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Sister competitive escorts her girlfriend for Brother

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My Sister Cuckolding Brother

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Brother in law sex

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Stuck Sister Creampied by Brother

So I’m broke. My friends want me to come out with them tonight, but I can’t afford it, I don’t have a dime to my name. “Look around your house” they say, “try down the back of the couch.” Yeah right, like that’s going to work. I mean, who even carries cash on them these days? Okay, fine, I’ll try down the back of the couch. As I begin to dig my hands beneath the cushions, I feel a strange source of energy grip me. Something has hold of my wrist and will not let go. I struggle and plead, my short demin mini skirt riding up over my ass and revealing my pantiless pussy. I squirm and wriggle, and then use my free hand to try and release my stuck arm. It is no good. Whatever has gotten into this couch has got a grip on me, and it is not letting go. So here I am, on my hands and knees, my naked pussy and ass peaking out from below my short mini skirt. My wrists are firmly secure and there is no way I can get free. I beg to be released. I plead and whimper, “Is there anyone home? Please, can somone help me?” Suddenly, you appear. My big brother has come to my rescue. My hero. Except, that’s not quite right is it big brother? You have not come to save me. Instead, you have come to capitalise on the situation I find myself in. Stuck and exposed, there is little I can do to deter your advances. At first you feign help, pulling on my legs to make sure I am truly stuck and at your disposal. Then, once you are convinced I am imobilised, you spread my lips and enter me. You fuck me hard and fast, using me like your little fuck toy. I plead and beg, but you do not listen. Instead, you explode inside of me. You fill your younger sister full of your cum, then watch as your seed bubbles and spurts out of me. You leave me, still stuck in the couch, with your hot spunk dribbling down my inner thigh. I’m still here, trapped, ready to be used by whomever wants me.

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Sister Sasha and Brother Johnny Try Anal

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Fuck Your Brother Before He Leaves

Roxanne’s Dad and brother come into her room. Her Dad tells her that she needs to let her brother practice sex with her before he leaves for college.

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Ooh Brother…

Whoa you scared me walking in like that, were you watching me in the shower? Thats funny your hard cock tells a different story bro. You want me to suck it don’t you? Well we don’t spend enough bonding time together anymore so I’ll make this really special. Mmm I just love running my lips across your shaft and making you twitch. Your cock goes al the way to the back of my throat and fills my mouth so well. You’re so hard it’s time for you to cum all over your sisters pretty face. Ooh brother, we need to spend more time together, come to my room later!!

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Brother and StepSister Fucking In The Jacuzzi

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How I Fucked My Brother

Dear Diary

A few years back my gold digging mom married this rich guy and adopted his son. Mom did good at getting some of his money but not the entire fortune and for some reason I was never put in the will. Recently he wound up in the hospital and when his rich prick of a son found out he rubbed his fortune in my face. It upset me so bad I devised a plan to get the entire fortune for myself and it worked out great.

That night my step-brother did a bit too much celebrating so I snuck in his room and tied him to the bed. When he realized what was going on he tried to protest so I gagged him with a pair of my pantyhose and told him what was coming. I pulled down his pants and sucked his cock for a bit then climbed on top and started riding it. The taboo of screwing my step-brother turned me on immensely and made me cum several times. My step-brother tried to resist giving me what I wanted, his hot load in my pussy, but the loser couldn’t hold out long enough.After he shot his load in me I blackmailed him into silence with threats of calling the cops, stupid bastard believed me too.

Dear Diary

The next night I crept into my brothers room and tied him down again. I taunted him for being such a loser and teased him with my big tits. This time when I pulled down his shorts he was already kind of hard so the taboo must have turned him on too. I sucked his cock til it was rock hard then slid it in my dripping wet pussy. I rode his cock slowly and teased him even more so he would give me another massive load. I turned around and rode his cock hard so he could watch my hot ass bouncing and soon he blew another load in my pussy.

Dear Diary

Today was my most fertile day so I have a really good feeling about my plan. This time after I tied my brother down he seemed to be really enjoying the thought of his sister because he was rock hard. I couldn’t help myself and had to suck his cock which really got me going. Within minutes I had to get his cock in my wet pussy. His cock felt much harder than it ever had before and soon he was blowing another huge load in my pussy. He came soo much it even leaked back out a bit. I’m sure tonight did the trick.

Dear Diary

My plan worked perfectly it seems since I’m 7 months pregnant and with a DNA test I was able to take my brother for every penny his dad left him. Who’s laughing now loser?

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Sibling Secret my Sister

I’m just hanging out in the living room watching TV when my sister comes in the room in a bikini! I had no idea she was even here. She came running up and hugged me and asked if I wanted to go swimming, but seeing her in that bikini… I had to go in my room for a little bit and just get myself off. I couldn’t believe how hard I got just from seeing her in a bikini. In the middle of me jacking off, she bursts into my room!! She knows.. she knows I fantasize about her. I can’t believe how nonjudgmental she is about the whole thing. I also can’t believe what happened next..

After the other day with my sister, we’ve had this kind of.. “relationship” going on. As soon as my Dad left the house, I ran into the other room to tell Astrid he was gone. She knew exactly what I meant by that. Now that our secret about each other is out, we can keep fooling around together. If I knew my sister was into me like this, I would’ve said something.

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