Taboo Game Night With Brother and Sisters

The cable is out at the Sullivan household, and Triplets Ashley, Summer & Lucas are left with nothing to do. Lucas, however, has a VERY mischievous idea…..He invites his two Sisters to play a new Board Game he got at Costco. It’s called “Taboo”. Ashley & Summer agree to play the Game…but what they don’t know is….Lucas has replaced all the original Game Cards….with cards that support his own twisted agenda…to have sex with his two Sisters!!!! The Girls are very competitive….according to Ashley….” I NEVER lose at board Games……” so despite the fact that the Game seems….”Odd….” the girls keep playing because they want to win!! Summer goes first and the card she draws says “Lick the Pussy of the player to your left”. Both Sisters are stunned of course…and they question Lucas about the “weirdness” of the Game…but their desire to win is too strong….so Ashley pulls down her pants….and Summer goes down on her….while Lucas watches with a sly grin on his face!! After Ashley actually cums from her Sister’s tongue…she puts her pants back on…and it’s her turn to roll the dice. Ashley’s card says “Suck the cock of the player to your left…”. Lucas, of course is to Ashley’s left….and Ashley is faced with a predicament…..suck her Brother’s cock…or lose the Game. Her competitive streak is too strong…Ashley pulls down her Brother’s pants and begins to suck. To her horror, however….Lucas cums in her mouth without warning!!! Ashley is disgusted by the sticky surprise….but the Game continues!! Lucas rolls the dice…and right on cue….he gets the “Mega Fuckfest Card”…which he explains to his Sisters….”It means I have to Fuck everybody at the table…but I lose the Game”. The Sisters high five each other….HOORAY!!! Lucas loses!!! That means they win!! The girls remove their clothes and let their Brother Poke both of them….culminating with a Cumblast that soaks the tits of both Sisters!! The girls clean their sticky bodies….and leave. Lucas scrambles to put the proper cards back in the Game box before Mom gets home. With a big smile on his face……

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