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Moms special birthday present

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Birthday Sex, Butt Not For Dad

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Risky Birthday Capers With Stepdad

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My 18th Birthday With Mother

Ever since I turned 12 and began to notice breasts, my mother has been on my mind. Growing up with a hot large breasted mother was not easy. Hiding the need to fuck her and never finding a girlfriend good enough was tough. I waited for the right time to let it out, the right time to tell my Mom about my kink thoughts…

Scene 1: Ultimate Gift
My Hot Mom walks in wearing a sexy short mini dress and flip flops, I love my mother and she loves me and she asks, “hey, your birthday is coming up, what would you like as a present? New video game? New Computer? I say No Mom it doesn’t matter. Mom says okay, well let me know. The next day I have thought about what I wanted. Mom brings up the subject again and I finally say I want a blowjob for my birthday. Mom is shocked but thinks how she can make this happen. Mom suggests a hooker but I do not want any diseases. I suggest she give me the blowjob as I cannot stop starring at Mom’s tits. Mom leaves the room saying there has to be something else we can do.
The next day Mom walks in fully nude, she has thought about the blowjob and has talked herself into doing it. She cannot believe she is sucking my cock but I am so happy this is finally happening. Mom gets rough on my cock and as I cum into her mouth, Dad comes home. Mom and I run in opposite directions as we pick up our clothes.

Scene 2: Cleaning My Room
I am in my bed when Mom walks in. She says, “what we did yesterday cannot happen again or your dad will us if he finds out.” Then Mom starts to clean up my room. Mom is bending over picking up my clothes when I pull up her dress and bend her over my bed. I pull off her panties and fuck her good. We have to be quiet since Dad was in the living room watching TV.

Scene 3: Behinds Dads Back
Dad is sleeping in bed and Mom is alone on the couch. Without saying anything I pull out her tits and begin to fuck her. I cover her mouth with my hand so Dad does not wake up

Scene 4: Dad is in the Shower
Mom is sleeping nude in the bed. I walk in stick my cock in her face. The face slapping wakes her up and she tells me to leave. I want Mom to swallow my cum and will not take no for an answer. Mom has not grown use to our sex sessions but wants us to hurry before Dad finishes his shower. I fuck her fast and hard until I am about to cum. Mom drops to her knees and I unload a furry of hot cum into her mouth. My Slutty Mom swallows every drop. We hear that Dad has finished his shower and I run out of the room leaving Mom alone craving more of my cock.
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Happy Birthday my Brother

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The Special Birthday Present

ONE- Cherie wants to surprise her son for his birthday with something special. She knows he’s becoming a man, and she wants to do everything she can to help his growth. After she sings happy birthday to him, she has something other than candles to blow, and a special present to give him.

TWO – Cherie is in the kitchen when her son comes in. He starts groping her and becomes aggressive and dominate almost immediately. It seems his birthday present got the best of him, and he wants more from his mom, and he is going to get it- even if he has to force her.

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Mom’s 21st Birthday Surprise Quicky

It’s my 21st birthday and I’ve gone on a camping trip with my family. The rest of the family is doing there own thing, so mom and I decide to go on a hike. She said she has something special for me. The only thing is that we have to be quick and quiet about it. What’s this, she is going down on me for a blowjob right in the outdoors. Dam this feels good. Getting some good head from mom out in public. Oh yea, she is going to let me put it in her. Fuck, we have to hurry up. I have the perfect idea… I’m gonna give mommy a facial in return as a way of thanking her for this great birthdaysurprise.

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21st Birthday Wakeup Sex with my Father

I just turned 21. I woke up so horny and wanted nothing more than to take my Father cock deep inside me. Fucked as soon as I wake up on my 21st birthday on our California trip. Watch my Father fuck the birthday girl and give me his “frosting” while his wife (my girlfriend) films the whole thing!

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Mothers Get Fucked By They Sons Bully’s

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Happy Birthday Son

In this custom video, a sexy mom tempts her son by dressing sexy in front of him. For his birthday, he gets his wish, a blowjob from his mom, which only leads to more sexual encounters between the two as they get more and more daring.
In clip 1 of this custom video (full video also available), Elle asks her sweet son what he would like for his 18th birthday. After giving it some thought he finally admits that what he wants is a blow job. All of his friends have been telling him how awesome it feels. His mom suggests hiring him a hooker, but he is repulsed by the idea of being with a prostitute and instead suggests that his mom do it for him. After thinking it over, she agrees and begins to suck his cock his cock on the couch, but before he can come they are interrupted by his father coming home from work. He is not satisfied and will definitely look to pick up where they left off as soon as possible.
In clip 2 of this custom video (full video also available), her son comes downstairs in the morning still horny from the unfinished blowjob. Dad is sitting at the breakfast table drinking his coffee and reading the paper as mother and son grind on each other in the kitchen. The sexy mom drops to hear knees and give her son a blow job behind the cabinets as father and son have a brief conversation. Mom reappears and gets fucked from behind by her son while talking to her husband who remains to disinterested to notice anything other than his paper. As dad gets up to leave for work, the son hurries out of the kitchen.
In clip 3 of this custom video (full video also available), mom and son are alone in the house while dad is away on business. Mom is cleaning and as she teases her son they end up wrestling, which leads to fucking. Mom is pinned down on her stomach as she is fucked from behind until her son gives her a nice cream pie that drips from her wet pussy.

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