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Daddy catches Jessa Rhodes in s skimpy Bikini she wants to wear to the beach. Daddy doesn’t like that idea but Jessa Puts daddy in her holes to keep daddy quiet. she begs daddy to take her every night when mommy is sleeping.
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Thank you for meeting me! I hear you have some information about that mysterious haunted house on the hill? You want me to pay you? Oh dear, I don’t have any money to pay you…Oh! I have an idea! How about I give you a blowjob and then you tell me everything you know about that house! Deal?
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Daughter’s Day Off

Stop yelling at me, I’m not getting up. I don’t care Dad. School is stupid anyway. Just leave me alone… If you really want to talk to me you can do it right here. Because I don’t want to put any clothes on… Like you care, I know you watch me sometimes. Dad, you don’t need to lie to me… I know what you really want….

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