other night while she snuck out to go fuck her boyfriend. I did not think it was a big deal until I came home and found her handcuffed in my bed and wearing pantyhose and a tank top. WTF are you doing? You want to reward me? Really, sis it was not a big deal. You like my handcuffs? Make me your dirty slut my sister says, alright, I grabbed her head and shoved my cock in her mouth and she licked my balls while I ripped her pantyhose off. I fucked her and bent her big ass over and licked her pussy and then I fucked her wet cunt doggystyle until I gave her a facial. She said if I keep covering for her we can do this all the time. What a fucking cum slut!

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My Son`s cum!

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Cum For Mommy – Mother`s romance

My sweet son! Sit down and talk to mom before you go to bed. I have an important sex ed conversion to have with you, honey. There’s no need to feel shy. You know you can always trust your mommy. Now, I’m going to ask you a personal question: have you ever masturbated before? No? Are you sure? Do you know how to masturbate? You can tell your mother the truth.

It’s very important that you learn how to satisfy yourself; otherwise, you might give in to one of those tempting girls at school. You know you have to remain a virgin until you’re married. It’s the right thing to do. But in order to avoid sin, you must touch and play with yourself until you explode – and you’ll have to do it every single night from now on.

Don’t worry. Mom will show you how to make your dickie have an orgasm. I can see from the bulge in your pants that you’re already swollen with lust. Take out your penis, son. Mom will give you a hand first, and then I’ll have you take over, under my guidance.

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Date Rape – Sister help Little Bro Cum

What happens when a stupid boy goes out on a Date with a Jerky Girl, and doesn’t let Her Jerk him Off? Well……let’s just say….Jerky Girl don’t take “no” for an answer!! Julia goes out on a Date with a boy. Dinner….Movie…..home to Her place….some French Kissing….everything a Girl has to endure to get what She’s after….and then….the stupid boy refuses to be Milked!!! This isn’t Julia’s first Rodeo. She immediately goes into “plan B”. Julia tells the boy that even though he doesn’t want to be Milked by a Girl…there’s no reason to cut the evening short….so She offers him a drink. The gullible Sucker agrees….and Julia goes to the kitchen to prepare the drinks. When they are about to sip their drinks….Julia distracts Her Date….and slips a “Roofie” into his !! According to plan….the stupid boy mumbles a few meaningless sentences, and . The next morning, Julia ties up the comatose victim….and prepares him for involuntary Milking. The boy wakes up as he is being tied down, and Julia says “Good Mornin’ Sunshine…..you are about to be Jerked-Off. We could have done this the easy way…but you forced me to do it the hard way…..prepare to be Jerked-Off by a Girl!!”. The boy struggles…but it is too late…far too late…..he is helpless as Jerky Girl Julia masturbates him to completion….FULL completion!! A Massive Cumblast is Forced from the boy against his will….at which point Julia wipes up the semen….and tells him that the Forced Milkings will continue….EVERY TEN MINUTES!!! OUCH!!! He should have just let Her do Her thing when She first wanted to. When will you boys ever learn?…….WE NEED TO JERK!!!!!

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Daddy Cum in my Mouth

Tiffany desperately wants a raise in her Allowance…but her Daddy is very clear that they cannot afford to give it to her. They are so tight on cash, that Dad is reading through a home repair book, to try and fix the Dryer by himself…because they cannot afford to hire a repairman. Tiffany, however, being a young girl…focused on her own needs….is unsympathetic to her Dad’s situation. Tiffany begs and pleads with her Dad for a large raise in Allowance. She offers to do the dishes……make Supper while Mom is at work….clean the house….Tiffany tries everything to convince her daddy to raise her Allowance. When nothing works….Tiffany gets desperate. She starts to remove her clothes as she says….”You’re a guy Daddy…right? I know what guys like. Tell you what….I’ll let you take a poke at me twice a week….in exchange for a $100 a week raise in my Allowance”. As She finishes the sentence….her panties have just come off. “Daddy…..do you have any idea what a girl my age tastes like?”. Dad looks at her sweet, young pussy….and snaps!!! He says “I bet it tastes just like honey!!”….and with that….Dad burries his head in Tiffany’s crotch and begins to eagerly lap at her beautiful young cunt!! Tiffany moans as her Dad gives her a good licking….and then Dad tells Tiffany to go for a ride on his hard cock. Tiffany rides her daddy’s cock and squeals with delight!! Dad turns her over and Fucks her hard from behind….before insisting on making her swallow it as part of the deal. Tiffany wants to cinch the deal…..so she sucks Dad until he fills her young mouth with sperm. dad gets out his wallet and gives Tiffany her “raised” Allowance!!! She is off to the Mall….

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Craving My Stepsons Cum

I was trying to make my stepmom happy by fixing the sink that my dad never did. She was so proud of me! I was really becoming the man around the house, and she recognized that. Besides giving me warm words of praise she also teased me and pleasured my cock with her mouth. I then started to fuck her MILF pussy until she moaned with the purest joy. She swallowed my cum again since she really missed the taste. What stepmommy wants stepmommy gets!

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Son cum in Mommy`s mouth

Your mother Melanie Hicks wants to prepare you for your first blow job. She wants to be sure you can last when you start having sex. She would hate for you to embarrass yourself so she is going to give you some hands on training. She knows how you like it sloppy with lots of popping sound because she has gone through your porn stash. She brings you close several times with her hands and mouth but you manage to hold out until mom is ready for you to cum in her mouth. She swallows and tells you how proud she is of you.

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Stepmom Stole My Cum

My stepmother is fucking crazy! She stole one of my used condoms out of the trash and funneled my cum into her pussy in an attempt to get pregnant. That is not cool at all. Good thing I caught her halfway into it. Hopefully that load was not the lucky one. She ended up sucking me off again and somehow mounting my cock. I guess if she was going to get pregnant I might as well get something worth my while out of this too. I came inside her mature pussy really nicely. She felt the warmth, and felt the confidence that she would soon be bearing our child.

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Mom Spit Cum In My Face

Dante’s Mom comes home from work to discover that Dante has not done the dishes. Mom becomes furious with her young Son….and she gets out the “Spanking Chair”! Dante is ordered to pull down his pants…..and assume the position……over his Mother’s Knee!!! Dante’s Mom gives him a very hard Over The Knee Bare-Handed Spanking….making him cry out in pain. When she has Beaten her Son’s bare bottom until it is a rosy red…..Dante’s Mom decides that his Punishment must be even more humiliating….so she tells him that she is going to suck him off….and spit his cum all over his face!!! Dante is absolutely horrified….and as his Mom begins to suck his cock….Dante tries everything he can not to get an erection!!! Unfortunately for Dante…..his Mother is a VERY skilled cock sucker….and his penis grows to full length inside his Mother’s mouth!!! Mom keeps threatening that….as soon as he ejaculates….he will receive a big, humiliating facial….so Dante tries as hard as he can not to cum…..but he didn’t stand a chance….his Mother sucks him all the way off!!! As promised, Dante’s Mom spits his sperm all over his face….completely humiliating her Son!!!

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