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Video Sex Sister with Brother

Video sex when I was 19 with my Brother. It cum in my mouth Sex Position 18 & 19 Yrs Old Cum In Mouth Doggystyle Cowgirl

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Sex Tape with Sister & Brother

This video features Sister Janice Griffith and Brother Owen rolling around in bed starting with some making out, wet oral sex with spanking, and eagerly starting to fuck before they even get their clothes off. There’s multiple angles showing some rough fucking, lots of POV blowjob, some POV sex, kissing, and orgasms.

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Brother lost virgin with young Sister

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Intimate encounters with my brother

So I just finished my first semester away of college and as I’ve begun to experience the sexual tendencies of being a college student I thought I might share some of my experience with my older brother.
He’s 4 years older than me, we’ve always been close, always share everything with each other, and when he moved away to college it made his visits to home that much more enjoyable since he wasn’t around as much anymore. We’d have movie nights, just the two of us in the porch behind the house which has a projector and home theater system. So we’d grab junk food and watch a movie or two out back on a really big couch that my dad put back there when we first bought the house.
My brother was always a sports guy so he’d work out a lot, walk around shirtless, and as I went through high school I found him more and more sexually attractive.
Puberty had given me a good pair of boobs, and since I was a volleyball player I always had nice legs and a nice round butt. On top of all that I was always thin, and managed to maintain a thin waist through these developments in my body: not to brag but I turned quite a few heads around school most of the time.
I had also noticed my brother eyeing me a few times when I’d get out of the shower: it was normal for me to be seen in a towel around home after exiting the shower, no one was uncomfortable with it. And there was definitely some sexual tension building up, which felt odd, but fun at the same time.
A few months ago my brother moved back in after finishing school. He’d bring girls home often, they’d stay the night, and they’d have sex. Our rooms shared a wall, I could always hear sex going on if it was happening in my brothers room. It kinda turned me on knowing this.
On saturdays both my parents work until late, my brother has the day off, and I’d get out in the early afternoon.
One Saturday I got out early because I had some studying to do for a summer class so I headed home. I knew my brother was home. But he didn’t know I’d be home so early, so I crept upstairs to his room to try and scare him, but as I inched closer to his door I could hear the unmistakeable sounds of sex. When I looked through the partially open door to his room his cock was thrusting into a girl’s vagina.
I couldn’t get my eyes off it, it was big. BIG.
I quietly grabbed my school stuff and slipped out the house to go study at the library, but the thought of my brother’s cock stayed with me.
Fast forward to a few months later and I’m home from college for thanksgiving break. My family decided to throw a little party for my return and they set up the DJ in the backyard, the colorful lights, the snacks, the drinks, etc…
I had a few friends from college attend and we spent most of the night dancing, drinking a little, and talking to a few guys that showed up. I had decided to wear a short tight black dress, something simple I thought, sexy too.
As I was dancing with my friends I felt someone grab me by the waist and start dancing up on me. It was dark and the lights didn’t help much, my friends cheered us on and I danced a little on him before deciding to turn around and identify which of the guys we’d been talking to had come up to dance on me.
It was my brother, and he was wasted drunk. He didn’t even know where he was. I sneaked us off to the inside of the house to call it a night for him. The party was near its end too, so I said goodbye to some people and guided my brother to his room.
I sat him on his bedside and told him to call it a night. As I headed out the door I felt him pull me back by the hips and sit me on his lap. He started smelling my hair, then kissing my neck softly, to which I said in a shocked tone “what are you’d doing?”
Then he touched the inside of my thigh. His hands felt so strong, and I could feel his firm chest and abs on my body as I sat on him, and it felt good. Then he slid his hand up my inner thigh, slowly making my dress slide up higher on my upper thighs.
I don’t know why but I didn’t make an effort to stand up and leave. I was lost in lust and it felt so good. I could feel myself breathing harder, and then he slipped a hand into my panties, and my hips bucked ever so slightly.
Then I snapped out of it and left. He fell asleep shortly after, and I concluded that he had no idea that was me in his room.
Fast forward to a few days ago, I’m home for the holidays, and we hadn’t spoken much since that night. I think he may have remembered what happened but was too ashamed to admit that he remembered it and would rather leave it to his drunken self’s blacked out mistake.
But there was still some sexual tension that I felt. He’d still eye me up and down and I could feel it in the corner of my eye.
I decided to just deal with all this and spend some time with him, maybe it’d be for the better.
We agreed on a movie night the day after Christmas. We set up pretty late, parents were heading to bed, but their room was on the other side of the house, so our movie out in the back porch wouldn’t be much of a bother for their sleep.
It was a chilly night and we had blankets and hot drinks out. I had on a t shirt and sweats while he was wearing a t shirt and sweats as well. In the middle of the movie he told me he was cold and asked if I wanted to cuddle up a little, I said why not, I was cold too. So he set up laying sideways, basically in a spooning position, and I set up in front of him, his chest on my back, etc…
It was definitely a comfy way to watch the film. We had blankets covering us up to our shoulders, it was a nice night.
Then I felt my legs start to get tired so I wiggled a little for breathing room, I also unintentionally wiggled my butt a bit to get more comfy, then I felt his penis go from soft to semi hard. Because of how we were positioned my butt was on his cock basically, and it may have aroused him a bit.
He got more comfortable by putting an arm over my waist and hugging me, it felt warmer that way and we continued watching the movie.
As we lay there my shirt started to ride up a little, leaving my lower tummy exposed to his arm, and the skin to skin contact kind of turned me on a little. His arms felt nice and strong and his chest and abs felt good behind me.
I felt my breathing get a little faster too. And although I tried to hide it, he definitely noticed.
Then he leaned into my ear and whispered, “did you enjoy what happened at the end of your party a few weeks ago?”
He remembered. And I most definitely had enjoyed it.
So I half whispered a yes to him, to which he replied with, “wanna try it again?”
“Uh huh” was all I could muster out of my mouth.
The moment was heating me up and then his hand went from my lower abdomen and up my shirt, slowly running up my tummy, until he got to my tits.
He fondled me and I couldn’t help but breathe out a light moan of pleasure. His cock also got harder, and I could feel it through our sweats as it poked between my ass cheeks.
I was lost in lust once again.
Then I felt him grab at my waistband and tug my sweats and panties to my knees. All this under those blankets that we had over us. And he began to play with my lips, which were already warm and moist from all the build up.
I reached back and pulled his bottoms down a little and grabbed his cock, which felt even bigger than I’d thought once I gripped it in my hand.
I stroked it a little and he put some fingers in me, and he used his other hand to fondle my boobs. Then he took my hand away from his cock and told me to poke my butt back a little. He began to touch my pussy lips with his tip. Rubbing it up and down my moist lips, up and down. Teasing me. I felt myself getting ready to orgasm. I had never had anything nearly as erotic as that happen to me.
We froze when we heard footsteps coming from inside the house, nearing closer to the back porch which were in. It was mom, she’d gotten out of bed to get some water and decided to check up on us. Under the blankets my brother was teasing my pussy with his cock, and it was hard to hide my pleasure so I just bit my lip hard and tried to act cool.
As soon as she was gone and we knew she was gone for good he continued his teasing and I nearly orgasmed until he stopped and made me hold it.
“You sure you wanna do this?”
I just nodded.
And slowly his tip started to part my wet pussy lips, slowly making its way in, and then his cock’s length slowly disappeared inside me, and it kept going and going that I once again couldn’t believe how big it was. And finally he was all the way in and my pussy was full to its capacity.
My brother’s cock was inside me. I’d been craving him for quite a while and now here we were.
He kept it in and didn’t move. Enjoying it to the fullest. I couldn’t hold on any longer so I started grinding my hips and wiggling my ass to feel him moving inside me, and soon enough he started to fuck me. I moaned so softly to try to not make any noise, but my breathing felt like it was so loud from all the pleasure I was feeling. It was ok though as the sound of the movie was loud enough to drown out our sounds of pleasure.
His thrusting was slow and his cock just felt awesome. I knew I’d cum soon from all the build up and he said he’d cum soon as well. We both knew I’d been on birth control for a while and then he asked where I wanted his load.
I didn’t answer and just kept backing my ass up into him until he said “oh fuck I’m cumming!”
And as soon as I felt him shooting that cum into me I felt a trembling from my orgasm that shook my whole body and made my pussy clamp down on his cock, milking every last ounce of cum out of it. His cock was pulsating inside me while my pussy squeezed the cum out. I was in heaven.
We laid there with him inside me for a few minutes, got up and cleaned up and smiled at each other and called it a night. On our way inside we agreed we should try it again sometime. Hopefully I’ll get lucky before I move back to school for the rest of of the school year :)

Sister And Brother home sextape

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Drunken Confidence With My Brother

So I’m going on a stream of consciousness thing again. You’re never truly prepared for what unfolds in unfamiliar situations, and last night didn’t really follow the roadmap I had planned out in my head.
First off, I really appreciate the comments and especially PMs from last time. A few of you were super helpful in helping me relax and figure out what kind of attitude to adopt about the situation. Also TIL about the formatting tools. I lurk Reddit more than post.
So Adam came home later in the night, sometime after dinner. Our parents were watching TV, and I was up in my room reading. He came up to drop his stuff off in his room then stopped by mine to say hi and tell me about the convention. It was only day one, but I don’t think he’s going back since he really only went to help his friend that time. He mentioned something about refusing to surrender to the overpriced junk food there then scurried off downstairs to heat up leftovers. Done with reading, I followed shortly after and joined my parents to finish their movie. Adam ultimately decided to eat upstairs in his room, and I got a little worried over if it meant anything.
I saw the movie to the end, and my parents stayed for a bit to watch the news then went to bed after. It was close to midnight by then. I turned down the TV volume and put something else on to watch. About 20 minutes in, I get a text from him. Watching the phone glow with his name gave me that horrible immediate sinking feeling of nervousness you sometimes get when suddenly facing something uncomfortable. To my surprise though he opened like it’d be any of our other conversations. TRANSCRIPT TIME YEAHH:
“So you’re not allowed to make this awkward. Just getting that one out there. And I’ll find some way to get you back”
What are you talking about, you ate upstairs dumbass
“Yeah I’ll be real, I was too caught up in this bitchin pesto tortellini to notice you had migrated”
Got me there.
“And you had me last night”
“I ruminate for an hour on how to not make this awkward and hey here we are”
You only beat me to it. I’m just cool with you not hating me
“I could’ve nudged you away”
But you didn’t
“I only had one beer, officer”
The finest sampling of bullshit this side of the Mason-Dixon.
“Well regardless if it was right or wrong, I really don’t want things to become weird”
Then we agree on that. This is maybe TMI, but I haven’t had any in a while and I acted on an intoxicated impulse. Not fair to you.
“Honestly I figured but remember I didn’t nudge you away”
Why are we still texting?
I turned the TV off and made my way up to his room with my heart pounding. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with phone still in hand. I asked what he meant by getting me back, and he admitted he didn’t think that far when he sent that because of being so nervous. We laughed a bit at that and then I said, “And what about the right and wrong part?” He says that it felt wrong but like a burden was lifted at the same time. Like a curiosity stuck in the back of your brain that’s fulfilled and put to rest. I told him how guilty I felt about being the instigator, and he just reminded me yet again that he never resisted. The dreaded “well what next” moment now arrives, and we’re at a loss for where to drive the conversation.
Then he springs up from the bed and says (paraphrasing here), “Look, we don’t have to think too hard about this. Either we look back and laugh one day, or we let whatever it is run its course. Both routes are fine as long as we stay cool and avoid forcing it into something it’s not.” It really felt so simple the way he said it, and I was totally fine with the idea. I wondered if he actually was keeping the door open a little or just trying to be as chill about it as possible. I didn’t feel quite as daring as the night before to find out.
We hugged it out then he kicked me out the room so he could change for bed. I took a quick shower and started getting ready for bed myself. A friend began texting me, so I was wrapped in the towel sitting on the bed for awhile without a chance yet to get into the PJs. Adam unexpectedly walks in during this and freezes at the door. He instantly apologizes and only wanted to remind me to sort out the food for Saturday’s party. He apologized again for not knocking. I laughed awkwardly/embarrassed and said something about us being way past that point.
He came in the room and shot back, “Why didn’t you say so! I totally planned to shower earlier too before you thwarted me. Imagine the water we could’ve saved!” We laughed together and less awkwardly that time. But the implication was sorta hot, and suddenly I was feeling brave all over again. “So I guess that puts a new option on the table,” I told him. Then I reached out and ninja-squeezed his dick over his boxers. He looked very surprised and caught off guard at first but quickly turned sly when he retorted, “So the word is given”. I roll my eyes at him and thank him for helping me feel like less of an ass about everything. He says innocently, “You joking? I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m still hazy on whether I can ethically enjoy that blowjob or not.”
Whether he’s aware or not, this man is now successfully charming the pants off of me. It felt unreal talking candidly about blowjobs with Adam, but the fact that it was MY deed was turning me on, and something out of my gut lifted my hand towards his boxers again. This time my grasp lingered a bit. “Everything’s cool if two attractive adults remember to stay cool about it,” I reminded him. Adam looked incredulous and excited at the same time, not sure how to word that better.
I could tell he was lost on exactly what to do next, and I felt like I was supposed to followup with, well something/anything, so I just started rubbing. I don’t know, I’m winging it at this point. He got insta-hard and the boxers got tight. I moved faster, and he reacted with a soft grunt. This is really happening again. We’re not even being alcoholics. I looked up and saw his eyes were closed, and he reached out and grabbed the back of my head by my still damp hair. Goddamn, if he knew what that does to me.
I stood up to get closer and continued stroking from outside the boxers. He let out a sigh and rested his chin on my shoulder while still holding my hair. I slightly picked up speed and he responded by kissing my neck very passionately. He just dove in there. It felt so amazing, definitely a critical weakness of mine. Still kissing, his other hand traveled up my hip under the towel and went around to my ass. He pulled a cheek to the side and squeezed, and it was my turn to let out a moan. I was on the edge of taking his hard cock out of those boxers, when he pulled my head away and shot a load before I had the chance. I kept stroking the now-soaked boxers, which made the whole thing even hotter to me.
We were soon feeling exhausted and starting to get a grip on what just happened. I tell him I should go to bed now that he’s taken care of and kissed him on the cheek. But Adam decides to go ahead and drop this nugget: “Do you remember me spooning you last night?” I didn’t. “After you fell back asleep, you flipped over and pushed against me, like pretty hard.” I asked if that weirded him out and he said no, that it actually felt nice. He wondered if we could do it again. I’m like, sure but let’s go to your room so your TV can be an excuse if we’re found in there tomorrow morning. He said either way he was hoping I stayed in the towel. Well the towel’s damp, so that doesn’t work. And we’ll have to be extra careful. I took him by the hand and we went to his room, where I got in bed and under the covers. He took his t-shirt off, and I untied my towel and moved it out from the covers to the floor. Adam climbed in bed and spooned me with his hand up to my chest and our legs kinda tangled. I pressed my ass against his wet shorts and we fell asleep like right away.
This morning we got up early enough to not worry about someone coming upstairs. He left bed to shower, and I waited a minute before going to my room to put on PJs. We’re both off of work, so it’s been a lazy day so far. Mom and dad are going to be around so Adam and I haven’t addressed anything yet today. As some of you suggest, it’s probably better that we let this stuff play out as natural as possible anyway. So here I am taking the time to chronicle the adventures we are apparently now having. Going to grab some of that bitchin’ pesto tortellini out of the fridge in a hot minute.
tl;dr — Turns out my brother enjoys blowjobs, and I like being the one to get my brother off. Who knew? Then we cuddled and everything was sunshine and roses. Not much to complain about so far as everything went better than expected from literally every angle.

Giving My Virgin Brother His First Fellatio

You approach your hot older sister, Raquel, who notices you’re back from school pretty early. You explain to your sister that you had a special class today. Today you had a sex education class, and you have some questions. Raquel asks what kind of questions you’d like to ask. She is shocked and appalled when you ask to see her boobs. She slowly strips off her shirt, to her bra.. and is even more grossed out when you ask her to take off her bra too! She’s your sister… she shouldn’t be showing off herself to you! What if Mom and Dad found out about this? You ask to see your sisters ass, and she takes off her pants to show you. You’ve almost seen all of the female anatomy, but your sister still has her panties on. Raquel shrieks as you ask to see her vagina too… But it’s all for education, so she takes them off. You explain to your sister they mentioned blowjobs in Sex Education, and you’ve never had one before! In fact, you’re a virgin! Your sister can’t believe that you’re such a late bloomer. Your sister seems embarrassed, but intrigued, when you ask her for your first blowjob experience. She gets on her knees, and demands that you don’t tell your little friends about this. She takes your cock into her mouth, and slowly starts sucking, and licking the tip. “You’re already going to cum?? Oh no! Is that mom and dad?!” Raquel stops and tells you that if you want to really have your first experience, meet her when Mom and Dad are asleep.. You meet your sister in her room later that night, she’s surprised you even took it seriously! Your sister begins to strip her clothes for you, “This is really, dirty..” Raquel starts to suck your cock, and stroke your shaft up and down. You can’t believe how amazing your sister’s mouth is. Now you’re afraid that no girl will ever be as good as her! She deep throats and sucks until you cum all over her face and hand. “You got it all over my face! What do you mean?! This isn’t happening again!” Your sister seems disgusted… But you are happy with yourself as your cum drips down her face. Finishing your first, and best, blowjob experience.
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Intimate encounters with my brother 2

After our experience There wasn’t any discomfort or anything around my brother, but he’s been checking me out non stop and sometimes touches my ass when we’re alone in the kitchen or something. It’s cute, and kinda sexy so I don’t mind. After all, I did enjoy our little experience, even though it does feel so wrong to have done it.
Like I’d said, we kind of agreed we should try something again soon, but I didn’t know whether anything would happen other than the ass touching that’s been going on.

There was New Year’s Eve party being hosted by my dad’s boss and it was a hell of a celebration to welcome the new year. My parents and I drove out to the party on the last afternoon of 2016, my brother would meet us there as he was on his way back from a friend’s party.
It was a swell night for the most part, and because of the chilly weather I decided to go with warmth and comfort; black leggings and a sweater. And of course, as soon as my brother arrived I knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself when eyeing me head to toe. I won’t lie, I liked the attention, as wrong as it may be. But I guess that’s what does it for me. The fact that it’s “taboo” is what I find myself being turned on by.
Back to the party: the dance floor was located in the lobby. Dad’s boss has a very big home, and with the music and lights it felt a little like a nightclub in there. It was dark, music loud, colored lights flashing, etc…I asked my brother to dance and he agreed without hesitation. And if things got hot and heavy out there it wouldn’t matter if people saw us because the dance floor was mostly friends of dad’s boss and/or their kids who were around my age. And my parents would be out back chatting with dad’s boss; music and dancing isn’t really their thing. So essentially nobody would know we were brother and sister, since we didn’t really know them and even dads boss hadn’t formally met us.
And sure enough things got hot and heavy. Grinding on my brother felt sexy, satisfying, and most definitely was turning me on as he danced on me from behind. His hands on my hips, all over my body felt so good. I felt his penis getting semi hard through my leggings as we danced. Then he pulled me closer,m from behind, put a hand on my waist and wrapped an arm around my midriff. When he did that I started moving my hips, gyrating my ass in circles as he held my upper body still, and his penis got pretty hard at that point. He spoke into my ear, “I hope you realize what you’re causing” with a flirty smile. I gave a flirty smile back and kept dancing on him.
After only a few songs we stepped off and sat by the staircase which was away from the commotion of the party. We had some punch, ate some snacks that were set for guests on a table, and waited for the clock to strike midnight. It was still about an hour away.
Then my brother suggested we drive back home, tell our parents that I didn’t feel well and had my brother take home home. I knew where this might lead, and frankly I was kind of looking forward to it. Especially after that episode we had in the lobby dance floor.
And we were home in a flash while my parents stayed behind with dad’s boss. They wouldn’t be home for at least another 2 hours.
As soon as we got to my room my brother came up behind me, fondled my tits and ran a hand from my belly to my crotch. He kept saying how much the leggings were turning him on at the party.
I was turned on as well and it wasn’t long before I felt wetness begin to moisten up my panties, and my leggings. His cock was rock hard by this point and he was dry jumping me from behind while my tits were being fondled and my pussy began to crave him.
I heard him pull his pants down; he took my hand, pulled it behind me, and placed it on his cock. And just like the first time, it felt huge, still surprised me for some reason. I stroked it while he touched my pussy over my leggings. God it felt amazing.
Then he pushed me onto his bed, laid me flat face down, and then I felt him start to pull my leggings and panties down from behind me. I raised myself a bit so he could pull them down from under me as I lay there on his bed and before I knew it my leggings and panties were at my knees.
I heard his pants fly off and hit the floor, the pulled my shirt up and off me. So there I was, face down on his bed, no top, leggings at my knees. And there he was with no pants, setting himself up behind me. He sat on my legs and played with my pussy from behind a little.
Then I felt him start to rub his cock on my pussy lips, teasing me, making me want to beg for it. I did so by arching my back and pointing my ass upwards towards him. Gyrating it a little to try to get him to fuck me already because I wanted it bad at that point. Then he moved his cock away.
I felt him put 2 fingers in me, slid them in and out a few times. I felt my breathing get a little louder then. And then he took them out, and put in his cock instead. Not slowly but not fast either, just kind of eased it in and started fucking me on my tummy.
Home alone, fucking, I’d never moaned with so much pleasure. Good god it was just as good as the first time with him. And he kept pumping that cock deep into my vagina, I could feel/hear his balls slam onto my pussy lips, my moaning, shaking my ass a little, I don’t know if sex was ever this good.
He slapped my ass a few times, laid on my back with his nice firm chest while fucking me, his hips thrusting into me, pushing my body into the mattress.
I felt an orgasm coming, and I was gonna hold it to keep the moment going as long as I could.
I couldn’t do it. I started cumming so hard, I lost control and my pussy was in heaven at that point. I felt my eyes close and according to my brother they rolled back. All that sent him over the edge and before I knew it I heard him grunting, pumping slower, and his hot cum was shooting into me, and he kept shooting and filling me until he finally stopped pumping.
I asked him to keep his cock in me for a little while longer because it felt so good when he did it the first time, and he agreed and collapsed on top of me for a few minutes.
We cleaned up and watched a movie downstairs as we waited for our parents to get home. We talked about how wrong it all was, but we kind of also agreed that no one had to know and that we could do it again if it stayed that way.
That’s probably the last time we’ll get to do anything until I move back from school in the summer, but I’m so looking forward to it.

Fucking My Best Brother

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Sister Brother Couple

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