Sister’s Confession

Part One – Newly divorced, Casey, is visiting her divorced brother, hoping to get away for a while. They are reminiscing and being playful in the pool, which turns into flirting as they end up stripping each other’s swimsuits off and having an intense, unexpected kiss. Things get a little awkward and Casey decides to go inside.
When her brother gets out of the shower, she is sitting on his bed waiting for him to talk. He is uncomfortable, but she makes it clear that everything is okay. He is her big brother and he has always looked out for her, there is nothing wrong with that. They start sensually making out and she reaches for his cock, and sucks it with longing. He grabs her and pulls her sexy, firm body on top of him, sliding his hard cock inside of her. This might be wrong, but it feels so right. Their years worth of secret longing and pent-up desire explode with one more orgasm from her and he blows his load inside of her, watching as his cums drips out of his sister’s freshly fucked pussy.
Part Two – Casey decides to wake her brother up with a surprise morning blowjob. She takes the covers off of his naked body and slowly begins to suck his dick. She takes moments to stop and look at it with so much desire, before she continues to wrap her lips around it and continue to give him pleasure. When he gets close, she sucks his balls and strokes his cock until he cums all over her arm and shoulder. Her huge smile implies that she very satisfied with what she has done and whispers, “Good bye. I love you!”

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