Sister’s Sweaty Socks

“Yessss she’s gone!” Chris said out loud to himself, peeking out of the window and seeing his older sister Carlee pull out of the driveway as she was heading to the gym. He now had the house to himself, which meant partaking in one of his favorite past-times, sniffing & licking his big sister’s dirty panties and socks and cumming all over the place while he laid in her bed.


Chris was 19 and going to the local Community College for a few years before heading off to a big university. He was 6’1 and pretty thin but well toned as well, always playing sports and running cross country during his school years.

Carlee was 21 and was already enrolled at a big university a few hours away from home, but it was summer now and she was home on break. She frequently went to the gym as she was doing now, and lucky for Chris it appeared she wouldn’t be doing her laundry till after she got back from the gym today. Chris and Carlee had a rather typical brother-sister relationship growing up. They both went to the same high school and of course hung out with different groups of friends, both being somewhat popular. Carlee had a bit of a reputation as a stuck-up bitch and a slut, which caused some resentment towards her from Chris.

Carlee was 5’7 with straight long brunette hair and blue eyes. She frequently went tanning and maintained a tan skin darker than that of Chris. She had an absolutely killer body, with fat, round 34C cup tits and a big phat ass and thick thighs, all while maintaining a flat tummy with toned abs. She was certainly something to behold, and all the guys at their high school loved her, even Chris’s friends. They used to joke about sleeping with her, and he was never sure if they did or not because she did get around.. a lot.


Chris pulled out long white knee-high socks with pink strips on them out of Carlee’s hamper, and pink bikini panties and he laid on her bed. His brutally fat 8-inch cock was already rock hard and twitching as he laid down, and it was throbbing. “Fucking hate that bitch” Chris said out loud as he pulled her dirty socks to his nose and mouth and took a big whiff, inhaling the strong scent of her feet sweat as he nearly blew his load already. “Such a fucking stuck-up slut. Yeah.. lemme smell those nasty sweaty socks, I bet your little slutty tan feet were so sweaty wearing these” He imagined dirty talking to Carlee as he beat his dick like it was late for curfew.

Chris really did hold resentment towards her, and they didn’t get along real well at all.. but he couldn’t deny his attraction and lust towards her. He had always dreamed of being underneath her feet, worshiping them as she acted like a total cunt to him. Part of him knew she had the right to act like such a bitch – I mean just look at her.

Chris stuffed one of the socks in his mouth as her jerked his cock with the other sock in his hand. He didn’t want her to know he was doing this, or he would’ve wrapped the sweaty sock around his cock and shot a huge load right into it. Instead he would sniff the panties and socks and cum all over himself. After he was finished he just laid in her bed for a while, feeling that naughty feeling of what he had just done. He did this every time he finished, he’d just lay there and think about what he did, and if he could ever get her to actually do these things to him. After 30 minutes or so he hopped up out of bed and threw the socks & panties in her hamper, and he went to take a shower. Just as he was finishing up his shower her heard a loud bang on the bathroom door, it was Carlee.

“Uhm, hurry the fuck up Christopher (he hated being called by his full name) I just got back from the gym and I need to use the shower, you’ve been sitting around all day doing nothing.”

Chris turned the water off, dried off with a towel and put on a tee shirt and shorts as he exited the bathroom, where he say Carlee standing in the hall with an annoyed look on her face.

“Jeez, was your workout that tough? It just kills you to wait 5 extra minutes?” Chris asked her, as he blocked her path to the bathroom.

“Just get out of the way, Christopher, I feel and smell disgusting. I need to shower, like, NOW”

Chris eyed her from head to toe. Her hair was up and she had a pink headband on. She was wearing a tight pink sports bra that showed off her smooth, sweaty tan cleavage, and short black shorts with a pink stripe on the side of them. She had taken her shoes off in her room, so she was standing there in pink knee-high socks. She looked fucking gorgeous even in her gym gear, and Chris knew she was sweaty – which made her even sexier to him.

“Come on, are you always this bitchy when you’re just a little bit sweaty?” He smirked as he looked down at her.

“A LITTLE sweaty, Chris? Have you even looked at me, I’m fucking drenched in sweat. You don’t even have to look, I’m sure you can fucking smell it from there” she said in an uppity, annoyed tone.

“Heh, yeah.. I can. I think you smell fine to be honest, sis.”

She looked at him confused.

“Uhm, what?” she asked, not knowing how else to respond.

“I’m just being honest. I think you look and smell great, even in your sweaty gym stuff.” Chris didn’t think about what he was saying, he just decided to say it. He knew there’d only be one chance to let her know his feelings of lust towards her, and she’d either go for it or not. He was shooting his shot right here and now.

“You’re so weird. Please.. I really do need to shower. Now if you would stop hitting on me and walked away, I could get in there and get out of these sweaty clothes.”

She was a bit embarrassed by what Chris had just said but she was not letting him see that. Carlee had always secretly thought Chris was kind of cute, and she had heard through the grapevine at school that he had a very fat, and long cock.. her favorite. Carlee didn’t like super long pencil dicks with no girth, and she didn’t’ like little chodes either. She preferred a cock to be like a pornstar’s cock – very long and very fat. Carlee loved to be stuffed and stretched by big thick cocks in all three holes. When she heard her little brother had one of the biggest, fattest cocks in the school she was embarrassed and tried not to think about it, though she had masturbated to the thought of it a few times before she went off to college. It was something she hadn’t really thought about for a long time while she had been away. She had also heard Chris was a bit of a freak, though she hadn’t heard details about what exactly that meant, she just had heard he was very kinky – it must run in the family, because so is she. She has more sexual experience than anyone she knows, and she’s pretty much tried anything you can think of involving sex.

“You know, if you would’ve just told me you were going to be doing intense cardio today, I would’ve gladly cleaned the sweat off of you, you wouldn’t have needed a shower.”

Chris was just blurting out his thoughts of lust at this moment. He thought to himself fuck it, I might as well get super aggressive and go for it, I know she’s a slut, maybe she’ll get turned on hearing me say this. Chris did not know however that his big sister had touched herself to the thought of him and his big cock before, and he had no idea she knew he had a big cock and was a kinky little fucker.

Carlee’s pretty blue eyes opened wide, surprised at hearing her brother talk like that to her.

“ what?”

To Be Continued…

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  1. skye says:

    This is nice i’d like the stories to be with pics or photos like big mom ass

  2. Wyatt says:

    I Love To Sniff kiss and lick girls sweaty shoes socks and feet and love to suck on the toes

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