Son is the New Man of the House

Eva Long – PART ONE: Mommy Needs to Be Taken Care Of
Mom is tired from work, and her whole body is sore. She calls her son in to rub lotion on for her, telling him that, after all Mommy does for him, the least he can do is take care of her…
Eva Long – PART TWO: You’re the Man of House Now
Mom isn’t going to take any level of neglect from her husband. If he’s been gone this long, he might as well stay gone. John can take care of what Mom needs all on his own.Eva Long – PART THREE: Mom Wants Help Stretching Out
Mom comes in and turns off the TV, telling her son that she runs the show around here. She needs his help to spot her while she works out, someone to make sure she gets stretched out really thoroughly…

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