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I cannot believe that she just walked in on me stroking my dick! And now she wants to watch? She really just wants to sit there and watch me stroke my cock. This is so unreal. Maybe I can convince her to actually help. Her tight, sexy body and that cute face are irresistible…

Yes! I not only have her out of her clothes, but I have her mouth wrapped around me with mom right outside. She works my shaft like a natural even though this is only her second blowjob ever. She’s getting so wet too. Who knew my own sister would have an oral fixation. Lets see what else I can get out of this encounter…

This is by far the best pussy I’ve ever had. She probably shouldn’t mention to her boyfriend that her own brother fucked her little brains out and took her virginity. She is so hot bent over and moaning while I take her. I think to finish I’ll let her ride me for a bit before I ask her to swallow every last drop of my cum. I have to be quick or mom will definitely hear us. We both talk in this one.

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Aggressive Mom

Ava Koxxx finds a huge mess in her stepson’s room and freaks out. She yells at him and takes him by the ear to make sure he cleans his room. She tells him how she notices him looking at her tits and shy sam does his best to ignore the question but she wasn’t having it. She’s an aggressive milf and she takes charge here. She shoves his face into her giant tits before she reaches for his cock. She gives him a great sucking and tit fucking before she fucks him. Aggressive Ava sucks and fucks in between having some rimming fun with him until she takes his load in her mouth and face.

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Is it true you and my Sister are really breaking up? You’ve hardly been married one year, how can you break up right now? I heard her slam the door shut a few minutes ago. I know one thing for certain, I am not going to go with her. I want to stay living in this nice house. You will let me stay here with you wont you? You like me enough as a stepdaughter right? I’m eighteen and will probably go away to college next year anyway so will you let me stay here until I am ready to go? Don’t make me go live in a apartment with my bitch of a Sister. Tell you what, I will show you just how fun living here with me could be. I know you are going to have certain needs arise and wouldn’t it be nice to walk down your own hall and have them taken care of by a hot little cutie like me? I am so down to getting you off when ever you want dad. In fact, I’ll show you right now what I can do for you. Pull your pants down and let me give that cock some good attention. I’ll bet my bitch of a Sister never stroked you off like I will. All you have to do is just lie there and relax and let me take all the stress away.

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Yuffie is all legs and dripping pussy! She loves sucking cock and is quite good at it too!

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Mommy Is Carrying Your Baby

“Well it’s a bet, I bet your aunt Gianna that I could get you to knock me up before she can get her son to knock her up.”

Victoria recently made a bet with her sister Gianna. They both fuck their son’s from time to time and they decided to have and there is a friendly wager on who can seduce their son and get knocked up first. Victoria’s son Lucas has just been dumped by his girlfriend. The reason she dumped him that she wanted to have sex without a condom Lucas wouldn’t do it. This gives Victoria the chance to make her move. She seduces Lucas on the couch and gets him to fuck her without a condom. She sucks him, rides him and lays back and takes a very large internal cumshot that she’s sure has made her pregnant. We cut to six months later where Victoria is starting to show her baby bump and they laugh that Gianna hasn’t even gotten dick yet.

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Daddy’s secret: Taboo HD

You’re a college-aged daughter home for the summer and desperately wanting to go with your friends on a cancun vacation. Your father comes into your bedroom and you plead with him to let you go, but he reminds you of the nude sexting and x-rated facebook posts that were leaked on the internet of you, which embarrassed the family and caused you to be grounded all summer. You beg and plead, until finally he says there’s “something you can do.” You act confused at first, but eventually he relents that he likes the nude pics and he looks at them daily. You take on a look of soft panic, and get a little white in the face, once you realize what he wants. Before you can give a yes or no, he lifts up your shirt and starts to touch your breasts. mandy flores. You start to relent, and he eventually lays you down and starts to kiss you and suck on your breasts. You’re reluctant to let him take your jeans and panties off, and you sort of negotiate with him as he does, but eventually, slowly, you’re naked except with your shirt hiked up over your breasts. There’s no blowjob or foreplay, he just puts his cock into you and you begin to have sex. He’s good, and you relent to him, and eventually he cums inside you. Once you realize he’s cum inside you, you act freaked out (but not a full-on panic), and tell him you’re not on the pill. You put your hands over your mouth and ask him what you’ll do if there’s a baby? He tells you to never tell anyone what happened, and he is also scared and worried there could be a baby. You dress, he tells you he’ll talk to your mother about the cancun trip, and he leaves your room, without really comforting you or caring about what happened. You’re left sitting on the bed, wondering what has just happened.

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My older brother suprises me after I just get home from school. He walks into my bedroom with his video camera and tells me how much he enjoyed the video that I left for him and that he wants me too!! He thought it would be sexy sequal to the video I made him. Im excited so turned on and nervous at the same time. My brother is going to take my virginity! It doesn’t take me long, since Ive wanted him forever!! I eargly start sucking his cock, I want to show him how good I am and better than any other girl. Then he puts his hard fat dick into my tight virgin pussy and we fuck. Its amazing!! Just as I imagined. He suggests anal and Im so hot and horny I’ll do anything at this point. He is so gentle and I LOVE IT!! Then I want to ride him, really show him my moves. I want him to only want my pussy. I ride him and have him blow his load into my mouth. I will remember this day forever.

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The Competition: Mom V Stepmom

You are faced with a dilemma, now that your mom and dad’s divorce is final, you need to chose whether you live with your mom, or move in with your dad and your stepmom.
Naturally, your mom, Holly, wants you to stay with her, but Axa, your stepmom, knows she would be in your dad’s good books if you decided to move in with them. With both women desperate for you to choose them, the ball is really in your court. Who will you choose? How will you decide?
Surely, the only way to make a decision is by evaluating the best qualities of each mom – a competition. Which of these ladies will make your stay with them the most rewarding? Your mom and stepmom agree, they will duel it out to determine which of them is best, which of them wins you.
The two are naturally quite competitive, so they jump at the chance to flaunt what they have to offer. Axa, your raunchy stepmom, has no problems telling you that she is happy to greet you in saucy outfits, flaunting her young figure for your pleasure. Holly, your mom, is a little put to by this, but not one to give in so easily, she reluctantly decides to make a counter offer. The two are head to head competing for you. So, you do what any good son would do, you put them to the test and convince them that they take turns showing off their assets. Who can perform the best striptease? Who has the best breast? Who has the best pussy? The best ass? The best oral? The best sex?
After both your mom and stepmom have worked their hardest to score a win in each category, they are even and you still cannot decide. Well, there is only one way to settle this, which ever of the ladies can make you cum, that is who you will live with. Like thirsty, cock hungry savages, Holly and Axa devour your dick, swelling all of you as deep as they can in the hopes that you will explode for them.
It doesn’t take long for a winner to be determined, but who will it be? Mom or stepmom?

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Mommy’s Little Pervert

Pervy Corbin Dallas is jerking off furiously when his stepmom Julia Ann walks in on him. There he is, in her bed, smothering his face with her panties, and Julia’s furious! After a quick verbal dress down, Julia realizes that this isn’t going to be enough to put her stepson in his place. So she climbs on the bed and gives him what he wants…and then some. First she stuffs her panties into his mouth, berating him and mocking him the whole time, daring him to keep jerking off. Then she takes his cock in her own hand and shows him how it’s supposed to be done. Corbin’s excited but confused, especially when Julia starts taking her clothes off and making him wear them. She puts him over her knee and spanks his ass, but that’s just the beginning of the punishment. She then ties him up and cracks out a huge fucking strap-on. But that giant cock goes straight into Corbin’s ass, and Julia delights in plowing him deep and hard. She orders him onto his back and then continues fucking his stretched hole, commanding that he make himself slide on it like the little pervy momma’s bitch he is. She jerks him off while he fucks himself on her strap-on, and makes him cum even as she’s telling him to hold it. The next punishment is wiping his load all over his face and leaving him there. Finally, Julia brings out the big guns and Corbin’s put into an inverted suspension and made to eat her pussy until she cums…repeatedly. The blood rushes to his head as Julia pulls his face straight into her wet pussy, using his mouth and tongue to cum. When she’s finished with him, she gets up and leaves him there, to think about what he’s done.

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Father’s Lust

Daddy please… We can’t… But Daddy I have a boyfriend, please stop… You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that Daddy… Yes please, yes I promise I’ll be a good girl for you Daddy. I’ll do whatever you say….

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