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Kiara Cole got stood up by her boyfriend and clearly was upset that her sexy lingerie was going to waste! Her step brother was suppose to be celebrating in Vegas with his girlfriend, until a fight made him come back home and stumble upon his sister’s surprise. They decided, why not? We don’t need them, when we have each-other! They didn’t waste any time and made sure to fully enjoy their evening together! Who needs a boyfriend when you have this stud of a brother just waiting to fuck sweet Kiara?!

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I figured I’d do something nice for my little sister so I brought her to Baltimore for the Moonrise Festival with all that electronic dance music bullshit she likes. I got her a hotel, drove her out, bought her tickets and all. I’m just trying to be a good brother and spend time with her. So I come back to the hotel and she is dressed like a goddamned slut, with crazy whore makeup and all. She says “this is how all the girls dress at music festivals”. Whatever, if all the girls are gonna be sluts, my little sister sure the hell isn’t. I told her she better take that bullshit slut outfit off and put on something decent, and like the typical ungrateful 18 year old fucking brat she is, she starts giving me a hard time. I had to threaten calling Mom and Dad, then I had to give her dumb ass til the count of 5. SO yeah she took it off. She always listens to her wiser, older big bro. Uh… my sister has a bush.

So my little sister came back from the first day of the Moonrise Festival to the hotel and complained that we had to share a bed in the hotel room. This damn room was expensive as fuck and wow she’s such an ungrateful bitch sometimes. Anyway, then she said “you should know I sleep naked and I’m not gonna change how I do things just cuz you couldn’t afford two rooms”. Thing is, I know she sleeps naked Then she starts complaining that there were some really hot guys at the festival and she was hoping to land some random raver dick. What a slut. I had to shoot my shot so I said “I have an idea, but you can’t tell mom and dad… I want to eat your pussy” She did NOT react like I thought she would. She was down! I told her to stop me if it was too weird. It was weird, but not too weird I guess, cuz I made out with her little pussy, ate her ass, and she grinded that little cunt of hers on my face and came. My sister gets SO WET. She really is a festival slut.

My little sis rested soundly last night after I ate her pussy, and I pretty much had a raging hard on laying next to her all night. She woke up with a big smile on her face and sat next to me on the couch and started to thank me for eating her pussy so well. She wanted to return the favor. As luck has it my dick was rock hard watching her roll out of bed with her fine naked ass so I whipped out my cock and she started stroking it only like a loving sister could. It felt dirty, but we even made out! She two-hand stroked my cock and played with my balls til I came in her little 18 year old hands. My sister is the best!

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Starring the adorable Jane Wilde; Going on a trip with your brother is not an easy task, especially when you find him creepy. After a mess up from the hotel staff, they end up with a room with only one bed. Jane is not willing to share the bed with her bro so she runs into the bedroom leaving him with the couch. Tony can’t take it, the couch is so uncomfortable he has to wake her up and ask to sleep on the bed again. Jane is tired and finally lets him sleep with her as long as he does not pull up the sheets. He wakes up from the sound of his sister moaning next to him.

Pulling up the covers, he discovers she’s fucking her ass with a buttplug in her sleep. Jane wakes up startled and reveals that she’s been thinking about anal sex all day every day and even dreams about it but never had the chance to try it. She’s constantly horny and only wants to get her ass fucked. Now’s Tony’s time to shine, as he invites her to try it with him. A bit creeped out and reluctant she finally agrees. Her desire to do anal takes over. He plays a bit with her buttplug until she starts gagging on her brother’s big dick. Nothing like a good blowjob before putting it up her cute little ass. This trip is going better and better by the minute as Jane’s anal sex fantasy is being fulfilled by this big dick.

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My sister is 8 months pregnant. She’s always been a bit of a nudist and today she steps out onto the porch buck ass naked to have a smoke. She lights up her VS 120 mm cigarette and begins to smoke it. She’s doing it for a reason. Her boyfriend loves it when she smokes and this is really turning him on. They are both house watching for his parents while they are on vacation. He’s been outside doing some yard work and she decides to surprise him. When he sees her, he comes over to her a grabs her roughly. He squeezes her titties and starts her thick milk flowing from her nipples.

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Maternal Aunt

You’ve decided to take an internship at your aunt’s firm. Over the last few weeks you’ve been texting back and fourth about how you’ll be staying with her while you get yourself settled. It’s complicated, she’s your aunt… but soon she’ll also be your boss. You can’t help it..but you start to flirt with her a bit. It started out as just kissing her ass…after all she’s gonna be your boss.

But soon you started fantasizing about her. Jerking your cock as you texted each other. When you arrive at her home it starts becoming more and more clear what she wants. At work she expects you to behave accordingly. But at home, she wants her Nephew to satisfy her sexual cravings. Her parents always favoured your mom after she had you…. Well now… you belong to her. She says “Your heart belongs to your mom, but your dick belongs to me. You’re mine now”. And she’s right. You’re going to do everything she says. If only your stupid mother would stop phoning while you’re trying to fuck your hot auntie Meana.

Clip Contains: Your aunt has always been secretly jealous of your mom. The way everyone favoured her after she had you drove her crazy as she secured herself a high profile career. Now… she’ll use her sex to manipulate you, her nephew in an attempt to drive a wedge between you. As she slides your cock into her mouth she says “What would your mom say if she knew we were doing this?” And it makes your cock that much harder for her. You both love how naughty it is. **Taboo family fantasy with Aunt and Nephew. You ruined mom’s pussy, auntie’s pussy is still tight. Stupid mom on the phone. Sex while on phone.

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Jemma has a big night planned with her boyfriend. The plan is for them to have an all night Fuckfest!! To “enhance” the experience…Jemma decides to try the rand new female Viagra!!! the instructions on the bottle say to take one…but Jemma wants to get REALLY horny…so she takes five!!! To her horror…she then finds out that her boyfriend has to work…and can’t come over!!

Jemma doesn’t know what to do! She is suffering from a Female Viagra Overdose…..and NEEDS to be fucked immediately. with no other alternative…she goes to her Dad’s bedroom…and goes straight for his cock!! Dad doesn’t know what hit him!! With his cock already in her mouth….Jemma mumbles something about a Female Viagra Overdose….and emergency sex!! Dad plays along and pounds the stuffing out of his distressed Daughter! “Thank you for being here for me Daddy in my time of need….during my Female Viagra Overdose”.

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Farmer`s Daughter

Daisy is the typical Famer’s Daughter. She “usually” does all her Farm chores….cleaning out the stalls….milking the cows etc, but Today she was hanging out with her friends, and neglected doing her chores!! The Farmer….Dad….was NOT impressed that Daisy had not milked Elsie the cow….and done the rest of her chores….and he was also not happy about how short Daisy’s shorts were…so dad decided that Daisy should be punished!

Dad puts daisy over his knee and spanks her ass. As he spanks, dad makes further comments about how short her shorts are!!! Daisy notices something poking her in the stomach as she lies across Dad’s lap….and lo and behold….Dad has a big boner!!! Dad decides that Daisy should have the “extra” punishment. Daisy knows what that means….and pleads with her Dad to reconsider….but to no avail…..off come Dad’s pants….and he shoves his cock into daisy’s mouth! Daisy sucks away at her Daddy’s big fat cock….and then Daisy asks if Daddy wants to “lick my pp”. Dad DOES want to lick her pp…..to he starts licking….and he doesn’t stop until daisy has a strong orgasm!! Then Dad fucks Daisy hard, and cums all over her beautiful Country Girl Tits!!! Daisy is reminded that she better do her chores tomorrow!

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