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Daddy Busted Me

The other day I was smoking in the house again and fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I knew Daddy was spanking me on the ass. I tried to blame my sisters but it was no use and Daddy was
pretty mad. luckily I know just how to calm him down. I let him spank me a few more times then started sucking his cock. Daddy turned me around and started fucking me pretty hard, i love it when he punishes me like this. Anyway Daddy made me cum so hard he had no choice but to cum in me and then he crashed on the couch.

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Nasty Taboo Comic

Busty Mom fucking with little boy like a big slut that she is! She love his dick but she doesn’t want to get pregnant, so she screems –  “Pull it out! Quickly! You can’t cum inside me!!!” Great nasty comic with mature bitches and little boy.

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My brother busted me – but i sleep out

I was so ashamed when Billy find my porn folder on computer. So i have to do something to stop him to tell my mommy. I suck his dick dry and make him to fuck my brain out. I give him my little pussy to fuck it deep and hard…..he hurt my pussy a little bit but i have to take the pain to make him not tell my mommy.
I try his sperm at the end. Little salty but it was not that bad….Maybe i continue to fuck with my sexy brother 🙂

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