Sharing My Son

Rachel’s sister, Keri, called and told her that her husband filed for divorce. Keri being a housewife all their marriage had nowhere to turn. Rachel insisted Keri move in with her and her son Brent until the divorce was final. Keri arrived upset and distraught. It was late. Rachel sat her down and consoled her for a few minutes. Brent felt sorry for his Aunt. Rachel turned in for the night leaving the two of them alone. Brent and Rachel had a sexual relationship. Brent was used to it and did not think it was wrong. He began to rub his aunt’s leg, telling her he could make he feel better. Keri was a bit reluctant at his advances, but also turned on. He was all grown up now and quite handsome. Keri was not used to the attention and certainly did not feel attractive to such a young man. Brent made his move and Keri gave in. She pulled her panties to the side and got on top of him riding his cock. It felt so good to her. He came in her and she went off to Rachel’s room to sleep. Brent knew he could have both his mother and his aunt now. He waited until morning when he had the biggest hard on and crawled in bed with them. Rachel woke and whispered to him to get out; she did not want her sister to know about their relationship. Keri woke up smiling. Rachel looked at them and asked what was up. They just grinned at her. Keri confessed how Brent made her feel the night before. Rachel smiled and knew it was OK with her sister. They both cuddled up close to him and licked his cock side by side. Rachel told her son to fuck her in front of Keri. He took his mother from behind. Keri sucked Rachel’s nipples. Rachel told her son to fuck his aunt, he took her from behind. Keri came fast. Brent fingered his mother and they kissed. Rachel came hard. Now it was his turn. They sucked and jerked his hard young cock until he came over their waiting faces. Keri was ready for her divorce and Rachel and her son were happy to have another family member with them.

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