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This is my first time purchasing a custom video however I am very familiar with your work. I have downloaded some of your clips “mom and son share a bed” was incredible! I would like a mom/son video with me coming home on break from college….There is a knock at the door..my son shows up unexpected and I can hardly contain my joy. You’ve been away at college, I figured you would stay with friends for the summer break. I give you a big hug and kisses. We go into the living room to catch up. You notice that Im still wearing my wedding ring. Your Father recently divorced me for a younger woman and you haven’t been talking to him because of it. “Mom, why are still wearing your ring?” Im embarrassed, not sure what to say. I hide it on my finger. “You couldn’t understand honey, 20 years I loved that man. Its hard to let go and with you gone, I’m just so lonely.” You tell me that all your friends think Im a total MILF and I’ll get a ton of guys tripping over themselves to be with me, you’ll see. “Oh honey, that is so sweet of you, thank you.” “Well, Im sure you are tired from you’re long trip, we can catch up later.”

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