Rachel Fucked Her Son by Mistake

Rachel got all dressed up sexy for her husband; he blindfolded her and fucked her for all of 3 minutes, shot a load inside her and then got off the bed. Rachel was pissed, she had not cum and wanted him to finish, and he got up and left for work. Rachel stayed on the bed blindfolded and angry at him. She did not know he had left, her son was watching the whole time and knew his mom was never satisfied. Her son climbed up on the bed and gave her soft kisses to her neck. Rachel thought her husband had a change of heart and came back to finish the job. Rachel liked the change and welcomed him to fuck her. He pushed her legs all the way back and fucked her until she had a huge orgasm. She pulled him close and screamed for more, he gave it to her, flipping her over doggiestyle. He came inside her hard and Rachel came with him again. She was very pleased. She removed the mask to thank him for finally fucking her the way he used to and saw it was Jonathan, her son.

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