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You’re Busted Now Fuck Me!

What do you do when you catch your brother masturbating to the nude pics you took on your phone?
My boyfriend was out of town so I took sexy pics with my phone to tease him with. When I came back from lunch with my friend, I found my brother Johnny on my bed jerking his cock to MY PICS! “What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted. He just looked at me dumbfounded with his big dick in his hand. I had no idea my brother’s cock was that big and I just could help myself… I just had to know how much I could get in my mouth.
Sure I have a boyfriend and yes I know what I’m thinking is wrong but let’s face it… I’m a slut. So of course sucking Johnny wasn’t enough, I had to have him inside me. He puts the head of his dick between my pussy lips and OMG its soooo thick but feels so good… FUCK HE’S GOT A BIG COCK! Johnny isn’t as inexperienced as I thought and fucks pretty well.
He does doggy really good and smacks my ass red as he pounds my tight little pussy. We had to hurry before our parents came home so I rolled over and Johnny shot load after load all from my pussy to my boobs. I told him the next time he wants to see me nude, let’s fuck 🙂

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Daddy Busted Me!

Dear Diary,

Now that school is out there have been so many great parties going on all summer long and of course every young girl wants to party with her friends & cute boys! Well earlier today this boy ive been crushing on for years now invited me out to his summer house party. He said there’d be all kinds of fun stuff going on if you know what I mean. While I was there things got pretty intense! People were dancing, drinking, all kinds of stuff and when everyone started crashing at the end of the night I figured I would head back home to crash in my own bed. Well Diary when I got home I thought I was in the clear. I safely made it into the house without waking daddy. Phew. Go me is all I could think as I fell flat onto my bed still in my outfit! Then daddy walked in. Fuck! I knew I was busted! I knew I was about to get in so much trouble! Grounded for life with my luck. Daddy started spanking me trying to punish me but I was still tipsy so with each impact of his palm on my ass I’d let out a giggle or a moan. Before I knew it my hormones had taken over and I convinced daddy to let me suck his cock. Holy fuck! I was sucking his cock working it with my wet mouth and then next thing I knew I was fucking his cock with my warm pussy! Daddy was behind me fucking my brains out when I came so hard on his cock I flopped over. Apparently I’m not the only person who came though! Daddy said he came inside me! Even though I thought it was super hot he shot his warm load on me im not on the pill!

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Daddy Busted Me

The other day I was smoking in the house again and fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I knew Daddy was spanking me on the ass. I tried to blame my sisters but it was no use and Daddy was
pretty mad. luckily I know just how to calm him down. I let him spank me a few more times then started sucking his cock. Daddy turned me around and started fucking me pretty hard, i love it when he punishes me like this. Anyway Daddy made me cum so hard he had no choice but to cum in me and then he crashed on the couch.

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Nasty Taboo Comic

Busty Mom fucking with little boy like a big slut that she is! She love his dick but she doesn’t want to get pregnant, so she screems –  “Pull it out! Quickly! You can’t cum inside me!!!” Great nasty comic with mature bitches and little boy.

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My brother busted me – but i sleep out

I was so ashamed when Billy find my porn folder on computer. So i have to do something to stop him to tell my mommy. I suck his dick dry and make him to fuck my brain out. I give him my little pussy to fuck it deep and hard…..he hurt my pussy a little bit but i have to take the pain to make him not tell my mommy.
I try his sperm at the end. Little salty but it was not that bad….Maybe i continue to fuck with my sexy brother 🙂

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