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I Want To Keep Fucking My Brother!

I’ve been around some fucked up families, but no one can compare to mine. Mom has been fucking around with dudes other than my father. I can tell it’s starting to bother him, the more she goes out to see her “friends” the more he drinks. Today he made himself a drink the second he walked thru the door. But my dad is no saint himself. That’s right, I’ve caught him more than a handful of times coming home at 5am stinking like cigarettes and cheap perfume. I would never tell my mom that he’s been motor-boating strippers all night!!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this family, that’s for sure. My younger sister is kind of a slut and bounces around from guy to guy, similar to our mom. But sis is constantly in and out of relationships. She’s even tried to date a few of my friends, and they all say she’s a freak! Well, not too long ago, I got to find out if that’s true for myself…

I’m not perfect in any way either, just like my dad, I seem to only want what I can’t have. Growing up, I’ve always been more into my hot teachers than any of the girls in my classes. What can I say, smart women who know what they want is a turn on for me! But now that I’m grown and able to get almost any girl I want, I can’t seem to shake the thought of my sister going down on me!

I find my sister sitting outside smoking a cigarette, and warn her that dad just got home and she needs to put that cancer stick out before he sees! Aubrey doesn’t give a though, that’s something I’ve always admired about her. On the outside, she seems so innocent and put together, but I know the type of girl she really is..

After sitting in the backyard for a while, she starts flashing her tits and jerking me off. The thought of our dad catching us only made me more horny. I need to be inside my young sisters wet pussy. We sneak into her room and start going at it, I thrust my big cock in and out of her until she swallows my big load! It won’t be long before I’m back looking for more naughty fun with sis!

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Brother Sister Tinder Date Creampie

When you check your Tinder you are surprised to see a familiar, cute, little eighteen year old face smiling back at you. Could it be? Is that really your sister on Tinder? Surely it is a fake. You thought your sister was a virgin, but here she is declaring that she is DTF and wants the D right now. It must be a catfish profile. You figure you will swipe right, just to prove yourself right. You are a match! Holy . What now. You exchange messages, it is your sister, and she wants you to treat her like a princess before fucking her real good!

Your eighteen year old little sister, Tammie Madison, is coming of age and turning heads. She has a wicked sexual streak and she is not afraid to let you know. From the minute the two of you match on Tinder, that is it, she is sure that she is going to get hers. She is delighted to have finally found someone who she knows will know how to treat her right.

It does not take long before you and your sister are naked in her room. She takes out your cock and starts to suck you deep. She licks and sucks your balls whilst she looks you in the eye. Her drool spills down your shaft as she talks dirty to you, telling you how badly she wants you inside of her. The next thing you know she is on top of you riding you hard and fast. Looking over her shoulder and screaming that she is a dirty fucking slut. She comes hard from your cock and begs you to keep going until you finish inside of her. She is delighted when you explode and she can spring off of your dick knowing that she is full of your seed.

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Blowing my Brother

Your younger sister doesn’t care anymore, she just can’t fight her urges any longer. She wants you, and she is going to take you. Tammie Madison, is your sultry younger sister, who longs for your cock and will suck you dry, making you explode in her young little mouth.

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Sister Gives Brother Sensual Oral

I’m about to leave for college and everyone is wanting a piece of my time before I go. I feel drained and I haven’t even got a chance to cope with the idea that I am leaving the only home I’ve ever known. I was looking forward to having a Friday night at home alone. I walked in the door and called for them, “Mom… Jill?.. Anyone home?” The house was so quiet, I stepped out in the patio, it was warm outside, peaceful, so I brought my jerk-pad out of my backpack. The hot sun on my shoulders was periodically cooled by a September breeze trying to push the Summer into Autumn, and it made my pressures feel trivial. The seasons were changing whether or not I was ready for it, maybe I ought to just go with the flow like the seasons. I sat down and pulled up one of my favorite porns, the perfect mind diversion, and I relaxed and stroked my cock.
I didn’t realize that my sister had come home when I was stroking. I thought I hid myself before she slid open the patio door, “hey, Chad,” she said in her sweet sing-songy voice. My sister seems sweet, but she has a manipulative side. She’s daddy’s little girl and she’s had him wrapped around her finger forever, the chump. She’s beautiful, she’ll climb into his lap, tell him she loves him, and she gets whatever she wants. She tells me she wants to see what I was watching on my iPad, and I try to brush her off, then she tells me she knew I was watching porn!

I’ve been busted, I admit it, “I was watching porn,” and I try to tell her that I thought no one was home. She mentions that she knew my habit of watching porn on the “communal patio,” and, “that’s gross, Chad.” She starts to snap pictures of me with my pants at my ankles, a blanket covering my softening erection, and then she grabs the blanket and tries to take a picture of my dick! I try to take her phone away, and she tells me “STOP! The pictures are loaded into Facepage and all she needs to do to post them is tap the screen.” I fall backward in a panic. I try to tell her how wrong this is, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She puts on her sweet little voice, the same one when she calls for “daddy” when she wants something, it makes my dick twitch. “All I want to do is watch a porn with you, Dad put the parental lock on my computer and I can’t even shop for underwear online.”

Ok, this is weird, but ok, I can watch porn with my sister. What’s the big deal? I push the play button and I watch her breathing slow, she’s relaxing, she’s focused. She has questions. She wants to see a real penis, in person. She gives me ‘that little girl look” again, and her lower lip pouts, “Can I please see your penis, Chad?”

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Little Sis Loses Anal Virginity To Her Brother!

Here’s Soleil Saunders. She’s a petite, girl next door type cutie that does a lot of incest themed stuff. Pretty sure this is her first anal, but if not I’m sure one of the porn detectives here will let me know. Scene starts with Soleil attempting to stick a dildo up her tiny asshole, but it won’t fit. In comes brother to “help” her with a lesson in anal… She masturbates for him and he licks her pussy. She sucks and deepthroats his cock.
He fucks her pussy in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggy. Anal with some “painal” starts with her on her back. She’s also ass fucked in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and spoon and takes it much better. He blasts her face with a nice sized load to end the scene.

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My Brother never fucks me like this

Marley has the house all to herself. Shes horny as hell and looking for something a little more exciting than what her Brother can give her. After getting online she finds a promising candidate with a nice big cock that shes aching for. She invites him over and in no time he is pummeling her pussy with all the depth and power and speed shes been needing . Multiple positions and orgasms later they both collapse exhausted and spent , Marley was rewarded with two loads of cum before she makes him leave out the back door when her Brother comes home unexpectedly .

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Uncontrollable Appetite for Her Brother

Lily and her brother stay at a hotel for the night. Unfortunately, Lucas messed up when he made the reservation, and there’s only one bed. Forced to sleep next to each other, Lily’s desire for her brother surfaces and she can no longer keep her hands to herself, seeing her brother’s muscular body so close to hers.
Lily comes in the living room to find Lucas on the phone with his girlfriend. Completely unconcerned with the fact that he’s talking to her, she begins undressing in front of him, explaining their parents aren’t home. As he struggles through the rest of his conversation with her, Lily is groping his now hard cock, so he rushes off the phone. He doesn’t need a girlfriend anymore.

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Brother uses his tiny little sister

An older Brother uses his tiny little sister whenever he wants….

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Fucking With Brother While Dad In Next Room

Is this your phone??
Yeah why do you have it?
I found it… But I saw something pretty weird
You went through my phone?! Not cool!
There’s pictures of me in the shower!!
It’s not like we’re fully related anyway, what’s the big deal if I see you naked?
I don’t want you to have my nudes on your phone! I’m deleting all of these pictures… And I’m going to tell your dad about this!
C’mon don’t do that! You know he’ll be pissed at me.. Plus you are super hot..
Oh yeah? Maybe we can work something out…Watch as my hot step sister teases me and strips down to her bare ass! She makes me look at her pretty pussy lips as my punishment for taking pictures of her while she was in the shower. I beg her to not tell my dad and that I’m sorry! But once she noticed me growing beneath my shorts, she couldn’t keep her hands off! My step sister sucks me off so good and fucks me until I shoot my load all over her face!

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Sister Rides and Blows Brother

After catching my sweet Brother flirting with some random guy, she tries to come on to me! Her own father! Clearly she did not have a clear mind at the time. I get her back in the house before her mother realizes she had disappeared in the first place. Then by complete mistake, I see my fully naked Brother in the shower. I watched for longer than a father should, but I couldn’t control myself. She’s grown so much and my attraction for her has become more intense. Watch as I finally get in bed with my little girl and have her grind on me until I shoot my load right down her throat!

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