Sex Craved Family

Rachel is tired of her husband ignoring her. She decides to tease her step-son. She is cleaning around him and lets her breasts fall out of her top. He is taken back but Rachel knows he is interested. She tells him to feel them and he is embarrassed. He does reach out and she grabs his hands and places them on her. She rubs his crotch and feels his cock. She pulls his cock out stroking it. She asks him if he would like to play with his step-mom. She leads him into the bedroom. She gives him a good blow job and strokes him well. He is close to cumming and she tells him to relax. She goes back to sucking his cock. Just then her husband walks in. He tells Rachel not to move, she tells him to watch as his son pleases her better then he can. She sucks his cock again and Rachel’s husband laughs. Not bad but I have a surprise for you. In walks Rachel’s daughter and she drops to her knees to suck her step dad’s cock. Rachel is mortified to see her daughter doing this. The husband tells Rachel they have been doing this for months. Rachel’s daughter smiles at her mom and tells her to please her brother as she pleases daddy. Rachel tells Kelsie and her father to join them on the bed. Kelsie sucks her brother off as Rachel finally gets some pleasure from hubby! The competition is on! Both Mother and daughter sucked there cocks until Dad and son began to fuck them both. They switched several positions until Rachel and her daughter wanted their men to cum. Rachel and Kelsie worked on the Anthony first licking and jerking him until he creamed all over their faces. Then they worked over dad. It was not long before Dad frosted them both. Rachel and Kelsie looked at each other’s cum filled faces and smiled. Rachel took Kelsie’s face in her hand and gave her a big kiss. They all collapsed on the bed as one big happy family.

File size: 301MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 00:28:17
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