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Anna Wants Her Grandpa Inside Her

Dear Diary,

Mom & Dad let me spend a little time at Grandpa’s house over the weekend. While I was there I kind of decided that I wanted a nice new car just like Uncle Phil’s hot rod! I figured I would maybe try to hit Grandpa up for the money for it since he has all that retirement money and nothing to spend it on. Well, one thing lead to another and somehow me asking Grandpa for the money for my new car lead to him and I having sex right there in his living room! Everything happened so fast but it felt so good I couldn’t complain until Grandpa came … INSIDE OF ME! Looks like I made at least the down payment!

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Anna Bell Doing Anything for Her Son

PART ONE: Anna Bell Peaks – Mom goes back to Stripping – Mom has always done everything she can for her baby. Now times are tough, and she is going to start working nights as a stripper to get the money for me to go college. She is worried that she doesn’t have what it takes anymore, and she wants to hear the truth…
PART TWO: Anna Bell Peaks – Mom’s Amazing Body – Mom is working hard on her body. It’s impossible to not to watch her. She sees you watching, she sees the outline of your erection, she knows ever since that one night you have been needing her. She wants to watch your stroke it, then she wants to help, then she needs you so badly…
PART THREE: Anna Bell Peaks – No Substitute for Her Son – Mom has said the special time together has to stop, but she has insatiable needs, and taking her favorite toy away leaves her unable to satisfy herself. You can’t take “no” for an answer…

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