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Cum On My Yoga Pants Son

Imagine walking in on Jenna Preston doing Yoga in nothing but a pair of skin tight blue yoga pants. That’s exactly what happened to Eric! When he saw her firm round ass in those pants he got so turned on and had to give her sexy body the attention it deserves.
First he admires and worships her hot ass by caressing it and then proceeds to fuck her hot round asscheeks with her pants on and off. It gets to the point where he just can’t hold back any longer and he cums all over her sexy yoga pants.

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Christmas Cum Daddy/Daughter

Normally such a good girl, she’s been working herself up for so long, just edging herself to a wet and needy frenzy. She’s only too eager to pump the plastic penis deep inside her young pussy.
When Max shoves his thick erection in her face, she gobbles it like a good, little girl, licking and sucking, desperate to please her daddy. Compelled by his lust, Max manhandles the tiny girl,
sliding himself inside her juicy snatch, filling her up more than any of the boys she’s ever been with. Gasping and moaning, she cums, crying out for her daddy’s cock to fuck her harder, deeper,
to empty his cum in her hungry cunt. Who can disappoint their baby girl? Tossing his head back, he roars, his cock pulsing inside her, stretching her out even more and driving her wild. His
balls tighten and then dump a father-load of sperm into his little girl. What a heat warming scene! Christmas is all about family, after all.

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Cum for me Daddy

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Your Mom Swallows Your Cum

You walk into the living room and see your mom standing there. She asks you what’s wrong and you confide in her that your girlfriend will not swallow when she gives you a blow job. Your mom is upset at this and tells you she prefers to swallow. She likes the taste of cum and since she cares so much for you she decides to help you out. She calls you over and has you drop your pants to pull your cock out. She tells you that mommy is very impressed with your big cock before putting in her mouth. In your POV she slobs all over your throbbing hard cock and even takes some time to lick and suck on your big boy balls. This is followed with her pulling her tits put for you to look at. After some intense sucking and some hot dirty talk it isn’t too long before your mom gets a mouthful of your hot cum. She swallows with pure delight and even opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out to show you there is not one drop left behind. What a caring mom you have. She is so happy she could help out.

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Hot Czech seduces stepbrother and gets cum

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Cum back here Daddy

Daddy, where are you going? Come back here! Stop being so shy. I like it when you touch me daddy. Don’t make it so awkward. Just feel up your stepdaughter. Yeah, you know you like it daddy. Why don’t stick your finger in my pussy? While you’re at it how about you stuff it inside your step daughter? Now blow a huge drunk daddy load all over my face! MMMM thank you daddy!

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Cum Swallowing StepSister

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Pregnant? Father Shoots Cum Inside Daughter

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Your cum belongs to me Son!

Well there is something more for you to do to make your mommy forgive you! Now…my little baby….take off your pants!…I said…take off your pants! What now…??? Are you acting bashful ?!!! You wasn’t such a pussy with your sister! Well…it seems to me…I’m not so important to you any more!…What….I’m the only woman who you love!!!! That’s my good boy….let me feel you then…let me feel how big your love to me is! Come here baby……..yeah….that’s much better now….your swollen cock….my baby…now plays with mommy tits! You like this game…mommy knows!!! Fuck my tits son….make your cock rock hard for mommy’s wet pussy! …..I forgive you my baby…..but now….you have to make mommy cum like never before!…Right there…stick your hard dick baby inside me…..move that pretty ass of yours….circling with your cock inside mommy’s pussy and make me goading!!! Yes…..oh my God….you have such amazing cock my little baby.!!!…..And now your time son…I want you…your sweet cum……fuck mommy’s tits and explode your warm milk all over them!…Good boy….so the last thing…..remember my baby : YOUR CUM BELONGS ONLY TO YOUR MOM, SON!!!

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Your cum is only for your Mom

Did you planing to sneak out you told your mother doesn’t know! Son..you know the rules….you can have a dates..you can date when ever and who ever you want! But you warm cum always ..always belongs to your mom! So now..be a good boy and let mommy play with your cock! Mommy knows how much you love my feet and that’s how I’m going to make your shoot your sperm. What are you doing! Did you trying to push me away?! Don’t play with me that’s the rule! So you have only two choice! Or you give your mom what’s belongs to her sperm all over her feet.or you’ll be in big trouble young man! See..that’s my good boy! Just enjoy mommy’s foot job my sweetheart!

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