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Aunt Tutors Disobedient Nephew

Listen mister, I know I’m not your teacher. But I am a teacher at this school, and I’m also your Aunt. You will listen to me.. You’re failing almost all of your classes, and your Mother is worried sick about you. Now get out your notebook, we can do this the easy way or the hard way…

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Aunt Seduced Nephew

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Aunt and Nephew’s Holiday

An Aunt and her nephew get to know each other better while the rest of the family is away…

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Slut Aunt Seduces Nephew

Where is your Mom?.. Oh, we’re supposed to go out tonight… You don’t mind if I wait for her here, do you?.. You’re looking so good. Have you been working out? That’s great… So how’s your love life? Really? How is it possible that a handsome boy like you doesn’t have a girlfriend? I’m sure you’ll have lots of girls in no time… Oh sorry, I must have forgotten to put on panties before I left. That doesn’t bother you does it?…

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Hot Aunt teaches Nephew About Sex

It’s hard for me to realize that I am actually an Aunt! Just as hard as it is to imagine my sister fucking! I mean, she’s such a prude… always with the moral high ground and the principles and the long talks about abstinence, oh my god! She can really be such a boring, stuck up cunt! But she actually has a son, and hes cute too!… I know what you’re going to say: “You can’t have sex with your nephew, that’s like Taboo!” but why the fuck not? I can’t let my preachy sister ruin such a cool guy like my nephew, he’s got his whole life ahead of him! I certainly can teach him a thing or two about girls and BlowJobs and Fucking… his sex life is simply not safe left in the hands of my sister. I’ll simply pay them a weekend visit, wait until my sister is not around and pull the boy aside for a little “talk”. I just know he’ll be down for it, I’ll start with a HandJob to warm him up, then, when he’s nice and hard for his nympho auntie, I’ll show him what a true BlowJob is really like! Nobody can match my DeepThroat Skills and it will be good practice for the boy to learn how to hold it in, how to refrain from premature ejaculation. It’s hard for an inexperienced boy his age, but I know he can do it! I’ll teach him how to fuck my throat while pulling my hair too, girls love that and I’ll not have my nephew be a little boring pussy! And, of course, I’ll teach him how to fuck, how to make a girl cum, how to make her scream! If he does good, I’ll make him cum on my Big Natural Boobs as a reward, but if he cums to fast, that’s not a big problem… he can try again until he makes me cum! I will make a man out of that bot, just you watch me!

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Mom and Aunt teaching Joseline

Part One – Training day – Joseline learns to Suck Cock- I come home to find my aunt Eva and my mom sitting on the couch again, but this time my hot younger cousin Joseline is there. Mom and my aunt want her to be a part of our lessons. Joseline seems very confused because she doesn’t know yet what they’ve been teaching me. She seems very shy and nervous about it, but as soon as my aunt pulls out my cock, she is so excited and eager to learn. She says she’s never actually seen a cock, just touched one over clothes.
Part Two -Training day _Joseline Learns how to fuck – My mom, aunt, and cousin are sitting on the bed and they tell Joseline it’s the second part of the lesson. My Aunt tells her she’s had the blowjob part of the lesson, and now it’s time to fuck. My aunt proceeds to undress Joseline and she seems very hesitant, but as soon as I shove my cock in my mom, she becomes so intrigued. When it’s my aunts turn, I fuck her doggy style and my mom explains to Joseline how to position herself. She starts to get more into learning, like I did when we started these lessons. When it’s finally my cousins turn, I can tell it hurts at first, but then she can’t help but love it so much that we fuck in all the positions my mom and aunt taught her. After I fuck her and cum on her, my aunt and my mom tell me I have to “take care” of all the women in the family now.

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My Aunt make me perfect handjob

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“Peeping your aunt is so wrong”

After long, long time you are going to visit your aunt. And you staying in her house for few days. To be honest..you were thinking of your aunt as a most beautiful woman when you were little boy. And now when you growing you fantasies about her when you masturbate. You are so glad to spending some time with her alone just two of you! When she open the door for you..wow she is even hotter then you remember. She already has a plan for both of you tonight, you are going to fancy dinner together. She send you into your room to change until she takes a shower. But you getting naughty your fantasy is could come true!
When she taking the shower, you hide in her garderobe and wait quietly in the dark. So exited you may see your hot aunt naked! She start to taking off her towel and start to changing her lingerie she has beautiful tits and great butt! Your pants start to grow you feeling how your cock getting harder and harder. And you loose the concentration you moving some of her clothes making noises. Your aunt notice the noise and coming closer she move all her closes and find you How dare you to peeping to watching your own aunt like this! You try to be cute but she is real angry and asking the real explanation from you! You could lie and try to find out something but you decide to say the true! You say how do you feel about her how sexy you find her and how you always fantasies about her! Good choice! This compliment make her thaws her like an ice! She start to flirting with you! She drop her bra and now your aunt standing half naked right front of you! She tells you that you grow up nicely and you are not her little nephew any more! You are very handsome young man! You tell her about your deepest desire! She looks at you and your completely swollen pants but this is not fair! You saw you aunt naked but you are still fully dressed! Down with your pants baby take off your shirt too! You are only one step from you deepest sexual fantasy, but you have to promise to her something this whole think must stay forever only between two of you! You promise! And you find your self in heaven! She take your stiff cock and start to suck you! You feeling her beautiful soft lips her tongue all over your cock! You just can’t believe your aunt giving you a blow job it feels so good but then this is just a begging! She turns over and push her big butt to you and let you fucking her! or she is fucking you as her hips are moving and pushing your cock in and out. You grab her butt..oohh real heaven! She lie on her back pull you closer to her hold your cock and play rubbing your hard cock against her pussy so warm you can’t wait to be inside her! To feeling your aunt wet pussy! She feels your pumps with one movement she hold and stick your dick inside her! Ohhh she is moaning your aunt loves your cock! You start to pushing deeper and deeper your cock! She hold you even closer hold your butt with her hands and pushing you in the rhythm the way she love it! You are fucking your aunt! And you make her cum so good so laud it make you crazy how her pussy juice squirt all over your cock and you feel you’ll cum! You want to move pull out your cock but she keeps you close she wants you wants you inside her. Feeling your warm sperm inside your aunt’s pussy! And you do so! Is the best orgasm in your whole life! Your aunt made you a real man!
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Aunt Sofi’s Babysitting Dilemma

Well… I’ll still need to call your Mother if you want to go out with your friends. Because I promised your Mom that I’d make sure you didn’t get into any trouble while she’s gon… Don’t get mad at me. It doesn’t matter that I’m not much older than you. I’m still your aunt and you have to do what I say… Okay good, I’ll let you know when dinner is ready….

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Mom Made Me Impregnate Aunt Mallory

Your mother & aunt walk into the bedroom & you mother explains that your aunt has been trying to get pregnant but it’s not working out for her. She would like your help. Your mother shows you how sexy your aunt is, and you agree to help try to impregnate her. Your mother says she’s going to show your aunt how you like your blowjobs, and as she starts sucking your cock your aunt does a strip tease. Then your aunt takes over the blowjob. It’s nice a sloppy.
Your mother decides to show your aunt how you like to be fucked too, so she climbs on top & rides you cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. Your aunt follows your mother’s lead & does the same positions. It’s amazing to look up and see your aunt’s huge tits bouncing above your head. You’re in heaven when your aunt decides to wrap those giants breasts around your young cock in the best titfuck of your life. She’s clearly enjoying herself, and you can’t believe your eyes when your mom & aunt start kissing in front of you. This is so awesome.
Mom takes over again, expertly handing your cock in missionary position & doggystyle. Your aunt pulls your cock out of your mother & sticks it in her mouth before sticking it in her own pussy. It’s almost like they’re fighting over you. You thought fucking your mom was spectacular, but this is just so cool you don’t know what to do with yourself. When your aunt moves her ass in front of you, pumping your cock in doggystyle then flips over & tells you to finish her off, it’s all you can do not to blow your load. But you fuck her hard enough to get her tits bouncing around again, then you pump your aunt full of your strong, young sperm.
Your mother tells you that if your aunt doesn’t get pregnant this time, you’ll just have to do it all over again. You kind of hope your aunt doesn’t get pregnant because fucking these two again would be a dream come true.

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