Spiritual Siblings

Raquel is getting older, and her sister Camille has decided that it is time to enlighten her on a spiritual exchange that takes place between her and their brother Russell. Lighting an incense and covering herself in their ancestral cloak, Camille tells Raquel that the siblings are now ready to let her in on their “bond,” but that first the two sisters must intertwine in a physical spell. Placing her lips onto her sisters’, an energy begins to flow between Camille & Raquel, an energy that takes over their bodies and the desire for lust and sensation then begins pouring through them. Camille dives in and tastes her sister’s tight pussy, and Raquel returns the favor after the eldest shows her a thing or two. Just when the younger sister feels spent, Camille grabs hold of her hips and the two sisters mesh together in a gripping 69 which sends them both into a breathless climax. The more they cum, the deeper the bond grows between them, and the further the spell takes them down into the incestual rabbit hole. We wonder what Russell will have to say about the exchange when Camille returns back to him with the news of the start to Raquel’s journey into the family secrets and witchcraft
When Camille returns to her brother’s presence after the spell binding exchange with her sister Raquel, he is awaiting her arrival on the family sofa so that they may both venture into their own, spiritual bond. However being older and a bit more advanced in the ways of the family, Russell senses something has changed within his sister. When Russell questions Camille, she lies and claims that she has done nothing wrong; standing by these words. Russell however doesn’t buy it and uses his craft to place a hold upon his sister in order to make her confess her actions. The younger witch is unable to stand by her lies, and informs her brother of the spell she casted on Raquel; who’s quite displeased by her words. They were to wait for their sister to join them, and now that a new energy was brought into their circle; they would now have to strengthen this bond with something new. Before the two are to be entangled in the incestual union, Camille must get down on her hands and knees and venture down south to her brothers rose bud, before taking his hard cock into her mouth. Once the spell has been cast, the two then conjoin into the spiritual sibling fuck-fest they’ve come to know and love, Camille riding her brother’s cock, and Russell pounding into his sister from front and behind, gripping his hands at her throat to free more energy from her. With the conclusion of this tale, one thing is for certain where ever magic dwells, so does .

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