Sis-in-Law Blows You in a Hotel

I know you probably think it’s weird that I’m visiting you— seeing as how it was my sister who threw you out of the house. I just wanted to let you know, I still care about you. My sister is clearly crazy– I mean, you’re such a great guy!  Truth be told… I’ve always had a thing for you. And well… I know you have a thing for me too. I always catch you staring at my breasts. Don’t deny it! You’ve been staring at them the whole time I’ve been here!
Look… I just wanted to say… since my sister isn’t here right now… Who’s to say we can’t have a little fun?
Go ahead… take what you’ve been coveting. Let me show you all the pleasure you’ve been fantasizing about. I won’t tell my sister, don’t worry.

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