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You can’t help but notice your son’s girlfriend. She’s smoking hot. Beyond sexy for a 21 year old woman. Your son is late meeting her, so she decides to hang out and wait for him with you… but it doesn’t take long for her to start straight up eye fucking you. She says she usually like older guys… much much older guys. She also says that your son can’t fuck her right, that he always cums too fast. She delights in tempting you, looking at her big tits falling out of her top, its obvious that she wants a real man. Fuck it. She’s a grown woman who needs to get some real man cock. If only your pathetic son would stop phoning and interrupting…

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Jennifer White is a MILF who is always looking to learn. Today, she finds out about twerking, and asks her stepdaughter Alina Lopez to teach her a thing or two. But when Jennifers horny stepson stumbles in on the lesson, his cock gets rock hard. Only one way to solve that problem! Later, Jennifer notices that her stepson has a massive boner while she is walking around the house in nothing but a towel. She gets down on her knees and sucks his cock until her stepdaughter walks in on them and joins in on the action! A couple days later, Jennifers stepson threatens to tell his dad what they have been up to if she and his stepsister do not fuck around with him one more time. This threesome just got personal!

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You know better, but fantasizing and jerking off to your babysitter Meana is all you that keeps you going these days. You try to initiate sex with your wife, but after you had your son, she just doesn’t care for it anymore…. And her body just isn’t the same. You know it’s cliche, but you love how your babysitter fawns over and compliments you all the time. She’s a young woman after all and she’s learning how to control men sexually. She doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet…she’s shy and a little awkward sometimes. But you love that about her. You love her innocence. You’ve even touched her a couple times… just ‘accidentally’ of course. And each time you do you know her little pussy gets wet. Whenever you drive her home, you always pull over somewhere to jerk off after while you look at her pictures on facebook.

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So nice of you to come over and hang out with my son… oh dear! You pulled a muscle during the game? Well my son will cook dinner and I’ll take a look at it. I’m a massage therapist! You know you’ve really grown since I last saw you. I can’t believe how big you are now… and handsome too! Does it hurt when I press into that upper thigh muscle there? I’m just going to go under your shorts a little bit so I can get in a little closer. Oh my… Don’t let my son see that, his friends are always talking about how much they want to bang me, he doesn’t let them come over anymore. Oh my… It’s so big.

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Some girls are just bad. Meana? She was on another level. You don’t know how it started… one seemingly innocent glance…an accidental caress. She used her sexuality so well. You failed her as a father, and gave in to her lust. It started getting so bad that you crept into her room every night to stick your dick in her young tight little pussy. You couldn’t help it…the shame…the arousal…filling your daughter’s little pussy up with cum every night was driving you mad. You couldn’t resist her every advance…even if her mother was only a few feet away in the kitchen. \

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Mom called us over again, and she was down to fuck the second we showed up. She was waiting in bed completely naked for us, saying she’s ovulating. My little bro Johnny jumped right in there and started fucking Mom. I’m not really into this, cuz it’s so weird, but I’M MOM’S FAVORITE, and I’ll be damned if Johnny gets to fuck Mom and I don’t! Mom fucks like an angry jaguar. The woman can really take some dick. We fucked her every which way and took turns with her throat and pussy, and then she begged for our cum. Johnny went first and I got sloppy seconds. Wow we sure did make a fucking mess of Mom’s pussy with two big creampies. I can’t wait to have a new little brother or sister!!!

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Sheena Ryders man is a little sexually frustrated because she has been spending more time with her dildos than his cock! He tosses her toys, so she asks her stepson to get her some to fool around with. He agrees with the condition that she has to send him a sexy video of her using her new playthings. She shoots herself vibing her clit, and soon realizes she wants more than a piece of plastic. She sucks her stepsons man meat and bends over so he can pound her sweet MILF pussy. He fucks her throat and then stuffs her cunt as she moans passionately. Too bad they did not finish before Sheenas husband walks in!

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