Sexy Sister, Psycho Brother

Gwen is sitting at home wearing tight leggings and high heels, with her legs crossed. After 20 seconds or so, her brother walks in. He looks at her in a very pervy way and tells her she looks sexy. They keep talking, then he tells her he wants to fuck her. She laughs at what he says thinking he’s kidding. It cuts to black, and later on we see gwen in the same outfit just walking around, when suddenly her brother (him being fully naked) sneaks up behind her and subdues her. She gets weak and falls into his arms, and as soon as that happens, he kisses her on the neck affectionately. He then drags her to the bedroom and lays her on the bed. He jumps on top of her and starts making out with her violently and in a very horny way. He then starts groping every inch of her body, with special focus on her legs and ass in the leggings, also kissing her feet which are still in heels. Then he decides its time for sex, but as he decides for that, Gwen begins to regain her strength. He quickly grabs her face, and kisses her neck aggressively. After she’s subdued, he strips her and begins to have sex with her. As he moves her for a doggy style position, she starts to move again, but he covers her mouth again while humping her from the back, which leads to her falling completely limp with her stomach fully on the bed, relaxed (no more doggy position), with him on top of her humping her ass. He fucks in her in that position one last time, and then cums on her body. Finally, the movie ends with the last scene being Gwen sitting again with her legs crossed, this time in a different outfit (but still a tight one). The brother walks in and she greets him with excitement, even though she has no idea what he did to her. He hands her a drink after because she just came back from work. She drinks it while sitting down, and then slips into dreamland. The brother jumps on her while she’s on the couch, and makes out with her one last time before the movie ends.

File size: 133MB
Resolution 720×480
Duration: 00:11:27
File type: WMV



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