Selfies With Daddy Got Out Of Hand Quick

Dear Diary,

The other night I went to a rave with some friends and stumbled in pretty late. Daddy was sleeping on the couch so I figured mom made him do it because he was drinking again. Daddy looked so silly to me I decided to take a few pics then lost my balance and fell on him. He never moved so I started taking selfies. I’m embarassed to admit it but I even took pics of his penis and because I’d been partying I had no inhibitions anymore.
Somehow or another Daddys cock ended up in my mouth and it was hard as a rock which I think woke him up. Daddy was shocked at first but then something happened and we were all over each other. Daddy pulled me into a sixtynine and made me cum soo hard but it wasn’t enough.
I straddled him and slid his hardness into my soaked pussy all the way to his balls. I rode Daddy until I came pretty hard then he rolled me on my back. Daddy pounded me hard and fast until I came again then I looked up and begged him to keep going. A few hard thrusts later and Daddy exploded all over by ass. That was the first time I raved Daddy and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

Xo Aaliyah

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