Rachel and Aunt Joey Teach Son

Rachel and her sister Joey were bitching about the lack of respect they get from their husbands. Joshua, Rachel’s son, is rolling his eyes at them. Rachel does not want her son to turn out like his father. Joey agrees. They tell him to sit between them so they can talk to him. His attitude is terrible. Rachel knows it is time for drastic measures. She and Aunt Joey take him in the bedroom to teach him how to please a woman. Joshua is reluctant. Rachel sits him on the bed and reminds him who is boss. She and Joey strip down. Now Joshua is quiet. Rachel and Aunt Joey slowly lick his hard cock side by side. Rachel tells her son to fuck his Auntie. Then she has her son fuck her. They tell him the right spots to get while he has sex with them. Rachel tells him to fuck his mother good, and he does. Both women cum fast. Now it is his turn, they suck and jerk him to orgasm. He cums over their faces. Now he knows what a real woman needs to be happy.

File size: 130MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 00:12:21
File type: WMV

DOWNLOAD:  https://fboom.me/file/e61ece4a9dfe7/Rachel_and_Aunt_Joey_Teach_Son.wmv


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