Sometimes, once is enough

The following took place my senior year of highschool, my sister had just moved away for college a couple months prior, leaving only me and my mom living at home. My father had passed away back when I was 8 and Mom never dated much after that — between work and raising two kids, she never really had the time.
She was only 38 when these events took place, and she’s always taken good care of herself, so despite her regular comments about needing to lose a few pounds, she’s always carried it in a very voluptuous and feminine figure. She’s of average height, maybe a bit above average, with rather long brunette hair and gentle green eyes. If she’d wanted a man in her life at the time, she’d have had no trouble, I’m sure.
I could objectively recognize she was an attractive woman, but I was never weird about it and my thoughts were always fairly tame. Hormones would however get the best of me from time to time and I’d look through her underwear drawer while she was at work or stare at her cleavage a little longer than I should have, but beyond that, there was never any sexual tension or taboo behavior between either of us.
Things took a turn one Friday night though… It was our semi-regular movie night and I had a simple dinner ready by the time she came home from work. She had a couple glasses of wine with dinner, had her shower, and by 10PM we were both in our pajamas ready to put the movie on. My PJs consisted of baggy pajama pants and a t-shirt, while she wore loose-fitting pajama shorts and matching button-up short-sleeve shirt. Pretty boring, pretty unsexy. All in all, just another movie night so far.
We lived in a townhouse, so the living room was pretty cozy, i.e., not a lot of room for furniture. It was just an oversized loveseat against the wall, a chair, and a large leather ottoman which served as a footrest and coffee table. The loveseat faced the TV so that’s where we usually sat for movie night. I took my seat on the right side, while she tossed a pillow on my left leg so she could lay down with her legs up on the left armrest.
Nothing unusual happened during the movie, though I would occasionally look down to my left and stare at my mom’s cleavage. The way she was laying on her side — slightly forward from me and facing the TV — made it so I could stare as long as I wanted without being busted. The low cut and loose fit of her pajamas, which she always wore without a bra, meant that I could see pretty far down her shirt and even make out the soft pink beginnings of her aereolas. Being a teenager who’d never even touched a boob yet, this sight was defintiely getting me hard. The pillow over my left leg covered my lap though, so I knew my arousal was discrete, there was nothing my mom could see and certainly no way she could feel it through the pillow. I was just a normal teenager with a boner; I calmed myself down and went back to watching the movie.
I don’t recall what the actual movie was, but it wasn’t that great, and by midnight we’d both fallen asleep on the couch before it was over — this was not an at all unusual way for movie night to end, in fact, actually finishing a movie without someone falling asleep was rare. I woke up sometime later, at what was probably around 3AM, to the DVD menu screen looping silently, casting a faint light over the otherwise dark room. By now I’d slumped down a little further into the couch with my feet up on the ottoman; my mother was still asleep, still in a similar position resting her head upon the pillow on my left leg. My left arm was hanging over her midsection and by that time, her subtle respositionings throughout the night meant her pajama shirt had ridden up, her stomach now exposed just to the very beginnings of her breasts, only the slighest bit of underboob visible; the fabric was kept from going any further up by her left arm that hung across her bussom. Her right arm was resting at her side. This slightly new postioning of hers pushed her cleavage up even more than before, and in my half-awake, overly-hormonal state, I decided to just lay there staring down her shirt at her now clearly visible left breast and nipple occupying the free space just below the top button. The lamp next to the couch was now off, so I couldn’t quite see as far down her shirt as earlier, but that didn’t matter much, as the light from the TV was more than enough.
I was so turned on and still only half-awake, just enjoying this incredible view. At this moment my forearm was still across her exposed midsection, but I repositioned myself so that now my bare hand was on her stomach. My heart was racing now, I could even feel myself shaking a bit. I was laying there slumped down in the couch, staring at my mom’s bare breast, while my left hand rested on her warm midsection. It was so wrong, but the silence in the room and my slumbersome state made the whole moment feel so surreal, like a dream. I was fully erect, but with my mom’s head still on my upper left thigh, I was lucid enough to know not to do something as risky as pleasure myself. I’d yet to even touch myself at this point, but my cock was twitching beneath my pajamas. I was harder than ever and I had to do something, so I just respositoined my cock towards my right thigh and held it there in my hand, squeezing it gently, left hand still on my mom’s stomach, eyes still locked on her breasts. I stayed like this for at least 10 minutes, trying to just enjoy the moment without doing something stupid. My hormones convinced me I could push my luck, so I decided to move my left hand around her midsection, slowly feeling more of her warm body, eventually positioning my hand on her stomach in a way that my forearm was gently brushing the barely exposed underboob where her pajamas had ridden up. It was so soft on my skin, I nearly came right there. I moved my hand away just a bit so it rested just below her breasts, no longer touching them in any way. I stopped at that moment, feeling like I just couldn’t take it any further, this was already so wrong and she could wake up any minute. I continued to just squeeze my cock and stare upon her still visible breast. I told myself this was as far as it was going.
A few more minutes went by, I was gonna try to fall back asleep but before I could, my mother put her hand on top of my wrist, my hand still there resting mere inches from her naked breasts. I completely froze and my initial reaction was to pretend to be asleep. I waited a few moments and tried to pull away, but as I did she gently pulled back. I wasn’t sure what she was doing or whether she’d been awake this whole time. I was so nervous. A moment later she pulled my hand further up, under the bunched section of her shirt, so my hand was now directly between her breasts. There was no doubt she was awake and there was no doubt this was intentional, but I still didnt know what to do or what that meant. Not a word had been spoken to this point. I just left my hand there, shaking nervously. What in the world was happening?! Sensing my nervousness, she just brushed my forearm back and forth, without speaking she was telling me to relax. Getting over the initial shock I relaxed my hand and let it slide down over her right breast. I went slow, waiting for any sign that she wanted me to stop, but she just kept rubbing my forearm. My hand was now resting upon her breast, I could feel her nipple pushing into the palm of my hand.
After a couple minutes, feeling slightly more at ease, I gave a gentle squeeze and ran my fingers across her nipple. Her hand still on my forearm, she let out a very faint gasp. I slowly moved my hand across her bussom and cupped her other breast, the one that I’d been staring at earlier, which was still visible. Actually seeing her breast as I held it now brought me to a whole new level of arousal. Everything was happening so slowly and methodically, I couldn’t believe it was happening. I couldn’t believe she was letting this happen. The room was still completely silent, still only the repeating DVD menu screen illuminating the room. I moved back and forth between each breast for a few minutes before I started to slowly move my hand all over her upper body. I was in heaven, her soft, warm body felt so good to touch. Feeling a little braver, and wondering how far this could go, my hand ventured south where I attempted to slide under her pajama bottoms, but just as I could feel the beginnings of her bush, she again took hold of my wrist and directed me back north; without saying a thing, she let me know that’s off limits, at least for now.
I moved my hand back to her breasts for a time, paying close attention to the changes in her breathing as I played with her nipples. She was clearly enjoying this, but I wanted to find out I’d meet any resistance by moving my hand to her ass — I had no idea if any of this could ever happen again, so I wanted to explore as much as possible — I pulled my hand from beneath her shirt and placed it on the back of her leg, just above her knee, slowly traveling up, squeezing her thigh as I went. I stopped just below her left cheek, my fingers on her inner thigh, my thumb on the outside. I knew my fingers were just inches from her pussy because it was so incredibly warm. I continued to just massage her inner thigh with the tips of my fingers, but I was careful not to move them any closer to her pussy after being redirected just moments ago. I kept that up for a few minutes, my cock still harder than ever just thinking about the warmth she was putting off. I was loving every second of this and the soft moans Mom was making let me know she was still enjoying this too. I eventually moved my hand into the leg of her shorts and massaged her ass for a breif time, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the pulsating heat coming from between her thighs, I slid my hand back down, my fingers once again on her inner thigh just inches from her cunt. I was moving my hand back and forth gently on the soft skin of her inner thigh, but I pulled back as I ever so briefly made contact once again with the beginnings of her bush. Mom could obviously tell where I was trying to go with this and reached back to grab my wrist once again for a little redirection, I assumed to pull me away again, but she instead pushed my hand deeper, giving me the go-ahead. I forgot to keep breathing as my hand was finally touching her warm, wet pussy. I was nervous all over again and just left my hand there cupping her between the legs as I let out a shallow gasp remembering once again to breath. It was probably a full minute that passed before I started to run my fingers back and forth across her lips. Her delightful moans even more noticeable now.
All this time she’s still been on her side, her leg lifted just enough so my hand can maneuver between her thighs, but this wasn’t sustainable or very comfortable for her. She pulled my hand away so she could roll over on her back, facing the ceiling. As she rolled over this was the first time we made eye contact, but still not a word had been spoken between us. We looked at each other for about 30 seconds as she layed her head back down on the pillow which was still resting on my left leg. My right hand still on my cock but not doing much or I’d explode. Mom slowly closed her eyes again and placed my hand back on her midsection. My hand immediately went back under her shorts to continue what I’d started. The elastic band of her shorts was frustrating my range of movement though, so I pulled my hand out, grapped the bottom of one of the leg openings and tried to pull her shorts down. She was still laying on the underside of her shorts though, so that didn’t work; it took her a second to understand what I’d just tried to do, but when she got it, she arched her back a bit as I gave another tug. This time it worked and the top of her shorts were at her knees, while her legs were still dangling over the left armrest of the sofa. She kicked them off the rest of the way and was now completely naked from the waist down. This was this first time I’d actually seen her amazing pussy. Her bush was closely trimmed so as to not be too long, but nothing fancy. I moved my hand back again and began to run my hand up and down her wet slit. I had to lean forward, scooting a little to my left so I could get a better view while my fingers wandered between her shimmering lips.
I continued to rub her pussy for a while before finally managing to slip my middle finger inside her, she was so wet and as I entered she squeezed my whole hand tightly between her thighs before relaxing again. At this point there was a sort of rhythm between us, Mom still lay there with her eyes closed, but she’d moan and thrust up ever so slightly, such that I could tell when I was doing good. I pushed my fingers in and out, adding a second digit and occassionally pulling them out completely to run my fingers all the way up and down her slit.
While keeping things going with my left hand, I took my right hand off my cock to undo her pajama top. The buttons on these shirts are huge and very loose, so it was no problem getting these undone with one hand. Three buttons later I pulled each half aside and there was my mom, now fully naked before me. I scooted her up a little further in my lap so I could continue fingering her cunt with my left hand while my right hand was free to play with her breasts. I moved her hair to the side and grabbed her right breast, pinching her nipple and gently pulling it to the left and right. I could tell she really liked that.
Her right hand was now on top of my left, guiding it vigorously around her cunt. She started breathing heavier and heavier, her thrusts into my hand getting more and more violent. I was losing my mind taking this all in, it was still in the back of my mind that this was so wrong, but seeing her buck from the intense pleasure she was experiencing from my touch was indescribable. I kept pounding my fingers into her as she was moments from climax, leaning my head in as far as I could until I was able to take her left breast in my mouth, she started to come while I sucked hard on her nipple, using my free right arm to push her into me while her body quivered.
Her thrusts slowed and her moans quieted. She opened her eyes and we once again made eye contact. “Oh…my god, that… was…ahh”, she said in a whispered voice. The first words from either of us in these early morning hours. A quiet, exasperated “Yeah…” was all I could get out in reply. I was still hard as a rock, my left hand still resting on her pussy, my right arm still holding her close to me. It wasn’t going to take much at this point for me to come, but I was really hoping she be the one to make it happen.
Other than that moment of climax when I took her breast in my mouth, it was just hands touching body parts. It was still a delicate situation and hard to articulate; there was a lot of non-verbal communication taking place between us during all this and there were still rules. I wanted her to make me come, but putting my cock in her mouth felt like it may be out of bounds. There was space to the right of me now though, where I had originally started that night. I scooted her all the way over me, she was now sitting just to my right, her back up against the right armrest, her ass against the outside of my right thigh, her naked thighs laying across my lap. I sat up just an inch and pulled my own pants towards my knees, then pulled her left leg to my chest, my hard cock now there in the open space between her thighs, only a few inches from her still wet pussy. I was breathing so hard as I looked at her looking at my cock. She leaned forward and took it in her hand, not stroking it, just holding it at first. She started to go up and down, then pulled back to lick her hand. I stopped her as I noticed and instead ran my hand across the juices still lingering on her cunt, covering my cock with them as I glanced back at her with a cheeky but slightly unsure smile, hoping that didn’t cross a line. She smirked and again took hold of my cock; I prepared to come almost as soon as she began. Her twisting up and down motion was pure bliss. I leaned back into the couch and she could tell I was close. I tightly grabbed her left leg that was still pressed up against my chest and reached out to grab her right breast. Then it happened, she had my cock pointed right at her and I came all over her chest, stomach, everywhere, dripping down her body and mixing with all her wetness from earlier. It was an incredible!
I just sunk into the couch as she let go of my cock. We sat there for a moment before I scooted under her, she was sitting there naked on my lap as I wrapped my arms around her, she leaned in to wrap her arms around me as well, resting her head on my right shoulder. We were both exhausted and just sat like that for awhile, falling in and out of sleep. Eventually we got up and went to our respective rooms. I remember I slept for most of the day.
This was the first and only time anything like this ever happened between us, we talked very breifly, agreeing that were both in a somewhat sleepy state that combined with hormones made for a uniquely enjoyable sexual experience, but one we could never repeat. I’ll never forget it, I don’t regret it, but once was enough.

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