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Gianna Dior is in that phase of life where she is feeling a little rebellious. Her mom is concerned, so she takes the angsty teen over to her stepdads house to stay for a while. All the girl needs to do is abide by the rules. No sneaking out, no boys, and no smoking in the house. But as soon as she gets the chance, she sneaks into her stepdads room to rest with him. She grinds up on his dick, and soon his boner is rising fast. Then, she confesses that she wants his cock in her mouth! She slides down to the bottom of the bed and pleasures his prick with her DSLs. Then later, he packs her pussy full of thick dick on the dining room table. Bon appetit, Gianna!

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Mother Knows Best

Nathan Bronson is supposed to tutor his friend Alex More, but he is just so awkward that his stepmom, Alana Cruise, can’t stand it. She decides to give him a quick makeover by urging him to take off the glasses and change his clothes. While Nathan is changing, Alana notices that he’s definitely a shower and should be very proud of what he’s showing. She supervises the study session once Alex arrives and sees Nathan hitting on his friend, but she can’t get Nathan’s big dick out of her head! She realizes she can kill two birds with one stone: Enjoy Nathan’s hardon while loosening him up for Alex…

As soon as she has the opportunity, she sneaks underneath the kitchen table and tugs his dick out of his pants. She starts sucking, trying to be as discrete as possible, but unfortunately Alex eventually looks over. Alana ducks out of sight before Alex notices her, but Alex thinks Nathan has been masturbating under the table the whole time. She freaks out, calling Nathan a creep and storming out of the house. Alana senses her opportunity to pounce, so she tells Nathan that it’s time he figured out how to be good with girls so he could get plenty of pussy. When Nathan agrees, Alana peels off just enough of her clothes so her tits can bounce free and her pussy can slide down onto her stepson’s fuck stick. She rides him for a bit, then sucks him off before turning around and continuing to impale herself on Nathan’s dick. Then she leans forward so he can practice banging her doggy style. When Alana hops onto the table, she instructs Nathan in thrusting in and out of her hairy pussy until he pulls out just in time to cum all over her twat. Smiling and pleased, Alana lets Nathan know that she thinks he learned something today.

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Nina Elle loves to be naked and her step son, Connor Kennedy loves it too. He’s constantly spying and admiring her, as she does every day things in the nude. One day he began watching her as she did naked yoga. Unable to contain himself, he began masturbating to her. In the middle of this, his father, John Strong, caught him. Instead of getting upset, he joined his son as they both masturbated too Nina. Once she noticed what they were doing, the real party started. She began sucking both of them on the spot. Eventually she got fucked by both of them in several different positions. Stretching her tiny little pussy with every stroke. Finally, they both busted gigantic loads in her face and mouth.

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Katie Kush’s family has a great home gym and she likes to take advantage frequently to keep her sexy figure. The best part about working out at home is that she can take her clothes off as she gets too warm. When Katie’s stepbrother pops in to let her know that their parents are on the way to pick them up, then returns later to say that their parents will be late. Katie hasn’t listened to her brother at all, and is still working out on the Stairmaster, topless. She asks him to get her some water and he does. Then she asks him to spot her, which he also reluctantly agrees to do…

When Katie realizes her stepbro isn’t doing a great job spotting her and that he has an erection, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Best of all, her brother can’t stop her because his hands are full of the bar. Soon enough she has her lips wrapped around his dick and is sucking to her heart’s content. Eventually her brother manages to get the bar down, leaving his hands free to fondle Katie’s pussy, which he finds wet and ready. Once her stepbro sits on the bench, Katie climbs on top for a full-on stiffie ride. Then she gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. She follows that up with letting her brother go to work as she lays on the bench on her back, legs spread and moaning loudly. Katie’s stepbrother finally pulls out of her creamy sheath, letting Katie blow him one last time until her deep throat BJ sends him over the edge. Sated, they agree to clean up before their parents get home.

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Mom Relieves the Pain

Archie is in his bed in immense pain. He has tried everything to release the pain but nothing works. His busty young mom walks in and asks what is wrong. Son explains and asks Mom for help. Melanie will do anything for her Son including using her hands and mouth to allow him to feel better.
After a handjob and blowjob, the built up pressure leaves the Son’s balls and puts a smile on Mom’s face. She tells him to get ready for school and go get cleaned up. A new relationship is now brewing between Mom and Son…Stay Tuned!

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Mom’s Snapchat Fail

Your mom is a self proclaimed idiot when it comes to technology. So it’s no surprise that when she meant to snapchat to her new Boyfriend, she accidentally sent the sexy photos to you instead. You’ve never really looked at your mom like that before…she’s surprisingly sexy. And the accidental photos caught you off guard… your dick got hard instantly. She ran into your room flustered and admits that she’s been seeing a guy your age. She loves all the attention he gives her… she couldn’t have sent the pics on purpose… right?

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I just busted in on my sister moaning so loud from playing with her hitachi, I guess we are all perverted in the family cause I was just about to jerk off myself. I tell my sister Monica that if she wants me to keep my mouth shut and not tell mom she has to let me watch her finish playing with her pussy. Monica agrees eventually….. I watch her start to orgasm then I choke her right before she is about to cum. She loves it and I shove my cock deep down her throat, it was then I knew it was on and I was about to fuck my sister! Monica takes all of my dick and a nice load of cum right in her mouth, maybe I won’t tell Mom!

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Father interfere with learning

Actually I wanted to learn relaxed, but my father hangs just stand in the living room and my mum was just shopping …. I did not really, that he once with his pants down standing on a front of me, I was positv surprised but somehow scared. Well if he already invests itself se hand, then I might as well make my pussy for disposal, but shhh secret!

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