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Mother’s Female Anatomy

Rachel had the body of an athlete; she worked hard at the pool! Rachel came out of the water, skin glistening in the warm sun, nipples erect and hard. He could see her mound of bush through her bottoms and a slight shape of her pussy lips. Rachel sat next to him flirting and showing off her body. Michael ran off angry and embarrassed at his erection. Rachel knew it was time for a chat; she sat him down on the lanai and gave him a little speech. She told him about her needs and that woman’s bodies are to be appreciated and desired. She decided to make him feel that way while looking at her. Rachel pulled her son’s cock out and gave him a long slow tease jerk until he exploded. Rachel saw how easy that was to train him and knew that she’d do it again. The next morning Rachel searched for her watch; she was clad in stockings, garter, a push up bra and sexy heels. Her robe was open as she flew into the living room where Michael sat. He quickly scolded her for the inappropriate attire in front of him. Rachel reminded him a woman’s body is for pleasure and to honor, and she sat next to him making him nervous and erect. Rachel told him to make her pussy cum. She guided him through the steps, showing and telling him how to make her cream on his hand. Rachel came HARD. She then left for work leaving Michael hard and blue balled. As Rachel dressed for work she found a dildo, and with a few minutes to spare she took advantage and began to pleasure herself. Thoughts of Michael flooded her head, so she called out for him. Michael didn’t know what was in store for him. Rachel reminded him to worship her body, with that she had him stripped and ready to fuck. They fucked like rabbits, and Michael pulled out a few times so not to cum to fast. Rachel instructed him how to fuck her good. She came several times as he hit her G-spot. When he exploded Rachel was satisfied. Rachel finally had Michael comfortable with her anatomy.

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Daughter’s Nocturnal Desires

Amanda’s Mom and Dad are in bed reading… talking about regular household chores… bringing the car into the shop… picking up groceries etc., when suddenly they get a shock…Amanda wanders into their bedroom and she is sound asleep! Mom notices that she is sleepwalking and tells Dad to be quiet not to wake her up. It turns out Amanda is having an erotic dream about her boyfriend Geoff, “Geoff I’m so horny and my parents are away for the weekend, I’m going to fuck your brains out!!”. Mom’s jaw drops, “John, she thinks she’s with her boyfriend, she’s having an erotic dream”. Amanda begins to disrobe and pulls back the covers to reveal her Dad’s cock. She bends down and begins to suck. Dad is horrified but Mom reminds him it’s dangerous to wake a sleepwalker and tells Dad that he better just let her finish. Dad quietly suffers through the blowjob hoping Amanda will be satisfied and go to bed but to his horror Amanda climbs on his cock and begins to ride him. Amanda rides him backwards and frontwards until she experiences an explosive orgasm after which she casually climbs off her Dad’s cock, puts on her pajamas and with a sigh of content sleepwalks back to her own bedroom. Mom and Dad go back to reading their books.

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Seduced by my Daughter Over and Over Again

*Alex- Can I sleep with you tonight daddy?* -I am laying in bed almost asleep, my wife works a late shift so don’t expect the bedroom door to open. Its Alex, “daddy, I don’t want to sleep alone, can I sleep in her with you since mom isn’t home?” I nod, “Thank you daddy, only, you probably don’t know since you don’t tuck me in anymore, I don’t wear anything when I sleep.” She looks nervous, but opens her robe. “is it ok that I am naked?” She climbs in bed and puts her head on my lap, rubbing my leg and, then she feels how hard I am, she wants to take care of it…
*Alex – Daddy, can you rub my back pleeese?*- (True mounted POV) I hear Alex calling me, I go to her room, she wants me to rub her back, and massage her. She tells me to go lower, she moves her hips as I massage her, little soft almost innocent moans, moving her hips more, more moans, somehow she gets me to slide her shorts off…
*Alex – Let’s Work out together daddy* – I am in our little home gym in the garage, I need to just work out and get rid of some stress. My little Alex comes in, tiny work out shorts and shirt, bare feet, she wants to work out with me. I can’t help but watch her, her body is so firm, she knows I am looking, she wants me to hold her feet for sit ups. I am practically between her legs, then she is holding my legs but she lets her hands go where they shouldn’t…

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Mother’s Regrets

Pastor Rachel Steele receives a call from a member of her congregation. He wants her to talk to his son Tyler. The young man has been behaving very badly of late. When Pastor Steele calls round, she arranges for her and Tyler to be alone in the house for a couple of hours. Such privacy, she feels, will encourage him to open up about his feelings. The pastor’s instincts prove correct. Immediately she hits it off with Tyler and soon learns what is bothering him. The young man is troubled that he was adopted and does not know who his mother is. Feeling a kind of emptiness inside, he cannot focus on school or form meaningful relationships with others. Often he daydreams about his mother – wondering what she is like. He has even developed a MILF fixation. Every time he sees an attractive, busty, hot-assed woman over 35, he gets turned on. This leaves him feeling especially attracted to Pastor Steele herself. For her own part, Rachel can relate to Tyler’s sadness at being separated from his mother. She suffered a heart-breaking separation of her own when she was younger. Back then she had fallen pregnant and was forced to give up her son just moments after he was born. Although she recalls the heart-breaking episode while listening to Tyler, she does not tell him about it. Instead she puts a compassionate arm around his shoulder – giving as much comfort to herself as to Tyler. The consequences of Pastor Steele’s action has unexpected results. Aroused to boldness by the nearest of her alluring body, Tyler cannot help but make a pass. Pastor Steele is taken aback yet strangely unable to resist his advances. She feels an uncanny electric thrill as Tyler touches her breasts and legs. For some reason she feels incredibly drawn to him. It as as if there is a special connection between them. Years of religious self-discipline and thinking suddenly count for nothing to the long-celibate woman. Nervously at first, then with ever-increasing horniness, she begins returning Tyler’s passionate attentions. She gasps excitedly as he exposes her nipple and sucks on it while he guides her hand down to cup the huge cock-bulge in his pants. What if his father comes home? – Pastor Steele asks Tyler in a last moment of hesitance. Seconds afterwards, she recalls that he won’t be back for a long time. The last psychological hurdle is passed. From then on, the mad, wild encounter gets going in earnest. Tyler pulls out his big cock and eventually convinces Pastor Steele to wrap her pretty lip around its girth and fuck her mouth deep and sensually along its length. Much exquisite oral pleasuring later, the young man helps her to strip off. Stood only in her garters and stockings, Pastor Steele welcomes having Tyler finger her pussy and kiss her naked breasts before laying her back on a couch, parting her long sleek legs, and thrusting his cock far into her hot, clenching depths. A series of loud, torrid, sweaty fucks ensue in the missionary, cowgirl and doggy-positions. At the same time, Tyler and Pastor Steele slip into a kinky a piece of roleplay. They become mother and son – addressing each other as such during their wild, taboo-filled dirty-talk. It is therapeutic for both of them. It is their way of striving to have the ultimate connection with the loved ones whom they have been separated from for so long. When Tyler is at last ready to cum, Pastor Steele kneels worshipfully before his spurting cock, her tongue outstretched. Her lustful, fuck-dishevelled appearance is a million miles from the reserved look she is known for in her community. This is more the case than ever when her mouth is filled, her face is coated, and her breasts are splattered with Tyler’s massive load. Later, however, she and Tyler clean themselves thoroughly and get dressed so that his father will never guess what has taken place. While they are waiting, Pastor Steele asks out of curiosity if Tyler has any adoption papers. Upon seeing them and reading their details – the hospital where he was born, etc – she exclaims in amazement. All of them prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that pastor Steele herself is Tyler’s mother – and that he is her long-lost son! Both of them are filled with joy and awkwardness at the news. Their mother-son reunion must be one of the craziest in history!

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Oops, a kitchen accident with mother!

If you had a mother in law this hot and good-looking, would you let her do the dishes in the house? Probably not! You’d probably chase her around the place drooling over her gorgeous body. This dude here however didn’t care much about the dishes thing. One day he came to the kitchen and saw her near the sink. Next minute, oops, a splash of water landed on her mini. He was polite enough to help her dry it off, something clicked, the air got thicker, and the next thing he knew she was on her knees with his boner in her mouth! They fucked all over the kitchen and it stank of sex when his wife came around…

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Incest Family Vacation

Ashley and Cory have just checked into their hotel and sit back to relax on the bed. Mother and daughter talk about their Daddy giving them money to do whatever they want. If it makes him happy it makes us happy they say. They kiss and strip off their tops finally alone to make love to one another.
Mother and daughter lick each others pussies and play with their large breasts. Edging themselves while they wait for daddy to get back. He’s going to be taking care of us Cory tells her daughter.

Scene Two: Not an accident

Cory has left to go work out with your daughter but when you open the bathroom door Ashley’s there, naked and stepping out of the shower. Why didn’t she lock the door? Later you catch her putting on her panties on the couch getting ready to go. Why don’t you come over here daddy? she asks.
Your daughter gets to her knees and sucks you off. She wants your cum before she goes to work out. With a loving smile she sucks you and swallows you all down.

Scene Three:Happy birthday daddy

We thought we’d give you your birthday present early Your wife tells you. She stands next to your sexy daughter an proposes having fun with both of them. She pulls off your daughters tight clothes and the girls suck your cock dressed only in their underwear.
They strip naked as they worship you and give your the birthday you deserve. Are you ready Cory asks you as Ashley gets on top of you and fucks you with her tight pussy. As your about to cum Cory takes your cock out of her daughters pussy and puts it in her mouth sucking your cum. They kiss and share your load, both enjoying you. Happy birthday.

Scene Four: Homework with daddy

Cory asks you to make sure Ashley does her homework while she’s away. Come on dad, let’s fuck. We can do homework later Ashley tells you stripping down to her black underwear. You fuck her tight pussy and watch her huge breasts bounce as she begs her daddy to fuck her.
I want you to cum in my mouth She says getting on her knees and sticking out her tongue as you shoot all over her face. Cory comes back home mad that no homework got done but gives her daughter a kiss to taste your cum anyway.

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Mother’s Lesson

Loving mom Rachel became concerned about her son Dylan after she overheard him on the phone with his girlfriend. The young tramp was giving him a hard time, complaining that he did not please her sexually because he kept cumming too soon. Later, Rachel went to his room where he lay moping on his bed. Although she knew what was bothering him, she persuaded him tell it to her in his own words. Dylan responded by shyly confessing to her that his girlfriend had shaken his confidence and made him feel bad about his sexual inexperience. Being an ever-supportive mom, Rachel tried hard to put Dylan’s mind at rest. Among other things she admitted that her own sex-life with his father was not great. It had been over two years since they had last done it. Following the talk, when she was alone, Rachel fumed aloud about the way her son’s girlfriend had treated him. She considered her nothing but insensitive trash. Now Rachel had to rebuild her son’s damaged self esteem. Her plan for doing so was very unusual and taboo, but she believed it would be good for Dylan and herself. She had gotten the idea after her pussy had gotten all wet from hearing him talk about his sex life. The mere recollection of it caused her to run her hands hornily over her shapely body. Afterwards, Rachel paid another visit to Dylan. This time she wore a sexy robe that caught his eye with its plunging neckline. Sitting herself next to him on the bed, she told a little fib about trying to find him some sex-education material. Unfortunately, none of it was satisfactory. In any case, Rachel believed that the best way for a person to learn something was by actually doing it. She then made her wild suggestion to Dylan. She herself would teach him how to fuck and please a woman, and also how to control when came. To further persuade her son, she flashed him her awesome cleavage, then opened up her robe to herself in a tight-fitting nightie. Dylan took one look at his mom and knew he was going to accept her offer. She was cute, sexy, and utterly irresistible. From that moment on, slowly, at first, mother and son began their special taboo lesson. Tentative kissing and touching became passionate kissing and fondling. Off came Rachel’s nightie, then her bra and panties. In just her stockings and garters, she told her son to kneel behind her and play with her big, naked breasts. She then lay back, parted her legs to expose her pussy, and instructed him on how to lick and pleasure it. Baby, you just made your mom cum! she murmured happily after the young man has succeeded at his task. She then sucked his cock until it was hard and fuck-ready. The first taboo penetration came in the missionary position – son holding mother’s long, hose-clad legs open as he thrusts deep into her. Next up was some intense action in the doggy-position. Alternately reaching around to cup his panting mom’s tits and hold on to her hips, he fucked her tight, clenching pussy over and over, making her gasp and moan. I cannot believe my own son is doing it to me! – Rachel says with delight. Dylan himself was having the time of his life. Nor was the fucking over. He still got to have his mother ride his cock from on top. Thanks to her instructions and encouragement throughout the lesson, he managed not to cum early. However, relief finally arrived when he got to blow his load right into his mother’s sucking mouth. She presented a wicked picture dribbling the white stuff onto the tops her tits. The lesson over, Rachel turned to her son and informed him that he had proven himself a wonderful lover. She had no idea why his girlfriend had been critical of him. Indeed, he would be better of without her. Rachel wanted her son all to herself now. There were still plenty of sexual things she wanted to show him. Dylan could be with any time he wanted. He only had to promise one thing: never to tell his father!

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Father and daughter before birthday

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Father takes his daughter in the process

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Hot chubby daughter with large soft hooters rides her own father

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