Smoking Hot Mom

Shawn knew Jeremy was gone for 3 weeks and his mom was all alone. He knew she would ask him to stay over after his drive. Rachel was surprised to see him as she thought he knew Jeremy was away on holiday. She of course asked him to stay the night or the weekend, whatever he wanted. She was alone and loved to have the company. Rachel was divorced, her life revolved around her son. There was no time for her to date or have a social life. Jeremy’s best friend Shawn knew this about her. He admired her for her devotion. He also thought she was one of the most beautiful and sexy woman he had ever laid eyes on! Rachel was not shy and she did not think she was hot. The next morning they had coffee, Rachel was in a pink lace baby doll and a satin robe. Shawn could not keep his eyes from wandering her gorgeous body. He fantasized about her since he was little and had sleepovers there. Now he was grown and wanted her bad. Rachel had no clue. They went out on the waverunners that day. When they returned Rachel took a nap. Shawn looked for a book to read since the cable was out. He searched and stumbled across a porn magazine that had Rachel on the cover. He sat down and started jerking off. Rachel left her room to tell him the cable guy might show up when she saw him from the balcony. She spied on him a few minutes. She was mortified that he was jerking off to her pictures. She thought she had tossed that magazine. Rachel posed to help fund Jeremy’s school and his trip. She slipped back into her room and came back out after making plenty of noise to give him a chance to get himself together. She asked him to wake her from her nap in an hour. She was very turned on at the sight of him jerking off to her. Rachel decided to change into stockings and heels so when he woke her she would look good. She secretly hoped he would make a move on her. She was very desperate for affection. Shawn woke her and saw what she was wearing. He confessed to seeing the magazine and how attracted to her he had been for years. Rachel asked him to promise to keep it a secret. They let heir lust take over. Both nervous but horny. The older woman whose needs had not been satisfied and the younger man who is erect and full of lust for her. They took it slow as they wanted to savor each moment. Rachel kissed him then moved to his cock she licked, stroked and sucked him. Shawn could not believe it was really happening. He fingered her to orgasm then he fucked her doggy style hard until she came again. Shawn had her sit on his face to lick up her juices as she stroked his cock. When she was satisfied she told him it was his turn to cum. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked him dry. Shawn blew his load in her mouth. Rachel opened to show him his cum and let it drip over her tits. Rachel invited Shawn to stay the 3 weeks so they could continue to live out their sexual fantasies with each other. He accepted!

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