Peer Pressure Incest

Kaley had pressure from boys at school. She had not had a sexual experience yet and went to her older brother for help. He was sleeping naked. She pulled the covers down to see his cock. It looked inviting, she began to touch it and he woke up. He was surprised at her. She told him she wanted some experience and she trusted him to teach her. He being a horny brother had no problem with the idea. His cock grew hard fast. Kaley stroked and sucked it. He took her nightgown off and told her guys love tits. He sucked them hard as she moaned at how good it felt. He told her he knew she had played with mom’s toys so he licked her pussy to let her fell how good it was. She moaned. He then told her it was time for him to fuck her. She was a virgin but was ready. He told her to relax; he slipped the head into her tight pussy. She clenched because it hurt but at the same time it felt really good, he slowly slid more in her as she tightened her grip on the sheets. He felt her get wet and began fucking her. Kaley loved it once she was used to the feeling. He fucked her harder; she screamed out for him to fuck her and he did in several positions. Kaley came on his cock. He pulled it out and told her guys love wet messy blowjobs; she sucked and jerked her brother’s cock until he exploded his cum shot in her mouth and on her face. Kaley was happy she had learned from the best, her big brother.

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