Rachel Returns Son’s Favor

Rachel just got done having two extremely intense orgasms at the hand of her son. She could not believe she was sprawled in his lap with her tits and legs spread. She had been grinding on his hard cock during the whole time. She decided it was only fair to return the favor. She dropped to her knees in front of her son and stroked his cock and thighs through his jeans. She decided to go for and told him she was going to suck his cock. She pulled down his jeans and was surprised at the size of his cock. She had not seen it since he was a youngster. She slowly licked and stroked his cock until it was rock hard. She continued to talk to him as she sucked his cock until he shot his load down her throat. She was still so horny that she asked him if he wanted to fuck her. He agreed without hesitation. She stood up, hiked up her skirt, pulled her thong to the side and knelt in the chair. He jammed his cock into and to fucked her hard. She told him to grab her hair and slap her ass. He never knew his mother was such a freak. He banged her from behind until she had another orgasm. She wanted to take his load in her mouth so she pushed him into the chair and resumed sucking his cock. He grabbed her hair and forced her mouth down until she had his entire cock in her mouth. When he was getting ready to blow she lifted her mouth off his cock and jerked him until he blew his load all over her face. She continued to lick the head of his cock with his cum dripping off her chin.

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