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My Son Is Ashamed Of Me

Harlo was hard at work at his new summer internship when his Mom decided to drop by and bring him lunch. She walks in very excited to see her son and immediately comments on how nice his office is. Harlo looks shocked to see her and asks her what she is doing there. Mom tells him that she brought him lunch and some wine which she realizes she has already polished off. Harlo see’s how Tipsy his Mother is and by the way she dressed just came from work. Her work is on the streets as a prostitute. He asks her if anyone saw her come in. She could tell he was embarrassed by the way she looked. He tells her that she should leave and this internship was very important to him and didn’t want anything to screw it up.
“But I brought you lunch” she says. Mom opens the lunch bag and starts to put his lunch of the table. Harlo couldn’t believe that his Mom brought him alcohol and chocolates for lunch. He told her he doesn’t drink anymore and he has been allergic to chocolate all of his life! Mom told him that she used to bring his Dad that all the time for lunch and he loved it! He says that he is not a loser like his Dad or his Mom anymore! That he was trying to start a new life! Mom starts to get angry and asks him if he thinks he is better then his Mom and everything she has done for him and now he is ashamed of her! Then she starts to cry. Harlo feels bad and sits her down to talk with her. The phone rings and he get’s up to answer it. While on the phone with his boss she starts to kiss his neck and tells him how horny she is. He is visibly frustrated with her and tells her to stop. She gets on her knees and takes out his cock. He tries to stop her but she won’t let him. Mommy happily starts sucking her boys cock. Just then one of his bosses comes in and inquires about a report due. He shoves his cock down his Mothers throat to quiet her while she is under his desk. He tells his boss he will get right to him.

When he leaves Harlo stands up and tells his Mom to leave. Mom says not until you fuck me and drops her panties and bends over his desk. Harlo decides the only way to get rid of her is to fuck her and fuck her hard! They have sex all over his office! Before too long a knock happens at the office door reminding Harlo of a team meeting in 5mins. Harlo tells Mom she really has to leave or he will lose his internship which he would never forgive her if that happens. She agrees but first he has to cum all over Mommy before she leaves. She sucks his cock until her Son shoots a huge load all over her pretty face. She told him how proud she was of him and starts to walk out the door. Harlo stops her and says she has to clean herself up before she walks out into the main office. Her face was covered with a gallon of cum! Mom smiles at him and says no. She wants everyone to see her cum cover whore face. She blows him a kiss as she walks out and says “You are ashamed of me, you remember where you come from Son!”

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Not only did my stepmom find my jizz rag, she also found all of the stepmother porn on my tablet. She thought it was funny and wanted to see some cum spurt out of my dick while I looked at her. I had no choice but to do this. She started playing with herself too which made things a little easier, and much hotter.

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Daughter Dreams of Daddy

Daughter (Jane Wylde) enters into her quiet and dark bedroom wearing only a towel and changes her sleepwear. Nothing fancy. She lays there for some time and cannot fall asleep. Eyes open, she puts one arm behind her head and reaches under the covers and starts playing with herself. Eyes closed, she plays with her pussy with one hand while using the other to play with her boobs. She doesn’t speak during this and only makes hissing noises while playing with herself and moves around a little bit including arching her back. The next few mini-scenes make up the montage dreams of her and Daddy…

A) Filmed from an overhead position. The Father is on top of the Daughter having sex with her. Dad is kissing her but she does not respond and she acts like it is not happening.
B) She is being held up and off the floor and against the wall. She is wearing a skirt or dress. Her arms and legs are wrapped around the Father holding her up and off the ground.
C) She is lying on the floor face up. The Father is sitting straddling her shoulders rubbing his dick all over her face.
D) Back to Daughter masturbating. She starts saying in high pitched voiced, “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy. Fuck me, please fuck me.” She cums, collapses, and just lies there.

Daughter is on the couch almost naked. The Father comes into the room; sits beside her, plays with her boobs and then finger fucks her for a little while. He then flips her on her stomach and fucks her from behind, her eyes tightly closed, red faced, and crying. Dad then tosses her to the kitchen table, eyes closed, palms flat on the table, face almost extremely calm. He screws her from behind hard!

Jane is sitting on the couch, Dad is sitting next to her feeling her up and kissing her all over. She is silently crying. This goes on a while. Then Dad gets on top of her and starts grinding against her. She sobs, “Please Daddy…” He grabs her by her hair and says, “You little bitch. I haven’t even gotten started with you.” He bends her lengthways, makes her spread her ass cheeks and fucks her from behind. After various forced sex positions he puts Jane on her knees and cums in her mouth…

Daughter wakes up with the Father on top of her with his hand over her mouth. He reaches down and RIPS off her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. He rips off her top and forcefully ties her face down with a rope he has with him. She struggles strongly and forcefully during this. He again cums in her mouth and walks away, tied up and covered in Daddy…

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Jack just got into town for some meetings, he was tired after a long trip. He got his key from the front desk then went up to his room looking forward to just throwing himself into bed and doing nothing for a while. He opened the door and when he walked in he realized there was someone in the room, it was a gorgeous woman, naked and pleasuring herself. Obviously, she was in need of pleasure. Jack was tired but not that tired, he would be happy to help out that gorgeous woman and besides, in some of these hotels, service is a big deal and maybe she is one of those services. Jack wrestled with Helena a little, she was fighting him but not really, just enough to make it look like she was fighting but not enough to make Jack feel her heart was really in it. When Jack started going down on her she really got into it and came in his mouth. As Jack was licking and sucking her pussy, she was grinding on his face, that is one horny lady. Jack was getting so excited he just wanted her so much. When he turned her around it became apparent she wanted it too, she came some more on his dick and when he stopped stroking she stroked. Jack shot a big load in Helena and when he finished, she was dripping and throbbing. Jack stuck his dick back in her to push his cum deeper and Helena took it all. Now that everyone had their orgasms, Helena tried to tell Jack in English that this was her room. Well, she was close, she was supposed to be 317 but she was in 417 and how her key worked makes you wonder. Jack kept a souvenir of Helena’s visit. Wonder what will happen next time, you can bet Jack will stay at that hotel again. (This shouldn’t need to be said but these characters were playing roles, this was fiction. Jack would never force himself on anyone and neither should anybody else.)

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Evelin Stone is the new stepsis in the house who is totally self consumed. After every shower she takes nude selfies. What a slut! This also makes her horny so she begins to masturbate. She thought this was going to be a private orgasm, but stepbro got caught peeking. He is a very bad boy. The next day Evelin was studying for her sex ed class. Stepbro made fun of her since she only looks at dicks in the textbook while all her friends have seen his dick. What the fuck? How did he not show her first? She was annoyed as fuck until he showed her, then she was impressed. She began to suck it and even swallowed. We like where this relationship is h …

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Elsa Jean is studying, but she’s not doing very well on her own. She turns to her stepbrother Tony for help. Tony is able to give her the assistance she needs, but he’s only willing to do so for a price. At first Elsa offers to be nice to Tony, but when that doesn’t work she agrees to do her studying topless. Tony tries to walk away again, but Elsa keeps begging. Eventually he decides he’ll only help her study if she takes off her miniskirt to become totally naked.

Tony tells Elsa to read her book while he jacks off behind her with the least help possible. As she tries to concentrate, Tony comes up behind her and shoves his pussy into her tight twat. While he bangs her from behind while squeezing her heart-shaped ass, Elsa does her best to keep studying. He interrupts her yet again when he tells her that if she sucks his dick he’ll do her homework for her. Reluctantly, Elsa agrees and is soon going to town sucking her stepbrother off.

Eventually Tony gives up all pretense of studying and takes his stepsister to the bedroom where he can take off her glasses and really get down and dirty with her. The two bump uglies in a variety of positions, with Elsa riding her stepbrother’s fuck stick and then rolling onto her back. When Elsa gets on her hands and knees and lets Tony bring her to climax, he can’t wait another moment. Pulling out, he squirts his cumshot all over her round bottom to brand her with his jizz.

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Lucas Frost can’t help but notice how hot hot hot his stepsister’s friend Alex Blake is! She catches him masturbating while spying on her as she puts on a thong and shorts. While Alex doesn’t mind, Lily Adams sure does! Totally insulted, Lily berates Lucas until he leaves in shame.

Later, the girls find an Easter egg hunt set up as a surprise for them. They run around collecting the eggs, and eventually Alex leaves to search the bedroom. There, she finds Lucas dressed as a bunny with his hard dick out for her to play with. Alex is quick to get on her knees so she can stroke and suck Lucas’s hardon. Then she pulls down her shorts and gives him a stiffie ride as she uses Lucas’s fuck stick for both of their pleasure. They both enjoy themselves thoroughly until Alex hears Lily coming. She hops off Lucas’s cock and runs to join her friend in Lily’s bedroom.

Not about to let Alex go that easily, Lucas approaches the girls as they lay down on the bed and slides into Alex’s creamy twat from behind. When Lucas moves on to lift Lily’s miniskirt and take her from behind, Lily believes her costumed lover is her stepdad. She enjoys Lucas’s secret ministrations, kicking off a threesome with her friend and stepbrother until he fills her fuck hole with a creampie of cum. Only then does Lily realize who is actually banging her as she gets an unpleasant surprise.

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Mommy`s Sex Guide

Brooklyn Chase was too horny to control herself. She decided to start masturbating to porn in the dining room, thinking the she was home alone. What she didn’t know was that her step son, Juan, was in the house and spying on her. He creeped up on her and disconnected her laptop from the internet. Once the idea stopped playing, Brooklyn noticed that her step son was standing right next to her. She decided to straighten him up. Brooklyn made Juan eat her asshole. Soon after, Juan’s cock was deep inside his step-mom’s pussy. Her pussy got penetrated in several different positions before receiving a giant load all over her gigantic tits.

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Every time I go to take a nap my stepbrother starts to spy on me. I think he wants me. His cock is pretty big, maybe I will just let him have me 😉

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