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18yo Sister Makes Me Skip The Gym

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I Can Take Moms Place

I’m sleeping on the couch and my daughter, Tiffany, comes in and wakes me up. She asks if me and her mom are fighting again and that she’s a total bitch. She says she doesn’t know why she doesn’t treat me better, and that I deserve someone who doesn’t make me sleep on the couch in my own house. Than she says she can probably do a good job doing what she does, if not better.. and she wants to show me.

I just got out of the shower and Tiffany’s laying in my bed naked and barely under the sheets. She says it’s exactly what it looks like. When I go to grab my clothes she says no, don’t get dressed. She says she knows we said what we did the other night was only one time, but her mom’s still a bitch, and she is going to give me more than she ever has.

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Bad Moms Cum Everywhere

Mom Finally did it, she left my Dad and today was a special day, the new home tour. I had no idea the type of house she would buy but today I would see the one she chose. This was an amazing new house with brand new everything. New Kitchen, bathroom…everything…There was only one thing that was off…There was only one bed…Mom said it was okay and we could share the bed and have fun whenever we wanted.

As she explained the situation, he clothes also began to fall off. I was still a bit memorized by the new house as she pulled out my cock and began to suck it. Everything would be fine, Mom promised and I let her do her thing. Mom also mentioned there would be some paperwork to sign later with Aunt Cory…I was barely paying attention as I unloaded into Mom’s mouth…Can’t wait for our new beginning and so much more!

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Sister Give It A Shot

What is Nick up to now? A photo shoot? Nuh-uh. Well, I guess if it’s for his university I better be a good step-sis and help him out. Nick’s been working very very hard. All work and no play for my big step-bro. I think he deserves a close-up shot for all of his hard work. It’s time for Nick to stop hiding behind that camera…

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Playing For Pussy

Mackenzie Moss has always had a bit of a thing for her stepbrother Alex Legend, and it turns out that she hasn’t been alone in that unfulfilled desire. When Mackenzie and Alex get caught up increasing the stakes of their card games, their desire finally breaks free. They agree that the loser will do whatever the winner wants, but along the way they challenge each other to increasingly intimate bets. Mackenzie flashes her tittles at the window, then gets Alex to whip his dick out to do the same…

When Alex returns, he finds Mackenzie naked and ready to take what she’s been wanting. She takes his cock in hand to stroke him off, then leans in for a lusty BJ. Turning around, Mackenzie spreads her ass cheeks so Alex can see the whole show and then moans in delight as he pushes into her from behind. Then she keeps on living out her fantasies by climbing onto Alex’s stiffie and riding him, first in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl as she lets his big hips guide her rhythm. Settling in on the couch on her back, Mackenzie watches with satisfied eyes as Alex continues to make himself at home inside her. She pulls her knees back, opening herself up completely. That last little bit of penetration brings Alex right to the brink of cumming. He pulls out at the last time, jizzing on Mackenzie’s belly and twat and leaving Mackenzie thinking that they should play that card game every day.

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Sister has a bratty attitude

Danni Rivers is the type of girl who thinks she can get anything she wants whenever she wants it. She is super hot, so it is no surprise she has a bratty attitude. But when she starts making fun of her stepbrothers cock in the bathroom, he wants to prove that he is a grower not a shower. His cock gets nice and hard and soon Danni gets the urge to taste it. She gets down on her knees to suck his dick! Later, Danni is doing laundry when her stepbrother wants to do his own load. She refuses to leave, so he fucks her from behind on the washing machine! A couple days later, Danni is looking for a snack when her horny stepbrother comes sniffing…

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Stop Sis… Mom is Right There

Sis loves to tease and taunt me at the worst possible times!! And mom almost caught us this time while Chloe was blowing me in the kitchen! Good thing she left so me and sis could go into the bedroom and have some forbidden family fun! My younger sister arches her back with her ass in the air “I want you inside of me!” she begged me to stretch out her tight pussy! Watch as I fuck my slutty little sister, making her cum all over my shaft. She gets on top and slides her wet cunt down onto my throbbing cock. I love watching Chloe ride me, she looks so sexy taking my big juicy cock! Finally, I flip sis onto her back and pound her perfect hole until I blow my load inside of her!

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Sister Shows Her Brother How To Fuck The Ladies

Alex Coal has a shy step brother that is just not confident enough with the ladies and he needs some help! He is desperate. She decides to let him have his way with her and she will give him some tips along the way. He licks on her pussy and she wants her clit paid attention too as well. You can never forget the clit! Jake gets better and better and soon Alex wants to see that cock of his in her mouth. She gets it nice and wet before instructing him to get on the bed so she can ride that cock while he holds her up! She makes him fuck her and then she fucks him right back! Alex thinks Jake will do just fine being a gigolo.

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Mother & Son’s Discovery

After some time living on their own without dad, a mother a son discover they both have new feelings for each other….

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Horny for Stepdad – Daddy Cum on my Bear

This is the sequel to “Daddy’s Little Girl Scout”. In this scene, Summer is using her plush toy pig puppet to play with her 19 year old pussy. Daddy finds her and is perplexed by her choices. Summer asks if maybe they can do what they did last time again. Daddy is of course completely 100% into that so he gets a little oil has a good time with this gorgeous little vixen. Summer is so happy and shows it with her glowing smile while she creams all over Daddy’s fat prick as it stretches her out. Such fun! ***Note from Laz….**** The scene is wrapped up with an EPIC Facial that shoots about 2 feet away and splats on her unsuspecting face. This causes her to start cracking up which causes us to start cracking up.

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