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Entranced Premature Ejaculation Therapy

As a therapist who treats sexual dysfunction (in your case premature ejaculation) I use a technique to quickly put you into a dream-like state. In that relaxed place we explore orgasm control & edging together. You are gradually & sensually brought to a release in a controlled way. Note that unlike some other vids in this genre there is not a long relaxation segment. The transition to a deeper state is less than a minute. Most of the vid is in dreamy slow motion action with a voice-over (my voice).

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You Can Never Leave, Son!

Mother is dressed and ready to go off to work. She has you zip up her dress for her and adjusts her stockings in final preparation for her work day. It just seams like you are indispensable in her life. Before Mother leaves, she makes sure to tell you she needs to discuss something with you later that evening. She is NOT happy about something, and you think you know what it is. Later that day, you fix Mother a cocktail just the way she likes it. You have all her likes and dislikes down pat, so you know what makes her happy. Then she springs the news! She has found out, by going through your personal mail, that you have applied at, and been accepted to, the State University over two hours away! That just WILL NOT DO!
Who will take care of things for Mother? Make her drinks, do her nails, and the other things she needs….No, you will go to the community college down the street so you can stay home and live with Mother during your college years. That is that and there will be no more discussion of it.
That night, as you are getting ready to watch your favorite shows together, Mother needs help with something else… You are not permitted to watch television until you please her in other ways. Mother slides off her sheer robe, and steps out of her panties. Mother then lovingly takes your penis in her mouth, gets it fully erect, and slides it deep in her vagina. She needs your young manhood to please her, so there is no way you could be two hours away at State University! When you you are ready to finish, she pushes you deep up inside her, milking out every drop of forbidden seed into her tight pussy. As you withdraw, the pearly cream oozes from her magnificent nether lips and down her anus. Now you can go make the popcorn for your shows. Now that you have filled her with your cum! Now that you have SATISFIED MOTHER!
Please note, any family familiar references are used only as terms of endearment, they do not indicate any actual or implied biological relationship.
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Step Brother Caught Peeping

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My First Anal With My Step-Brother

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The Big Big West

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Drunk Mommy Confusion

Freddie Cee once again goes into mommy`s (Madisin Lee) room looking for some of her dirty panties. He finds what he is looking for and decides to take a quick nap in her bed. Mommy stumbles in from the night before drunk and thinks that her son napping, is her husband. They start off in the 69 position and starts sucking him off. Before long she is riding her son`s cock at full throttle. Freddie bust a load in his mother and pushes her away. Mommy says that it was so good honey and her son replies whatever mom and storms out of the room. Then she realized that the cum dripping out of her pussy is that of her perverted panty sniffing son.

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