Sucking Daddy on School Suspension

Daddy, here’s your stupid beer. I guess that’s all I’m good for, these days- hey, quit perving on my swimsuit magazine! ugh This place is so boring! I don’t understand why I have to be stuck grounded here with you when I’m already suspended from school. I’m sorry, I know what I did was bad… Wh- what, you want me to show you what I did? Daddy!

That is so wrong. I can’t!… You know what I did. Oh, I have to admit it? Okay… I sucked my teacher’s cock. There. But Daddy, I can’t suck your…
Okay, yes Daddy I’m sorry. I want to be on your good side. I really don’t want to be grounded anymore! I’m a good slut for Daddy. I’ll show you what I did with my teacher. I can’t help it; I love sucking cock! You’ll unground me if I make you happy, right? You want me to lick you and touch you, just like I did to my teacher, Daddy? I do like older men… Well, Daddy, my teacher came all over my face. Do you want to give me a nice facial too? I guess I don’t have to go back to school if I have your big cock to suck!

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