Taboo Stories – Help Me Fuck My Sister

Brian secretly lusted after his beautiful sister Charlotte. At first he expressed these feelings for her through simple teasing. Then he started to take bigger liberties such as randomly pinching her butt or squeezing her breasts. Fortunately for him, Charlotte was a laid back and open-minded young woman. She tolerated her brother’s weird and annoying behavior without much complaint. Sometimes she even found it amusing. But then their folks went away for a week’s vacation. From that moment on, she really her had her work cut out with him. On their first morning alone in the house, Charlotte was sat in the kitchen texting a friend when Brian came in. Aroused by the sight of his sister wearing a tight, sexy red dress, he immediately began to pester her under the guise of playfulness. Charlotte did not appreciate the interruption. Several times she told her brother to go away, but he paid her no heed. Instead, he suddenly stepped behind her and put his hands over her breasts. Charlotte shrugged them off at once, then fired Brian an angry look. However, there was a little involuntary smile at the corner of her lips. When she asked him what he thought he was doing, Brian made light of the question, accusing his sister of being-uptight. All in all it was a typical, feisty meeting between the siblings. In the afternoon, Charlotte and her boyfriend Kyle were having some fun on the couch. They thought they had some privacy. No chance! After sharing a hot kiss, Charlotte pulled her top down and bared her breast to Kyle. Greedily he closed his lips around the nipple and sucked upon it until Charlotte was breathing hard from excitement. A moment later, Brian gate-crashed their little get-together – presumptuously sitting down beside them. The two lovers were startled. Charlotte quickly covered herself up, and Kyle asked Brian what he wanted. Brian claimed he was tired and needed to use the couch. Nothing the lovers said could make him go. Shortly after, Charlotte took a shower. While she was in the stall, lathering her lovely slender body, Brian walked in and called to her. All he wore was a towel about his waist. Taken completely by surprise, Charlotte gasped, turned herself side-on, and crossed an arm over her naked breasts so that her brother would not see her full-frontal. Again she gave him one of her angry, exasperated looks. Again she wanted to know what he was doing. With outrageous innocence, Brian claimed he had only come to say hello. Charlotte smiled at this, but still laid down the law. Firmly, she told her brother to stop bothering her and acting so weird. The words had no affect on him. Charlotte resumed her shower. Brian sneaked back, swiped her own towel, and stood waiting outside the bathroom with it. Charlotte had no choice but to walk out of the bathroom naked. By now, Charlotte was so resigned to his antics that she did not bother to hide her nudity. Rather, she stood boldly before him, one hand on her hip, hand out-stretched, demanding he give the towel back. Brian eventually did so, but only after giving himself a long moment to look his sister over. Later, he paid her a yet another visit as she was sitting naked on the john! Charlotte looked at him disbelief and asked what he wanted this time. Standing directly in front of his sister, Brian whipped off his towel giving her a direct eye-line view of his big cock. There was no pretending from him now. Bluntly he asked his sister to suck him off. Shocked, Charlotte leapt from the john, pushed him away – accidentally laying her hand on his cock in the process – and hurried off to her room. That evening, in a private talk with Kyle, Brian came clean about his taboo desire for his sister. Kyle took the revelation in his stride. He did not freak out or become jealous – even when Brian stated how desperately he wanted to fuck Charlotte. Although he was her boyfriend, Kyle was also a man with a price. When Brian had the brainwave of bribing him for assistance, he responded favorably. Thus the two ended up striking a deal and devising a wicked plan. Brian would give Kyle his motorcycle, and Kyle would trick Charlotte into letting her own brother fuck her. As it happened, an opportunity presented itself that very night. Charlotte was feeling very horny, and Kyle was easily able to talk her into having sex with him in her parent’s big double bed. To lower her guard for what was to come, he told her that Brian was out of the house. Soon the two lovers were naked in each other’s arms. They started out with loving kisses and tender mutual caresses. Then Charlotte took Kyle’s cock in hand and stroked it big and hard before engulfing it with her hot, wet mouth. The sucking she gave it was long and loving and sensual. It was followed by Kyle placing Charlotte on her hands and knees and licking her pussy from behind. The workings of his tongue drove her wild. She lowered her shoulders and pushed her butt towards him, willing him to pleasure her more and more. Naturally, her position prevented her from actually seeing Kyle. This was exactly what he wanted, for it allowed him to suddenly step aside and make way for Brian to take over. Here at last was the lustful brother’s big chance. Silently, smiling from ear to ear, he placed his naked self behind his unwitting sister, and promptly shoved his throbbing cock into her forbidden pussy. Charlotte cried out in delight, and commenced to moan and pant as she received one hard, deep stroke after another. All the while, she thought it was Kyle who was pleasuring her so much. When she rolled onto her back for some missionary style fun, she saw Brian and knew the truth. For a brief moment she was horrified, wracked with guilt. But Brian was upon her fast, laying his body over hers, pinning her down, once more pumping his cock to the sweetest reaches of her hungry pussy. Brian! This is wrong! Charlotte cried out. This is incest! But her body did not seem to mind. As the fucking went on, growing in intensity, she turned into a woman possessed. She went from shame and hesitation to wanton enjoyment of her taboo experience. She welcomed her brother between her spread legs, pounding into her deep and hard. Dirty, incestuous words flowed from her lips. All along she had desired her brother without knowing it. Now that she had discovered her feelings, now that she felt the thrill of his expert lovemaking, she could not get enough of him. She forgave him for all the times he had teased her and played pranks. This wonderful fuck made up for them. Meanwhile, Brian was living his dream. His sister had turned out to be an even hotter she had imagined. After he had taken her on her back, she hastily climbed on top of him and rode his cock with a vengeance. As she ground her pussy down on it, she closed her eyes, arched her back, stuck out her pert breasts, and moaned in ecstasy. At one point she jerked him off and lavished his balls and cock-shaft with kisses and licks before sucking him deep. Then she was back riding him from on top, her hair wild, her finger rubbing at her clit – until Brian was close to coming. Here Charlotte made sure that her brother unleashed his every drop. Having again treated him to an almighty erotic cock-sucking, she knelt before him with her breasts bared as a target. Brian blasted a huge load of creamy cum over them, causing her to smile back at him gratefully and lovingly. It was the perfect end to an incredible fuck between the siblings – and the perfect beginning to a world more fucks to come.

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