Smokin Hot Mother And Son Play Truth Or Dare

It’s a Friday night and Rachel’s son is over at her house. She’s fixing he favorite snack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a wine chaser (???) Rachel is wearing a really hot black dress that shows every curve of her body. She admits to her son that she’s had a few more drinks this day and is feeling a little tipsy. Rachel reminisces about her days in college and how sitting around drinking wine and eating PBand J sandwiches reminds her of how she used to play truth or dare with her colleges girlfriends. Her son doesn’t believe it and she suggests they play it now. He agrees, so she asks him truth or dare. He takes the truth. Rachel asks him if he finds her attractive. His answer is yes. Now it’s her turn. And Rachel takes the dare. Her son dares her to do a sexy smoking strip tease in front of him. She hesitates but only a little. Next we see Rachel Steele in one of the sexiest striptease scenes ever. After the striptease and she is naked in front of him, her son gives her another dare. This time he tells his mom that he dares her to suck his cock. She’s a little shocked but she really wants his cock. She gets down on him and gives him a smoky blow job. Rachel takes her son into her bedroom. She lays on the bed and smokes while he eats her pussy. After she’s warmed up she 69’s him for a few minutes keeping him hard. He gets behind her and fucks her doggie style.” Slap your mom’s ass or fuck your mommy hard is what she constantly tells him. Then she rides his cock cow girl style. Rachel’s gets behind him and actually milks his cock. He is moaning with pleasure when she gets under him and takes his whole load in her mouth.

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