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Nephew to the Rescue Incest

Rachel had been widowed for years. She had a huge farm to keep up and it was just too much for her. She called her sister for help. Kevin her nephew, came to Rachel to help her. He had not seen her in years. Kevin arrived and was shocked at how stunningly beautiful his aunt was. Rachel showed Kevin around the farm and he went to work fixing the barn. He had been having sexual thoughts about her. Rachel was so happy to have him there, she was very lonely and had not realized how nice it was to have a man around again. One afternoon Kevin saw Rachel crying on her bed. Rachel was missing her husband and Kevin’s presence reminded her of him. Kevin entered her room and asked her what was wrong. Rachel tried to wipe away her tears and act like everything was alright but it came out how lonely she had been. Kevin knew she was venerable and began to console his hot lonely aunt. Rachel was reluctant when he made his move. She fell into his arms and could not resist. Before she knew it, he was removing her clothes and kissing her. Rachel’s passion got the best of her and she went for it. He was a grown man so she let it happen. His cock was huge and fully erect. Rachel eagerly sucked her young nephew until she was soaking wet. Kevin straddled her and tit fucked his horny aunt. Rachel sucked the head of his cock as it slid in between her voluptuous breasts. He came hard as Rachel opened her mouth to catch all of his hot load. They both smiled. Kevin asked Rachel if there was anything else she needed fixed.

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Daddys Surprise Visit – Sadie’s Daddy Desires

Dear Diary
So I was at school almost 2 weeks when Daddy dropped by for a visit. I was dying to feel his cock again but I had class soon so it had to be quick. He fucked me on my dorm counter and made me cum hard. Rushing made Daddy lose control though and he jizzed deep inside me. That wasn’t good since I’m not on the pill but at least if I wind up pregnant we’re not genetically related.

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Daddy I’m Addicted – Daddy Will It Hurt

Dear Journal,
After Daddy and I had our “Talk” I was almost ready for my boyfriend when he dumped me. I was on my bed in tears when Daddy came in to see what was wrong. When I told him he began to massage me and before I knew it I was sucking his cock. Daddy teased and fingered my pussy til I was ready for his cock then he took me from behind. He made me cum a few times then let me get on top and have some control. I rode him like a girl possessed and came hard a few more times. Daddy grabbed my throat and fucked me while I was laying on him which made me cum really hard. Daddy then threw me on the dresser and pounded me til we both exploded…… He came inside me again too.
I’m Really Nervous Now,
Love Jennifer

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Jenna’s Family Tradition Lead To An Unexpected Surprise

Dear Diary,
While Lola was gone one weekend I decided to make something nice for her and started looking around in the attic. I found a chest full of books and pictures among our old toys and started reading. I made some pretty interesting and arousing discoveries about the family and just had t talk to daddy. I sat next to him on the couch and revealed what I’d found. Daddy could tell I was aroused and quickly took control of the situation. Before I knew what was going on Daddy and I fulfilled a family tradition right down to an unexpected creampie and I’m not on the pill. Even if I get pregnant it was worth it for this family tradition.
Xo Jenna

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Daddy I am so horny! I want your cock so deep inside of me. But I am so close to giving birth that we can’t risk having sex. I still want your cum and will do anything else to get it. Tell you what why don’t you get out your big daddy dick and stroke it for me while I rub my pussy and pregnant belly. Yes Daddy please jerk for your daughter. I love my Daddy’s cock so much and wish you could stick it inside me. You have been fucking me for over a year now and I still can’t get enough of it. You know Daddy we haven’t really talked about it and I have been waiting for the right time. I know you have wondered who the baby Daddy is. I have only had sex with you and we never use protection so guess what? YOU ARE THE DADDY!!! Isn’t that great! Aren’t your proud of your baby girl? I see how much that turns you on! Now give me that Cock! I want your cum all over my baby belly!!! This is a very Hot TABOO “PREGNANT” Fetish clip. This clip includes PREGNANT, TABOO, FAMILY SEX, DADDY DAUGHTER, HANDJOB, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, JOI, and CUM ON PREGNANT BELLY!!!

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Cadence Lux – Father Forgive Me

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Nikki Daniels – Kinky Wedding Day

The morning of his wedding day, Kyle finds himself pulled back into a forbidden affair with his stepsister, Allison.

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Victoria and her Brother Richie have a predicament in common. They have both recently broken up with their “significant others’….and they are home watching TV together. The two Siblings engage in small talk….and somehow the conversation brings out the fact that both are….well…..HORNY!!! After a good laugh…Richie tells his Sister about a Documentary he recently saw about a culture….in Africa….where it is common for Siblings of the same Tribe to engage in….Sexual Intercourse with each other….in other words….TABOO!!! Victoria leans forward….her interest peaked…..”really!!! that is so weird…..I’ve never heard of that”. The two Siblings decide that, if other cultures can permit and tolerate such behaviour….and since they are SO Horny….why not??? They both vow to never, ever tell anyone…..and then they begin to….Fuck Each Other’s Brains Out!! Victoria Sucks her Brother’s cock….Richie eats out his Sister’s Pussy….they Fuck….and Fuck….and Fuck….until Richie unloads into his baby Sister’s mouth!! “I’m never gonna get another boyfriend again!!!” Victoria proclaims with semen dripping down her chin.

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Please fuck Momys ass, baby!

Scene 1: Wenona is in her bedroom, admiring herself in the mirror. She’s in shape, she looks hot, and she knows it. We’re looking at her through a crack in the door. She notices movement at the doorway and glances over, and we pull back. She walks out of her room, down the hall to her son’s room, where he’s sprawled out on his bed. “What the fuck?” she says. Her son expresses surprise. “You know what you were doing. You were spying on me, again, you little fucking pervert!” He tries to deny it, but she says, “look, I heard you, and here you are with that fucking hard-on.” Her nipples are hard, and there is a moment of silence as she takes in his cock in his shorts.

“What are you doing, Mom?” her son asks. “What, you don’t like it now that the shoe is on the other foot? Well, let me see it. Take off your shorts. Mommy wants to see your cock.” He continues to resist, but Wenona merely grabs his legs and pulls them to the side of the bed. She then crawls onto her son’s legs, and undoes his shorts. Then gets off of him, sticks her tits in his face, and slides her hand under the waistband of his shorts, grabbing his cock. “Jeezus… Did Mom do this to you? You know you’re going to have to be punished.” And she then straddles his face, forcing her crotch onto his mouth. She rubs her pussy and ass in his face, and pulls off his shorts. “Clean Mom’s pussy and ass, Luke and I’ll suck this hard cock for you.” She makes herself cum on his face, and blows him until he cums.

Scene 2: The door opens and junior comes in. We hear Wenona call to him, and he walks into her room with a bottle of massage oil next to her. She says, “Mom had a tough workout at the gym today, darling, and while I could have gotten a massage while I was there, I figured, why should I pay for it when I have you here to do it for me!” Her son balks, saying, “I don’t think we should.” And she commands, “get your ass over here to the bed and give mommy a massage, dammit!” He comes over, and starts giving her a half-hearted back rub. “The more half-assed you do this, son, the longer I’m going to make you do it.”

He starts doing it in earnest, rubbing her legs, her back, her shoulders, sliding his hands up and down the inside of her legs and ass. She says, “Get out of your clothes, I want you to use the full weight of your body against me.” He strips down and covers himself in oil, rubbing himself against her – and he can’t help but start humping her from behind. She starts moaning, “that’s it! That’s what Mom wants.” And she grabs his cock and guides it into her. Junior starts pumping Wenona, pulling himself into her hips. He stops, and starts massaging her ass cheeks, dipping his fingers between them, and full of massage oil and pussy wetness, starts fingering her ass. Wenona starts hunching back against his fingers, loving it… “You wanna fuck this ass, Baby? You wanna fuck Mom’s ass? Then be a man and do it!” He slips his cock into her ass and starts fucking her, finally feeling powerful… He cums deep inside her.

Scene 3: Junior is on the computer when Wenona comes in. She leans against the doorway, and thinking of her son’s thick cock, starts playing with herself. She says to him, sweetly, “Mother needs you, baby.” But Junior ignores her, since he’s now in charge, she needs him. “Please baby!” He turns towards her, and pulls down his shorts, motioning for her to come over and start sucking. As she kneels down in front of him, he starts talking dirty to her, “You love sucking your Son’s cock, don’t you Mom? You just can’t get enough of it!” She murmurs yes, and he pulls her off his cock, turning her onto her hands and knees, pressing her head towards the floor. He starts fucking her from behind, and she’s loving it, telling him how much she loves being her son’s fuckslut. He pulls out of her pussy and starts teasing her ass, telling her that she needs to beg him to fuck it. “Please fuck Mom’s ass, baby!”. And he does, softly, teasingly at first, but then roughly, just the way she wants it. He finishes by painting her tongue with his cum.

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Krissy Lynn – Were You Spying on Me?

I had a feeling you have been spying on me when I come home from work and undress. Ever since your father and I married I sometimes feel like an object on display in this house the way you stare at me. Your lingering looks don’t make me uncomfortable at all. I love the way I look in my own skin and from that bulge growing in your pants it appears you like what you see as well. The only thing I can’t quite understand is why you aren’t out spying on girls your own age. There must be voluptuous girls in your college that you can secretly stalk. I never imagined my stepson would be so enamored with me. Since you got quite the long show of me in the shower, I feel I should get a show in return. I want to see you pull your erect penis from your pants and stroke it for me. I may or may not decide to intervene and finish the stroke job myself. I’m not quite sure yet what to do with you but, start stroking stepson!

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