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Scene One: Son’s hormones Molly is doing dishes in her robe when her son Alex walks into the room. He watches her as she bends over to put dishes in the dishwasher. More »

Who Cares What My Mom Thinks?

Blonde schoolgirl Mackenzie Moss wants to borrow her stepdad’s car. However Tommy Gunn is having none of it, he knows her mom wouldn’t like it. However he can’t resist having his dick sucked by the cute teenager and after all as Mackenzie herself says: Who cares what her mom thinks.

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Daughter Programmed to Obey

Vienna is the perfect example of a spoiled entitled millennial. Her step-father tries to be reasonable and always tries to give her respect as an adult, but sometimes enough is enough and Vienna gets her mind changed, literally, about her place in the world.

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Jealous Brother

The tension between you and your sister Meana has been building up for a long time. Some stuff has happened… the two of you dry humped once… And one time you slipped a finger in her under the dinner table. You still think about her wet pussy juices on your fingers. You’re trying to stop, so you get yourself a cute new girlfriend. Maybe if you’re fucking your girlfriend, you won’t think about how much you want to fuck your sister. But when Meana starts asking you for advice on an outfit for a date with some new guy, it sends you into a jealous rage. Of course she’s doing this on purpose to punish you. She says “You moved on, so I moved on to”. She’s wearing this short little skirt and you can’t help but think about some other guys dick in her tight wet little pussy and how badly you want to fuck her. She pushes you. You push her back. You’re both angry…mostly angry at yourselves for wanting to fuck each other so badly. Wallowing in your anger and passionate jealousy you both can’t stop yourselves.

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Mom Takes The Team – Double Penetration

Jennifer White has her hands full with her stepson Typer Nixon and his friends Brad Sterling and Lucas Frost. The trio comes in from football practice just as Jennifer has finished getting dressed. She gives them snacks and drinks and lets them know that dinner will be ready soon. Before they can eat, though, all three stinky boys need a shower. There’s no time to go individually, so all three will need to cram into the shower at the same time. The boys protest that they’re not showering together, so Jennifer snaps into mom-in-charge mode and tells them to line up…

Pulling their pants down to reveal three boners, Jennifer lets them know that she’s going to teach them how to be real men. She starts with Lucas, sucking him in lovingly. Then she moves on to Brad as she continues to stroke Lucas off. Tyler can’t believe his stepmom’s antics, but he keeps his mouth shut and strokes himself off as he watches Lucas Jennifer while she sucks Brad off. When Jennifer lays eyes on Tyler watching the scene, she offers for him to join in with a do me smile. Getting on her hands and knees, Jennifer lets her stepson bang her doggy style as she double teams Lucas and Brad with her hands and mouth. Tyler asks nicely if he can fuck his stepmom’s ass, and she goes so far as to help him put it in. Now is Jennifer’s time to really shine as she proves she can handle three cocks in multiple positions like a fucking boss. She pulls Brad onto the couch and climbs onto his hardon while taking turns sucking Lucas and Tyler off and giving a handie to the other. She has Brad switch to her ass, then beckons Lucas in so he can fuck her twat at the same time while she deep throats Tyler. Then she turns around to ride Brad’s pecker as Lucas takes a turn in her ass and Tyler keeps on giving her the D in her mouth. Rolling onto her back, Jennifer welcomes her stepson back inside has ass as she resumes sucking and stroking Lucas and Brad. Tyler pulls out to coat his mom’s belly in jizz, then Jennifer takes a cumshot from Brad and then Lucas to the face. Cum covered and satisfied, Jennifer tells the boys that she meant what she said about the shower.

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Sister Learns What It Takes to Win a Bikini Contest

Nathan is laying outside while his incredibly sexy sister in her g-string bikini cools off in the pool. He can’t help but compliment her and tell her how hot she is. She has everything it takes to win the upcoming local bikini contest…except how to fully “persuade” the judges. But he can totally help her with that, starting with her sexy dancing skills and then, well…

It’s the day before the big bikini contest, so Nathan comes in to see if Brooklyn is ready for it. He can’t help but notice that she’s been acting weird since the day outside by the pool. She tells him that she’s always thought he was hot, not to mention that her friends always want to come over to check him out. She’s feeling weird about how much she enjoyed it. He reassures her that it’s all perfectly okay and why not have a little more fun while they can? She is more than happy to go for round two!

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Weekend at the Beach with Mom

A Newly Single Mom and her son go on vacation to the beach and discover how much they can enjoy each others company without dad….

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My Stepson Is Evil

Director Dana Vespoli’s “My Stepson Is Evil” is a series of dark, taboo vignettes pitting highly sexed MILFs against the twisted urges of their husbands’ male offspring. Blackmail and intimidation lead these comely stepmoms to taste the most forbidden fruit! Young, psychopathic Nathan Bronson corners British bombshell Jasmine Jae. He overcomes her objections and convinces Jasmine to suck, fuck, and milk his meat for a messy cum facial… before her final revenge.

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Don`t Cry Mommy! Daddy is not home

Disturbed Alex Jett takes advantage of sexy Dana DeArmond to ruthlessly stuff her experienced pussy. He dominates Dana until his hot sperm splatters her tummy.

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Paying her Son’s Tuition

Erica is a great mom, but her finances are not. She wants to give her son Rion a good education but her job doesn’t do much more than cover the bills. She needed to find a way to make A LOT of extra money fast so.. she got a job at a “rub and tug” in the next county. Sure it’s a long drive, but she would just dye if anyone found out. Unfortunately that is just what happens when her son’s friend Alex turns out to be a customer! She tries to get someone else to come in and “finish” but Alex wants her to “do it” she has no leverage so she starts to stroke his embarrassingly large cock. But Alex wants more than just the regular happy ending and offers to make it worth Erica’s while. She sucks his huge young dick and considers it worth it to keep her secret and add to her boys college fund

Alex’s parents have a lot of money and after getting the special treatment from her, he makes Erica an offer she can’t refuse. He is going to make sure she has what she needs for Rion’s tuition in exchange for “Owning” her for a night. Alex takes full advantage and as much as Erica hates it, the benefits, and the feeling of a big cock hitting places she hasn’t felt in forever, is enough to get her through the night

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My Evil Son seduced Me

All-natural MILF India Summer succumbs to Logan Pierce’s creepy seduction. She gives him a slobbery blowjob; he porks the fit 44-year-old with abandon and then creams India’s open mouth.

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