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Newly Single Sister

Alex is visiting home for the holidays and is newly single after a long term relationship. His little sister recently went through a break up as well. She realizes some coincidences about both their ex’s and thinks she might have a solution to what they’re going through….

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Sister it`s my Sex Doll

BROTHER’S WRATH ANGRY TWISTED BROTHER TREATS SISTER LIKE SEX DOLL SCENE OPENS with a kind man, Mr. Adams, sitting at a coffee table while Mandy (Gia Derza) walks over to him with a cup of coffee. Mandy is smiling, though the smile is thin and doesn’t reach her dull eyes. Her movements are slow, as though it takes a great amount of effort to do anything. ‘Here’s your coffee,’ she says to her teacher. Mr. Adams thanks her as she slowly sits down opposite of him. It looks like she’s in a daze, and Mr. Adams is visibly concerned about this…

Once she’s seated, he thanks her for letting him in. He doesn’t visit his students in their homes like this very often — in fact, this is the first time he’s done it! — but he just wanted to check up on Mandy. ‘Oh, why, sir?’ Mandy asks, her voice still faint and faraway. Mr. Adams clears his throat and says that she’s been missing a lot of classes lately. He’s concerned about her since he knows what it’s like to lose someone, he’s lost his mother, too. He just wants her to know there’s help available whenever she needs it. Mandy says she’s fine, she has her step-brother, Ryan (Seth Gamble), looking after her now. At the mention of his name, Mr. Adams looks more concerned, saying he wants to talk to her about that. Is everything good between them? The camera focuses on Mandy’s face, her smile fake and eyes glazed over.

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Your manipulative daughter has 4 objectives: 1. Seduce Daddy (or blackmail him if need be) 2. Lose her virginity 3. Replace Mommy 4. Get Pregnant with Daddy’s Baby. Who are you to deny her? She’s planned it all out…even the part where you gave into your lust for her.
I know you and mommy are trying to have another baby. You’re trying to replace me. But daddy don’t you see… I can give you everything you want. I’m so much better than her. I’m ready, I want you to take my virginity… If you don’t I’ll tell everyone you did bad things to me. Is that what you want? Please daddy I want you to do it to me. I want us to be together. I know it will hurt a little… hurt me daddy… hurt me with your cock.

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Mommy Son Christmas

Scene One: Mommy Unwrapped

It’s Christmas morning!! Mommy walks in my bedroom with a robe wrapped around her and she explains to me that she has a very special Christmas present for me that she is waiting for me to unwrap… at first I assume that she is hiding the gift behind her back, but she soon pulls her robe off, revealing that my present is HER!! She is wearing a seductive red teddy and a Christmas hat on her head. Mom turns around, showing me that her one-piece outfit has a thong back piece and she tells me to unwrap my present!! My cock is so hard just looking at her ass, but then she pulls her thong to the side exposing her pussy and her ass hole to me. My cock starts throbbing and I can’t wait to put my dick inside of her, but she won’t let me do that just yet…! Mommy keeps teasing my cock, jerking it, and rubbing the tip of my cock over her nipples and I feel like I’m going to explode… but I keep holding back!! She tells me that the best gifts are under the tree, so we both jump out of my bed and go over to see what’s under the Christmas tree.

Scene Two: Riding Mommy

Mommy is standing in front of the Christmas tree, but I can visibly see that there aren’t any presents under the tree! Did she lie to me?! I soon find out the truth… Mommy begins to unhook her lingerie and she slowly slides her one-piece off of her body and walks towards the couch. She gets in the doggystyle position on the couch and spreads her legs in front of me, “THIS is your Christmas present! And you can do ANYTHING you want with it!” she tells me. I begin to touch her all over; I grab her big, natural tits and slowly rub her clit. “I want you to sit down and let mommy do all the work! I want you to remember this Christmas forever,” mommy explains. She starts jerking my cock nice and steady, and tells me that she only wants one thing this year: she wants access to me and my body; all of me. She takes my cock and slides the tip inside of her; then she bounces up and down on top of my hard cock. She asks me if I want to wait for Aunt Cory to get here but I tell her that I don’t want to wait! I want to have sex with my mommy right now… and maybe again when Aunt Cory comes, but I’m definitely not waiting to stick my cock in mommy’s pussy! Mommy keeps riding my cock harder and harder, until she asks me for permission for her to cum on my cock. I tell her yes, of course I want her to cum on my cock. She tells me not to cum just yet tho… she has more surprises in store for me…

Scene Three: Mommy Toy

“Sweetie, come here!” I hear mom calling me from her bedroom. I walk in and see mommy sipping on a glass of wine. She tells me that Santa just dropped off one of my presents and I am really excited. She takes her big, natural tits out from under her skimpy little nightgown. “Are you like my Mommy-Toy for Christmas??” I ask her, and she tells me “yes!!” Mommy gets completely naked, but still with her Santa hat on her head, and she lets me fuck her pussy nice and slowly. “Oh I love that fat tip of yours,” she tells me. She wants me to go extra slow while I fuck her and I obey her wish. I ask her to flip over in to the doggystyle position and she abides.

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Threesome Family Sex

There is nothing like a road trip to help a family get over a divorce, so Isabella Del Torre decides it would be good to take her stepson and stepdaughter, Aria Lee, across country with her. But when she leaves the two teens alone in the backseat, they get a little frisky. Isabella finds herself strangely turned on by the tomfoolery and starts rubbing her pussy in the drivers seat…
At the hotel, the three finally give in and have a family style fuck sesh. Isabella throats her stepsons cock while Aria Lees pussy juice drips. Isabella moans as her boy fucks her hard, making her cum multiple times. Finally, the two hotties take a huge load, and all the hardship of divorce seems like a thing of the distant past. Talk about a therapy sesh!

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Mommy Santa and her Favorite Elf

“Sweetie, come here!” I hear mom calling me from her bedroom. I walk in and see mommy sipping on a glass of wine. She tells me that Santa just dropped off one of my presents and I am really excited. She takes her big, natural tits out from under her skimpy little nightgown. “Are you like my Mommy-Toy for Christmas??” I ask her, and she tells me “yes!!” Mommy gets completely naked, but still with her Santa hat on her head, and she lets me fuck her pussy nice and slowly. “Oh I love that fat tip of yours,” she tells me. She wants me to go extra slow while I fuck her and I obey her wish. I ask her to flip over in to the doggystyle position and she abides.

I stick the tip of my hard cock inside her pussy and watch as her ass dances on top of my cock. Mommy keeps turning me on more and more and it’s driving me crazy! Her pussy is so wet that I can hear my cock sliding in and out of her as I fuck her. “Spank mommy!” she asks me, “cause mommy’s been on santa’s naughty list this year!” She lets me fuck her some more until I get close to cumming; then I pull out and she jerks my cock off until I cum all over her tits and her stomach. Merry Christmas mommy… thanks for giving me everything I wanted this year.

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18 Year Old Niece Swiped Me Right

Part 1 – My little niece Rori just graduated, and it’s her first summer as a legal adult. She comes over every weekend to go swimming — she loves our pool. This week, I’ve been pretty stoked to see her, because she swiped me right on Tinder. I know that she did it deliberately, because I swiped her right on purpose too. When I confronted her with it, she was apprehensive to admit, and seemed a little embarrassed, but she finally fessed up that I’m the cute uncle, and she knew exactly what she was doing when she swiped me right. It’s a little weird, but for an older guy like me, it feels pretty good to have a little honey like her think I’m cute. Anyway, I let her off the hook and grabbed her a towel so she could go swimming, but not before she gave me a little tease

Part 2 – My little niece Rori came over again unexpectedly. I was pretty stoked to have her back, cuz she admitted to swiping me right on Tinder the last time I saw her, and since I saw her cute little naked body when she gave me a striptease, I can’t stop thinking about it. She showed up all upset because her parents keep interfering with her social life. She was pretty anxious so I told her Uncle Don was an expert on helping girls relax. I said “Rori, if you could flip a switch and feel better, would you? Would you let Uncle Don help you relax?” She answered yes and about 30 seconds later I had her cute little pussy and ass in my mouth. She LOVED it. From her reaction, I’m pretty sure she’s never had a guy eat her out like I did. Fantastic

Part 3 – Rori stopped by again when her aunt wasn’t around. I’m starting to think she does that on purpose. She sat on my bed with me and told me how much she loved the last time we hung out and I ate her tight little pussy. She wanted to return the favor so she took off her little dress and panties, showed me her perfect little pussy and ass, and stroked my cock. She’s such a sweet little niece. I sure do love my family

Part 4 – My little niece Rori came over again. I thought she wanted to use the pool, but she came out in lingerie, not a bikini. She sat down next to me and thanked me for the $100 I Venmo’d her. She said she wanted to do something special for me. I was thinking another handjob, but when she put her hair up I knew it was game on. I’m amazed that an 18 year old could give such a sloppy, kickass blowjob. She gagged and let me face-fuck her like a little champ. I’m a proud uncle

Part 5 – My little niece Rori stopped by again and wanted to spend the night. I was banking on her sucking my cock again, but when she came into my room late at night in her

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Lyra Lockhart is a hot brunette with a bubble butt that ate her mom’s BF’s asshole before she rode his cock like a mechanical bull!

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