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Ok” Anabelle says hanging up the phone. Her boyfriend just told her that he’s been seeing another girl. Anabelle is crushed and calls her dad to her. Her father is a famous More »

Sister solving her brother Viagra problem with her teen pussy

Kate’s brother has a BIG PROBLEM. Literally… He dipped into his dad’s Viagra bottle to see what happens, and now his erection won’t go down! When he tells her about it, she More »

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Dear Journal, So we went on a family vacation with Grandpa last week and I had an AAAmazing time. It all started when I was hanging in Grandpas room trying to avoid More »

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Molly is excited. She was finally able to track down her real father. The moment he opens the door she can’t contain herself. “Daddy” she squeals in delight. “Who are you” he More »

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Angie’s son is back after six months of working at an oil exploration site in Northern Alaska. The day he got back he found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him More »

Nasty Taboo Comic

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Scene One: Son’s hormones Molly is doing dishes in her robe when her son Alex walks into the room. He watches her as she bends over to put dishes in the dishwasher. More »

Daddy You’re Dickstracting

Hi Daddy, I’m studying for something really important tomorrow, can you wait a bit? Daddy my studies are really important if you want me to pass. Ok fine let me do something to help you out for a bit so I can study. Your cock is so hard, no wonder you couldn’t wait. The way you swell in my mouth really turns me on Daddy, I can’t wait til later. Thats it daddy cum all over your daughters face and fill my mouth too. Ok Daddy I’ll see you in a few hours when I’m done studying, you’ve got me soo horny now!!

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Forbidden Perversions – Splitting the Inheritance

Stepmom, Jasmine Lau, only recently married into the family. Father might be the head of a multimillion dollar industry, but he is old, ill, and weak. Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but, before Jasmine came along, all of dad’s businesses, his empire, his legacy, were entrusted to his son; but with Jasmine on the scene, the son has been cut out of the will.
Jasmine takes great pride in teasing her stepson, knowing how livid the thought of his father cutting him out of the will makes him. “How badly do you want to share the inheritance?” She asks with a smirk. Of course, her stepson would do anything. “Well, I do have needs you know? I mean, your father looks after me in a material sense, but he leaves me wanting in areas which could perhaps be better addressed by a younger man.”

The deal is simple, fuck your stepmom every day, exactly how she wants to be fucked, and if you succeed in pleasing her, she’ll share the inheritance with you.

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Family Holiday – Fucked on the Couch

When Dallas and Tate decide to spend Christmas meeting one another’s respective families, they have no idea the kind of drama and seduction will unfold. Faced with two very different upbringings and sexual entanglements that are far more complex than either can imagine, they must decide whether their relationship can survive one another’s families.

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Family Holiday – Sex in the Bedroom

When Dallas and Tate decide to spend Christmas meeting one another’s respective families, they have no idea the kind of drama and seduction will unfold. Faced with two very different upbringings and sexual entanglements that are far more complex than either can imagine, they must decide whether their relationship can survive one another’s families.

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Family Holiday

When Dallas and Tate decide to spend Christmas meeting one another’s respective families, they have no idea the kind of drama and seduction will unfold. Faced with two very different upbringings and sexual entanglements that are far more complex than either can imagine, they must decide whether their relationship can survive one another’s families.

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Threesome Taboo: Sister – Brother – Girlfriend

My girlfriend, Liz, and I, have been staying at my sister’s place for the weekend. Ashley and Liz have been having a blast together, hanging out, grabbing drinks, hitting the shops, and pampering themselves. They’ve really bonded, which is so important to me. With Liz coming from Spain the last thing I want is for her to get homesick and feel lonely, so, I’m really happy when I see her make new friends and enjoying herself.

It’s early evening and whilst I’m still out running a few errands, Liz and Ashley are back home, having a girly night in. Liz has tried on some new lingerie she bought this weekend, and, to make Liz feel more at ease, Ashley has dressed in her favourite lingerie set too. Liz is all too happy to show off her new sexy little number for Ashley, and Ashley is keen to put on a bit of a show for Liz. The two of them have obviously felt all sorts of connections over this weekend, because it doesn’t take long for the two of them to start complimenting one another’s breasts. Before long, the two of them are striping one another out of their lingerie and fondling each other’s physiques. Things start to get heated and Liz moves in to kiss Ashley.

The two of them know it’s wrong, after all, Ashley is my sister and Liz is my girlfriend, I mean, it’s a bit taboo isn’t it? But nevertheless, Liz’s desire for Ashley is too much for her to handle, she wants Ashley and she wants her now. Ashley feels the same, and is happy to expertly pleasure Liz. In fact, the two of them are so horny for one another that they take turns making one another cum. Liz and Ashley use their fingers, tongues, and even scissor to bring one another multiple orgasms.

Liz and Ashley are lost in the heat of the exchange, in the heady throws of the a post-orgasmic daze, the two of them lose track of time and are a little surprised when I return home.

I have to confess, I was shocked when I saw the two of them in their night robes, I mean, it was pretty obvious what had just happened. It felt like Liz had cheated on me, but to do that with my sister just confused things. Was it really cheating if it was with another girl? Was it worse that it was with my sister? “What’s your problem?” challenges Liz, “I was horny and you weren’t here. Don’t you think your sister’s beautiful? Don’t you want to see her naked body?”

Of course I do, but I’m conflicted, it is my sister after all. Neither Liz nor Ashley will hear any of it, they are in a hedonistic craze and are thirsty for more action. Liz grabs my hand and makes me run my fingers down my sister’s legs towards her dripping wet pussy. My cock twitches and begins to grow. Ashley notices and grabs hold of it. She takes Liz’s hand and makes her cradle me too. I’m looking down at my sister and my girlfriend gripping my throbbing cock, begging me to fuck them. “Why don’t you get on the bed?” The horniness has gotten the better of me and I am naked and on my back within seconds. Now Liz and Ashley take turns pleasuring me.

From deep, wet, sloppy oral sex, to hard fast fucking, these girls make me feel very comfortable with the idea of fucking my sister. It feels so good, so much so that when Ashley asks me to cum deep inside of her, I do not protest. My sister grinds on my cock furiously, until she drains me of every last drop.

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The Stepsis Conversion

I felt so sexy in the stockings I wore over Halloween that the next morning I slipped them back on and asked my boyfriend to film me taking it up the ass again!
He lubed up first by fucking my pussy and then slipped in so easily up my butt, I was pretty surprised! I think I’m getting better at taking cock up there every day!
I do so love the idea of you all watching me become a dirtier slut, don’t forget to email me any thoughts or suggestions. Love ya! — Vienna Black

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Daughter tricks Daddy to fuck her

NEW Actors Nadya Nabakova and Brandon Ashton, daughter tricks daddy to fuck her, creampie

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Daddy, I Only Want You

Daddy, I caught you! I knew you wanted to play with me… Daddy, don’t lie, I know those are my panties. It’s okay Daddy, we’ll keep it a secret. I won’t tell your girlfriend or Mom, I promise… See Daddy, I knew you’d like it. I’ve thought about this for so long… But Daddy, I don’t want a boyfriend, I only want you….

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Mom Breeds with Son

My baby’s all grown up now. Look at you, about to move out into your own apartment, working a full-time job; you’re no longer my little boy anymore, you’re a man. I’m so proud of you, so strapping and strong. But, darling, I’m going to miss having you around the house. I’m going to be so lonely, this place is going to feel so empty. Having you, my little fella, helped ease the pain of your dad leaving, but now that you’re going too, I’m beside myself. Sweetheart, mommy has a plan – a way we can make sure I’m never lonely – you’re going to make your mom pregnant. Hush now my , don’t protest, you know you want to make mom happy; haven’t you always said that you will do anything for your mom? Baby, drink this and try not to worry, everything is going to be all right.
Good, you’re awake. Now, now, try not to struggle. That’s right baby it’s not possible for you to move, you’re frozen. That was a very special drink mommy made for you, a mixture of Depolarizing agents and Viagra to make sure you’re stiff as a board for mommy. Now, I’m going to milk you for your seed. I want to have your baby. Try not to worry my darling, try to enjoy yourself as mommy rides you.
I’m so proud of you sweetheart, with a load that big, I’m sure to get pregnant with your baby. Now here baby, smell this, and drift back to sleep. When you wake up, you will not remember any of this.

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