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Scene One: Son’s hormones Molly is doing dishes in her robe when her son Alex walks into the room. He watches her as she bends over to put dishes in the dishwasher. More »

Using Brother for Pleasure

Zoey has been acting a bit strange recently.. She keeps dropping these subtle hints around the house that she wants me. But I don’t think I should continue this type of relationship with my sister! Her sexuality is practically irresistable. I’m only a man, there is only so much teasing I can take before I end up getting myself into trouble..

Sis was trying to seduce me in the kitchen, but I saw right thru her plan. She always does this.. First she’ll act horny and ready to finally fuck, but by the time I finish eating her out, she suddenly doesn’t want to screw around anymore.. That’s so unfair! Until sis wants to return the favor, I’m done being used as her her little toy.

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Welcome Home, Stepmom

When Aaliyah Love stumbles home after a crazy night out, she is feeling a little too horny to call it a night just yet. Luckily, her stepson is there to greet her when she gets in. He puts her to bed, sliding his cock inside for some hot stepson stepmom action. Later, he walks in on Aaliyah touching herself on the couch. She knows he likes what he sees, so she seduces him into another round of hot fucking. A few days later, Aaliyah tells her horny stepson that his dad is going to be away for a few days. He takes the hint and stuffs her full of hard cock on the living room floor. These two are really developing a lovely rapport.

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Alone With My 18th yr old Slut Daughter

Part 1 – Starring Rori Rose the Redheaded 18 year old — I booked a fun trip to New York for my new wife and her daughter, but unfortunately my wife got the flu. It was a big expensive trip, so she told me to take my new step daughter and show her a good time to score some good step-dad points. We took the bus up from Baltimore and, I’ll be honest, I can’t relate very well to 18 year old girls so I was expecting a really boring trip. We checked into the room. I got a master king suite with a hot tub for me and my wife, and just kept that room figuring me and Rori would share it and I’d rest on the couch.

Part 2 – My little step daughter and I had a great day sightseeing, so we came back to the hotel with nothing else to do. Rori acts a lot different when her mom isn’t around. She’s a bold girl. She told me she goes to bed naked, and without any hesitation stripped off her clothes showing my that beautiful 18 year old body again.

Part 3 – There I am taking a shower and little Rori sneaks in and says she wants to hang out. She sits down next to the shower with a clear view of me. I’ve seen her naked, and I’ve even had my pussy in my mouth at this point, but this is the first time she’s had a look at my cock..

Part 4 – Little Rori came over and knelt down in front of me. She said she wanted to tell me something I didn’t know about her. With a look of pride she said “everyone at school knows I give the best blowjobs. I want to show you how good I am”. At this point, we’re keeping a lot of secrets from her mother, so yeah…

Part 5 – My Step Daughter Rori and I are at the end of our trip. We hopped into the hot tub together, and both agreed that we should make the most of our last night here without her mother.

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Mommy Wants a Baby

Scene One: Blackmail

I was jerking my hard cock to a photo of my aunt Cory yesterday morning when my mom just happens to walk in! I am so embarrassed! My mom promises me that she won’t tell any of my friends as long as I do one thing to help her out. I ask her what she needs help with and she tells me “I really want to get pregnant but your fathers sperm isn’t doing the job! I need some young sperm!” I resist at first but she keeps promising me that no one will find out about me jerking off to my aunt Cory. She gets down on her knees and starts to suck my cock until I am fully hard.

She lays back on the bed and tells me “Shut up and fuck me! I need a baby! All I need is your cum!” I stick my hard cock inside of her pussy and start to fuck my mommy. “I can’t wait to get pregnant,” she moans. I flip her over and start to fuck her in the doggy style position. “Fill mommy up!” she starts to moan. I tell her that I’m not ready yet so I suggest that she suck my cock a little bit to turn me on even more; So, that’s exactly what she does. I make sure not to cum in her mouth though, since you can’t make a baby that way. I stick my cock back inside of mommy’s pussy and she keeps begging for my cum. I end up cumming deep inside of her pussy… “That was perfect!” she tells me.

Scene Two: Two are Better Than One

My mom and aunt Cory call me in to my mom’s bedroom to tell me that they have some news. My mom’s pregnancy test came back negative but she is determined to get pregnant by me! My mom and my aunt have a great idea… This time, my aunt Cory is going to stay in the room while I fuck my mommy. I am really attracted to my aunt and I do jerk off to her pictures all the time, so maybe this will help me cum inside of my mommy even more. My mom instructs me to lay down on the bed and she says that she will take care of the rest. They both take their big tits out from underneath their dresses and my mom starts to give me a blowjob. Aunt Cory even sucks my cock a little bit too and I love every second of it! They both take turns sucking my cock until I am really hard… and then I finally stick my cock inside of my mom’s pussy! My aunt Cory rubs my mom’s clit while I fuck my mom’s pussy. I flip my mom over so I can fuck her pussy from behind and my aunt holds my mom’s ass cheeks while I fuck my mom. I take my cock out of my mom’s pussy for a minute so my aunt Cory can suck my mom’s pussy juice off of my cock. Then I shove my cock right back inside of my mommy’s pussy! “Come on, give mommy all that cum!” she begs me. I cum deep inside of her pussy and then I pull my cock out and watch my cum drip out of her pussy… there is so much cum dripping out of mommy!! I hope she gets pregnant this time…

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Stepsister Sex Saga

Nerdy Michele James is feeling extra horny when she walks into the bedroom to talk to her stepbrother. Luckily, he is in the same kind of mood. She takes off her thick glasses and lets her hair hang loose as she pulls out his throbbing dick. Then, she sucks on it, giving a sexy stepsister blowjob! Later, her stepbrother pulls down her tank top while she is hanging out on the couch. Michele catches that bug again and is soon choking on his rod. A few days later, Michele meets up with her stepbrother on the bed again. This time, he pulls out his prick and rocks her tight young pussy before busting a load all over her!

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Stepmoms Revenge

Stepmoms Revenge, Part 1 (Extended Version) – 12:57 Wade came home from practice early to walk into the kitchen and find his step mother on the phone with what seems to be his father. They are having a huge fight, again. Wade’s stepmom is sick and tired of her husband cheating on her. Wade’s step mother tells her husband that if he is going to fuck around then fine, she will go fuck all his friends.

Upon getting off the phone she sees Wade standing there. Startled she says oh hi honey, how long have you been standing there? Long enough Wade responds, I am sorry dad treats you this way. Dad is a real dick he doesn’t come to any of my ball games or anything. You come to all of them. His stepmom agrees that her husband/his father is a dick and needs to be taught a lesson. His stepmom proceeds to seduce Wade, talking badly about her husband, how much of a man Wade has become, that they can help each other out. Wade is hesitant but finally gives in to her smoking hot body and charm. His stepmom gets her revenge with giving her stepson a handjob, a blowjob and cums on her tits. This is part 1 of Stepmoms Revenge. This series stars Wade Cane and Helena Price. Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, Helena Price, Ms. Price, Pawg, taboo, family, older woman/younger man, cheating, step mom, blowjob, blow job

Stepmoms Revenge, Part 2 (Extended Version) – 14:42 Wade comes in his stepmom’s room the next day wanting to talk about what happened. His step mom assures him that his father is a complete asshole and they did nothing wrong. Wade’s stepmom begins to seduce him again. Telling him that she wants to feel his beautiful cock inside her mouth and in her pussy this time. She sucks his cock, then slides his cock inside of her until he bends her over and fucks her. Then, finally, he rolls her over and fucks her until he cums inside her hot MILF pussy as she begs for him to shoot his load into her. That a baby from her stepson would be the ultimate revenge to his father. This is part 2 of Stepmoms Revenge. This series stars Wade Cane and Helena Price. Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, Helena Price, Ms. Price, Pawg, taboo, family, older woman/younger man, cheating, step mom, cream pie, creampie, impregnation, impregnating, imregnation fantasy, creampie, cream pie

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Family Bathtime

Diamond Kitty’s son started spying on her as she was taking selfies to send to her husband. She eventually went in the shower and her son got a little carried away. He got closer and started jerking off. Diamond eventually caught him and decided to teach him a lesson. She pulled him down and had him start eating her pussy. From there, she started choking on his cock. Diamond Kitty’s step son fucked her pussy in several different positions before busting a nut all over her face and tits.

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Daughter gets hardcore anal

My feet are tied up and i get fucked hard in my pussy and my ass.

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Family Ring of Desire

Scene One: It’s Natural

Britt is hanging out on the living room couch one afternoon, texting her friends, when her dad comes over to talk to her. Her dad shows her a nice ring that he got from the antique shop; it’s called “the ring of desire” and whoever wears it is supposed to have all of their fondest desires come true. He slips the ring on to Britt’s finger and suddenly a magical spell comes over her! Almost immediately, she pulls her big, natural tits out and starts to unzip her shorts. Her dad asks her if she’s okay and she tells him how she is super horny all of a sudden! She unbuttons her t-shirt and pulls her big tits out from under the shirt. Then she starts to finger her pussy while her dad starts to lick her nipples. While she fingers herself, her dad pulls his cock out and Britt starts to suck his hard cock! She keeps sucking his cock until Luke bends down to lick her tits and rub her clit a little bit. He tells her that this is her ring now and that she should never take it off! She goes back to sucking his cock until he cums in her mouth… “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but it feels good!” Britt says to herself…

Scene Two: Must Wear Lingerie

Britt hops out of bed one morning in a t-shirt and pajama shorts, and says to herself in a robotic tone “I must wear lingerie.” She opens her drawer filled with clothing and she pulls out a pink, lace body suit. She instantly strips out of her pajamas and begins to put the pink, crotch-less onesie on. She walks over to her parent’s bedroom where her mom and dad are taking a nap. She quietly walks over to her daddy’s side of the bed and starts to rub his cock on top of his boxer shorts while she rubs her pussy at the same time. He doesn’t open his eyes yet, so she gets down on her knees and starts to suck his cock. Once she puts his cock in her mouth, then his eyes burst open! “Just be quiet! Your mother is napping! But she DID take her pills last night…” he says to his daughter. After a few minutes of Britt giving her daddy a blowjob, Luke gets up and starts to fuck his daughter. Cory is still napping next to them while they have sex. Luke takes Cory’s hand and places it on top of one of Britt’s big, natural tits. Then Luke fucks Britt from behind and Britt puts her hand on top of her mom’s tits and even kisses her mom’s nipple. Cory’s eyes don’t open at all while her husband continues to fuck their daughter. He eventually cums deep inside of her pussy and then tells her to go back to bed because she has to be at school shortly…

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Bratty Sister lover

It’s been a while since Scarlett Bloom has been nice to her stepbrother Tony, and today is no exception. She is in the middle of cleaning up from a party she had the previous night when she suggests Tony help her clean it up. Tony confronts her about how she’s been terrible to him ever since she grew tits. When Scarlett gets on her knees to clean a table, her short skirt rides up to show that she’s not wearing any panties to cover her meaty pussy. He instructs her to keep scrubbing as he rubs his hard dick through his pants…

Tony gets a bright idea when he realizes his sister is wearing a white shirt and no bra. He calls her name, then dumps water on her when she turns around so her shirt grows transparent. She decides that since Tony keeps talking about her boobs she should just whip them out and clean topless. Since Scarlett is fucking with him, Tony decides to fuck with her by pulling out his hardon to stroke it. When Scarlett mocks him, he waits until she has turned around to continue cleaning before he comes up behind her and sticks it in. He would have kept it up except their parents come home and they have to hide their attraction. Later, Scarlett comes to Tony’s room to seduce him into finishing what he started. She asks to give him a blowjob, but as soon as she’s done some work with her hands and mouth she leans over the bed so he can fuck her from behind again. They can’t stop banging, with Scarlett riding Tony before getting on her hands and knees for yet another pounding from behind. When she rolls onto her back, her moans let Tony know he’s gotten his stepsister off. Now that she’s satisfied, Scarlett indulges Tony with a deep throat BJ until he fills her mouth with a cum shot that she eagerly sucks clean.

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