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Massage By Brother Turns Into Hot Sex

Lucy’s back was kind of sore so she asked her brother to give her a body massage. he gladly agreed but he told Lucy he would have to be allowed to massage her in her “naughty” places, and though she put up a fight she eventually agreed once she realized how good it felt to be touched by her big brother.

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Taboo Game Night With Brother and Sisters

The cable is out at the Sullivan household, and Triplets Ashley, Summer & Lucas are left with nothing to do. Lucas, however, has a VERY mischievous idea…..He invites his two Sisters to play a new Board Game he got at Costco. It’s called “Taboo”. Ashley & Summer agree to play the Game…but what they don’t know is….Lucas has replaced all the original Game Cards….with cards that support his own twisted agenda…to have sex with his two Sisters!!!! The Girls are very competitive….according to Ashley….” I NEVER lose at board Games……” so despite the fact that the Game seems….”Odd….” the girls keep playing because they want to win!! Summer goes first and the card she draws says “Lick the Pussy of the player to your left”. Both Sisters are stunned of course…and they question Lucas about the “weirdness” of the Game…but their desire to win is too strong….so Ashley pulls down her pants….and Summer goes down on her….while Lucas watches with a sly grin on his face!! After Ashley actually cums from her Sister’s tongue…she puts her pants back on…and it’s her turn to roll the dice. Ashley’s card says “Suck the cock of the player to your left…”. Lucas, of course is to Ashley’s left….and Ashley is faced with a predicament…..suck her Brother’s cock…or lose the Game. Her competitive streak is too strong…Ashley pulls down her Brother’s pants and begins to suck. To her horror, however….Lucas cums in her mouth without warning!!! Ashley is disgusted by the sticky surprise….but the Game continues!! Lucas rolls the dice…and right on cue….he gets the “Mega Fuckfest Card”…which he explains to his Sisters….”It means I have to Fuck everybody at the table…but I lose the Game”. The Sisters high five each other….HOORAY!!! Lucas loses!!! That means they win!! The girls remove their clothes and let their Brother Poke both of them….culminating with a Cumblast that soaks the tits of both Sisters!! The girls clean their sticky bodies….and leave. Lucas scrambles to put the proper cards back in the Game box before Mom gets home. With a big smile on his face……

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“I’m soooo Drunk, Little Brother – Massage my feet…”

Katie is coming home from the club in the middle of the night, and she stumbles into her brothers bedroom, and almost . She is tired, hungry, horny, and her feet are hurting from dancing all night! She tells her brother that she was dancing on the tables, and no one even bought her a drink!!!! Her brother tells her how pretty she is, and agrees to take her heels off and massage her tired feet. And then her legs. And then his hands go a little higher. Katie is still drunk and giggly, so she plays along for a little bit – trying to tell him that maybe he’s a little too high up on the legs…. All of a sudden, Katie feels something slipping in between her legs – pretty much exactly what she had been looking for at the club all night. A BIG COCK!!! Except this was her brothers cock! Oh, well….. a Cock is a Cock, right?

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Duration: 00:13:05
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My Brother is the Father

JC and her brother are home alone watching TV and fighting over the remote. Her brother gets the upper hand by tickling JC and next thing you know they are rolling around on the floor. He tickles her into submission then decides to really fuck with her and sticks his cock in her mouth. At first JC is appalled but the taboo desires shes had for years soon take over. JC begins sucking his cock harder and harder then invites him to continue their fun in her bedroom. He follows her to the room and has her lie on the bed so he can lick and nibble her wet pussy. The siblings are so turned on by now things get really hot as JC begs him to fuck her. Her Bro pounds her pussy missionary position for a bit then rolls her on her side for deeper penetration. JC cums hard a few times then begs him to fuck her harder Doggystyle. After JC has a few more orgasms he flips her on her back and blows a huge load in her pussy. JC freaks out when she realizes he came inside her since shes not on the pill. Several months later JC is in her room rubbing her swollen belly, shes due in 2 months, and her brother comes in wanting some attention. JC’s cravings have gotten a bit intense, especially for salty things, so she licks, sucks and strokes his cock til hes ready to cum. She opens her mouth and takes a huge load from him all over her lips and face.

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Sweet Sindy Gets Caught Snooping by her brother and get raped!

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Duration: 00:04:56
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Mandy Flores – Brother Sister ‘Taboo Workout’

My boyfriend is not very bright and I only use him for boyfriend type benefits except sex and I fuck my brother any chance I get. My brother and I are just getting warmed up and he shows up. I make an excuse that Im just getting started on a training session with my brother (he’s a trainer) and to come back later. He insists on coming in but I make an excuse that Im all sweaty and I don’t want him to see me like that. He wont go away but the door is locked so I fuck my brother on the other side of the door and my boyfriend is completely fooled into thinking my brother is putting through a ‘pounding’ routine. Making excuses to all the moaning and panting, describing how my brother is working out my ass… working on squats, just pounding more weights on to really feel the burn…. oh god!!! Now Im working on my calves and the workout’s really hitting the right spots now, my brother’s really working me hard!!! Oh ! Now he’s working on my inner things and hamstrings, in and outs… pulls and pushes. My brother is really good, maybe you should have him personally train you sometime! hehe…Finally my brother explodes all over my chest and I say we are almost done, just need to get cleaned up real quick. We finally let you in and we look exhausted from the hard workout and my brother is holding me, massaging me from the beating he put me through. Especially my inner thighs, Im just too worn out and sore now babe. We’re just going to rest up so I’ll call you later, ok? Relieved I finally got rid of your distractions, I pounce in 69 with my brother to finish up what we started and go to town on his cock…

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Duration: 00:13:41
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Brother Fucks and Anally Penetrates Limp Sister

Poor Addie has been working hard on her term paper, but her brother (portrayed by Kevin Wang) offers to help her stay away and study hard by giving her some medicine. Unfortunately for Addie, the medicine he gave her was *not* the stimulant he promised, so she soon falls down as her eyes roll back into her head. Eyes closed and head slumped over, her whole body is propped up in bed, but Kevin soon is able to move her in any position he wants. Her arms fall lifelessly when dropped as she is not in control.
Naughty older brother may have planned this all along because he slowly undresses the limp Addie so that she lie on the the bed totally naked! He flops her arms and legs, dropping them to the bed and proving how sleepy she really is. He pulls her chin down to open her mouth and inserts his cock, slowly rubbing it against her lips and slapping it against her cheeks. She’s really out of it! Kevin kneels down beside her spread legs and opens the lips of her pussy so that he can slide inside her. Vigorously thrusting, he’s totally having sex with her limp, naked body. Throwing her on her stomach and moving her body as if her were a ragdoll, he takes her doggy style.
She is expressionless and quiet, but you can hear the pounding he gives to her! He’ll slap her ass, grabbing her and pulling her into him. But Kevin gets even more adventurous, getting some toys and lube, he’ll slowly insert a red butt plug, but she still doesn’t wake up! With her little toy still inside her, he goes back to slamming her from behind. She starts sliding down the bed through the sheer kinetic motion of him plowing her.
Deciding to get a little riskier, he slowly pulls out the smaller sized butt plug to prepare for the bigger, ribbed butt plug. It glides in where you can hear each of the ribs popping into place. Now with her asshole getting slowly warmed up, he’ll fuck her pussy while she lie there motionless. Flipping her over and dragging her across the bed, he’ll fuck her in all different positions and you can see the butt plug still in place. Watch her breasts bouncing as he thrusts deeply into her.
Suddenly, Addie starts coming to and she’s horrified to see him mounted on top of her, so he has to act quickly. Choking her out, she slowly loses breath and her eyes close back so that she’s totally out of it. He continues to bang her, stopping only for a moment to slide her limp body down the bed. He gets to take her however he likes her, and finally when it’s time to cum, he sprays his creamy, white load onto her face. He doesn’t want to get himself in trouble, so he carefully wipes away the evidence. Putting her clothes back on her, he rearranges her as if none of this ever happened. Sleepily she stretches alone in the room, not realizing that anything had happened, she realizes that her ass is her! Wait- what is that in your asshole, Addie?

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Cruel Sister Milk Repeatedly her Brother

Vanessa’s brother, Steven broke her PlayStation….and Vanessa takes things into her own hands! To punish her Brother….Vanessa sneaks into his room on Saturday Morning, and before he is able to wake up….She ties him down…..ties him down REALLY GOOD!! Steven waked up horrified to see his Sister beside him…with his arms and legs tied down. Vanessa tells him that because he broke something of hers….her PlayStation…that she is going to break something of his…..his cock!!! Vanessa plans to do this by Milking her Brother Repeatedly!!! Vanessa starts by Sucking-Off her Brother until he cums in her mouth. Steven thinks her punishment is “silly”….as he didn’t mind the Morning Blowjob…….unfortunately for him……he is headed for a world of hurt!!! Vanessareturns 20 minutes later…and Sucks him Off again!! This time, Steven isn’t amused at all…..he begs her to stop….but she continues until he cums in her mouth again!! Vanessa leaves to have Breakfast, and watch TV for a while…then she returns 2 hours later. This time, Vanessa forces her Brother’s cock to get hard again…then she climbs on top of him and Raips him Violently!! He begs and begs for her to get off of him…his cock has been Milked twice….it is sore……but Vanessa covers his mouth to silence his screams….and continues the Forced Intercourse until she makes him cum a third time!! Steven is thrashing, trying to break free….calling for their Mom to rescue him…but no help arrives. 20 minutes later, Vanessa returns to administer a FOURTH MILKING!!! VanessaJerks her Brother’s cock as he screams in agony….until she Forces a Painful Fourth Ejaculation with her hand!! Finally….after the 4th Forced Milking…..Mom tells Vanessa that she must stop….”that’s enough Vanessa….he’s sorry he broke your PlayStation….stop Milking your brother……”. Lucky thing for Steven that Mom intervened….Vanessa would have Milked him a Fifth time after lunch!!!

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Duration: 00:24:08
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Brother confession – Sis’ i want to fuck you!

Jeremy makes a startling confession to his baby Sister Jemma……He wants to Fuck her!!! According to Jeremy….seeing Jemma walk around the house in her “short shorts”…is becoming very distracting for him…and he can’t help but realize that she is SMOKING Hot!!! Jemma is surprised to learn that she has been having such an effect on her older Brother….and being the playful, free-spirit that she is….Jemma tells Jeremy that she has an idea for an interesting Bet. “If you win….I’ll let you Fuck me. If I win….you have to give me your car”. Jeremy accepts the Bet….because he wants to Fuck Jemma badly. Jemma suggests a Game of Battleship to settle the score. The two Siblings play a spirited Game of Battleship…but eventually….Jeremy sinks Jemma’s last ship!!! Jemma gives him the big doe eyes….and the crocodile tears….”You’re not really going to go through with it are you??? I’m your baby Sister!!”. But Jeremy….fueled by hormonal driven lust….largely because of Jemma strutting through the house in such short shorts….doesn’t let her off the hook…and insists on cashing in! Jemma sucks her Brother’s cock…and lets him taste her pussy….something he admits he has wanted to do for a long time….and then Jemma lets her big Brother Fuck her. Unfortunately for Jeremy….he is so horny for his Hot baby Sister….he cums in 10 seconds!!! He LITERALLY cums in 10 seconds!!! Jemma consoles her embarrassed Brother…..”Look on the bright side Jeremy….you didn’t last very long inside your baby Sister…but at least you didn’t have to give me your car”.

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Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:10:09
File type: AVI

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Sister take her brother nude portrait

When Alaina has a Project due the next day in Art class at school….she reluctantly asks her Brother Mitchell for help. Her Project…..is to do a “Nude Portrait” of the male body….and her Brother is the only subject she has access to. With some persuasion….Alaina convinces Mitchell to pose for her. After a few minutes of sketching him…Alaina realizes that something isn’t quite right…..she thinks the Portrait would be better….if the male had….in her words….”an erect penis”. Mitchell tells his Sister that there is NO WAY he is going to get erect for her….so she might as well continue drawing. Alaina, however, realizes that Brother or not….ALL guys are the same…so she removes her shirt, and starts to draw. As expected….Mitchell does get excited by Alaina’s Tits (which are absolutely SPECTACULAR) and his cock starts to grow. Alaina, however….wants a full erection…so she removes her pants too!! Alaina prances in front of her Brother in an effort to get a boner out of him….but she soon realizes that a horny guy….Brother or not….wants to Fuck!!! Alaina, feeling guilty for the painfully hard erection she has caused….agrees to have sex with her Brother. Alaina sucks Mitchell’s cock….let’s him have a good long lick of her sweet, young Pussy….and then she lets him take a poke at her. Alaina is NOT happy when her Brother….without warning…..ejaculates inside her….but she quickly gets up, grabs her sketch pad….and begins to work on her Nude Portrait.

File size 248MB
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Duration: 00:12:30
File type: WMV

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