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Mom Popped My Cherry

I just got off the phone with my old friend…you remember her right? You used to play with her son when you were . Well she just gave me the best tip on how to get you to help out more around the house. You know what she said? She popped her son’s cherry. And now they have the closest relationship. He does everything she asks, he’s so attentive… She get’s all the hot sex she wants and he does everything she asks or else he doesn’t get any sweet mommy pussy. Are you still a virgin?
Clip Contains: A virtual sexual experience with your Hot Mom. She’ll do whatever it takes to make you her perfect son… including taking your v-card. Time for you to turn into a man… her man. **Virtual Blowjob. Virtual Fucking. Taboo. Mother/Son Fantasy. MILF.**

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Daddy Popped My Cherry

When Bentley’s Dad finds out that she is still a Virgin….he offers to lend a helping hand. Dad explains that when her Brother Jeffrey was her age….Mom showed him the ropes….so, it would be only fitting that he initiate Bentley.
Bentley agrees to let her Dad deflower her….and she takes her clothes off. dad starts by paying close attention to Bentley’s HUGE natural breasts. Dad sucks on them and gently licks the nipples. Dad proceeds to be the first person to lick Bentley’s tight pussy…and when Bentley inquires about cock sucking….Dad shows her a cool way to do both at the same time…..69!!! After a good round of 69…Bentley gets impatient…and wants to move on to the main event. As Dad enters her Pussy….Bentley high-fives her Dad to celebrate the Popping of Her Cherry!!! dad gives Bentley a good fucking…and then….as per her request….he lets her taste his semen. Bentley loves her first time….and immediately calls her Brother Jeffrey in to have a poke at her too!!!

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My sister Cherry is a total slut

My sister Cherry is a total slut, I know she’s banging half the football team. But for some reason she freaks out whenever I hit on her. I don’t get it, I’m a good looking guy, I know we’re related but so what? She’s on birth control, and we don’t have to tell anybody… I decided I had enough of her turning me down and calling me a pervert. I would make sure she couldn’t say no… I acquired a golden necklace from an old gypsy woman who lives on the outskirts of town. She told me it was cursed but I didn’t stick around to listen to her jibber jabber about some stupid curse. All I cared a bout was trying it out on my sister. I ran back home and put it around her neck, Cherry was just laughing at me and then in an instant she was changed! She became a mindless, obedient, sex slave, willing to do whatever I told her

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Duration: 00:12:28
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Mandy Mitchell, Cherry Torn & Kitty Kaiti

Video: mp4
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Resolution: 960×544
Duration: 00:50:05

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