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Sister RAW ANAL POV (Damn Sexy Ass!!!)

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Stick It In My Ass!

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Daddy Inside My Ass

My daddy and I are super close and always love spending time together. He takes care of me in every way possible and I always feel safe with him. Lately daddy has been explaining to me it’s okay for us to have intimate relations with each other and that there is nothing taboo about it. I trust daddy so we have beening with each other for some time now and I can’t get enough of his hard cock. He is going to fuck my ass next and I cannot wait!!

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Ass To Mouth & Deepthroat My Nephews Dirty Cock

My Young Nephew lance is HOT! I mean super sexy… and he does not know that I heard him tell my son that I am a MILF!! My pussy is non stop wet with a secret desire for him! And he is here in my house for the month… I will seduce him!
I wasted no time and explained to him that there is a new rule in the house… He has to fuck me to stay here and today was his lucky day… He gets to fuck my ass! lance wastes no time and lubes up his big cock and slowly enters my dark naughty hole! I am in TABOO heaven and soon he pounds away at my ass! I nearly fainted from 3 explosive orgasms! The final orgasm started off with; sliding my ass back and forth on his hard dick… then I knew I needed him DEEP! I reached back and pulled him closer… telling him I need it DEEP! I came again! I think the dirtiest part was when he pulled out and left me with a nice gaping butthole!
But I realized my Nephew had not cum yet so I turned around and told him how I am going to lick my dirty ass juices off of his beautiful, rigid cock! I got on my knees and licked the big dick and sucked myself right off of him! He knows I am his Auntie Anal Whore! But the best is yet to cum… I slid his full cock all the way down my throat till my lips touch his balls and my nose is pressed onto his rock hard stomach. I continue pumping his cock with my throat and hands till it explodes DEEP in my throat!
Gushes of steamy, salty Nephew Sperm flow down my throat! YUMMY! This is going to be a very NAUGHTY Month!

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Fine Ass Mother Seduce Son

The continuing series of Mothers being seduced, and seducing the ones who trusted them the most!

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Loki Fucked My Ass

Dear Diary,

Daddy, Uncle Phil, my brother Russell, NOBODY seriosuly NOBODY has fucked my ass in so long I didn’t know what to do with myself today when I was super horny and wanting to be stuffed so I started snooping around my little brother Loki’s bedroom. I found his phone and went through his texts, I saw him telling his friend how I took his virginity and all this other stuff and how he has been wanting to have anal sex with me ever since. Apparently he’s NEVER done anal before! So I got this idea, Ill catch him in his room when no one is home and give him what he wants. Well Diary, my idea worked. It didn’t take much convincing, in fact his cock was already hard when I pulled his pants down. With only a little spit he slide his cock in and fucked my all over that little bed of his! HOLY FUCK! Talk about how! I was cumming like every 5 seconds! His cock stretching my asshole out felt so fucking great! I guess he was enjoying himself too because he pushed balls deep into my asshole and came leaving my asshole a gaping leaking mess!

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Ass to Mouth Mother

Having studied hypnotic methods and subliminal messaging for years, and tired of his sexy mother’s domineering ways, you, over months, slowly implants subconscious suggestion after suggestion into his mother. Finally, you are at the point where with the right command phrase (“puppet mommy”), you can literally tell her what to do, say, feel, or think. If you wants, you can even retain complete control over her body or parts of her body while permitting her to think and speak for herself. You then uses this control to take out his frustrations on his mother after she makes the mistake of shrilly chewing you out really bad one Sunday afternoon for now doing his chores. She begins to berate you, but You stops her in her tracks by speaking “puppet mommy”. She immediately freezes, standing at attention, arms relaxed at her sides, staring blankly off into nothing, awaiting commands from her master’s voice, her son. You commands her to kneel, and suck him, to fuck her face on his cock like a machine. After some of this, you commands her to assume the persona of a mother who believes her only job is to get her son to orgasm in her asshole and will do anything to ensure that happens. So she assumes a cheery, slutty, butt-slut-mommy persona and immediately bends over and begs him to sodomize her. She continues the dirty talk and then you commands her to ride you anal cowgirl, with an A2M relube in between. During some riding the son thinks it will be interesting to retain control over his mother’s body, but to allow his mother’s actual persona to emerge only to give her awareness of the sodomy she is receiving and physically participating in. She speaks her mind as to how he could do this, weeping, sobbing, unable to comprehend how she cannot make her body obey. Apologizing for everything, for her bad behavior She is terrified, helpless, and compelled to continue to ride her ass up and down her son’s cock. Eventually, her pleading becomes tiresome and you turns back on the slutty anal mommy persona, who carries on with the anal, the extreme dirty talk, and eagerness to get her son to come in her ass. You cum in her ass, she gladly cleans you with her mouth. Thanks you for letting her get him off with her butt. You turns back on the real mom persona to let sink in what she has just done. And leaves her in shock at what she has just done…

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My Son Can’t Resist My Ass

After bending over and pretending to have my son help me look for my cell phone, bending over while I do laundry in front of him, reaching for items in the kitchen that I know I can’t reach without his “help,” and watching TV with him as I talk a out how much hotter the models on TV are than me just to hear him compliment me I “accidentally” fall and he falls on top of me and grinds on my ass. He stands me up and pulls my pants down and pounds me doggy-style until he cums all over me. I think he likes to hear me call him “son” as he fucks me.

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Making my big puffy ass sister my slut!

Sister’s Slut Training – Phase One: I have this plan, I just NEED to fuck my sister. But I know once won’t be enough. I need to train her to be my slut. Get her to just give it up willingly all the time. I watch her, walking around the house in tight skimpy clothes. I follow her up when shed goes to take a nap. Now is my chance… I touch her and make her wet and horny, she thinks it is a dream. I really take my time getting her turned on, and once I get her really warmed up It isn’t hard to make her horny pussy cum. She is having the best wet dream ever. Once she is ready I fuck her soaked little hole and cum all over her. Let her figure out what happened.
Jodi Taylor – Sister’s Slut Training Phase Two: So my sister, the “college girl” is totally failing her classes. I watch her for a while, savoring what I am going to do. I confront her and she tries to deny things, tries being bossy, but I tell her what I want, she acts like it is crazy, but I can tell some part of her really is getting turned on. She plays it off but soon she is moaning and cumming on my dick, looking up at me as the best fuck of her life.
Jodi Taylor – Sister’s Slut Training Phase Three: Now I know my sister has been thinking about my cock. She has been playing with herself so Much more since the the last time I fucked her. I watch and record her in the shower, she is such a horny slut now! I let her cum once before busting her. She is not nearly embarrassed enough, sure she gives in so much easier than last time. Now her pussy is desperate for a hard fuck, she is now totally my slut.

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Naughty Niece With Amazing Ass

Father’s and brother’s aren’t the only family members who like to score with the younger ladies of the family. These “Cool Uncle’s” have been patiently lurking in the background! Now it’s their time to capitalize on their horny young ripe “of age” nieces. And why not? Remember… they’re not blood, they married into the family!

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