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Mother Daughter Milk Brother

Rachel caught her son Allen jerking his cock while peeking at his own sister changing. Rachel grabbed him by his ear and pushed him into Leihla’s room. Leihla was shocked that he was doing that. Rachel and her daughter had enough of his perverted thoughts and actions; it was time to take matters in their hands. Rachel pushed him on the bed and pulled his underwear off. Allen was hard as a rock. They both laughed at his weakness and began sucking his cock. Mother and daughter took turn jerking and sucking him while humiliating him verbally. Allen got hornier by all this. Leihla stripped naked and his mother whipped out her tits smashing them in his face. Rachel masturbated while she watched her daughter suck her son’s cock. Allen wanted to explode. Rachel knew this and quickly got face to face with her daughter and ordered her son to give them all of his cum. Now he is drained and will be obedient for them. Rachel told him he would wash all their used panties with his tongue.

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Alina West – Tiny Stepsis Gets Wrecked

Alina watched a scary movie before bed and she ran to her big step-brothers room for protection and comfort. Brick, her step-brother, wasnt having it and told her to go count sheep but Alinas persistence finally paid off and he let her sleep next to him in the bed. This wasnt enough for her though as she insisted that her big strong step-brother cuddle with her to help her sleep big spoon style. Alina started wiggling her butt on Bricks cock and he didnt know what the fuck was going on – until she asked him if she could suck on his already swollen meat! He decided to enjoy this blowjob since he was probably gonna get killed by their parents and then decided to turn his little step-sis into a pincushion for his junk! Alina got annihilated by Bricks man meat like she always wanted and this tiny spinner chick got flipped and fucked until she was sprayed by a wave of jizzum all over her face!

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Guess Who is Fucking you?

Kendra’s Parents, Margo & Richard are getting ready for a night of Kinky sex. Margo is tying her husband down to the bed….blindfolding him….and is going to fuck his brains out in very kinky fashion. As soon as Margo gets Richard tied down….and is about to start their deviant sexual encounter….the phone rings!!! Margo goes to answer it….and wouldn’t you know it….there is an emergency at her Office!!! Margo has to run out the door….completely forgetting that she is leaving her husband blindfolded and tied up. When Margo doesn’t return….Richard starts to get worried…and begins calling for her. Kendra follows the sound of her Dad’s voice down the hall….and peers into her Parent’s bedroom to discover the shocking site of her Dad blindfolded and tied up. Kendra can’t help but notice her Daddy’s cock….and she is quite intrigued. Kendra approached Dad’s cock and begins to play with it….even putting it in her mouth. Richard has no idea that his Daughter is the one sucking his cock….he presumes, of course…that Margo has returned. Kendra climbs on her Dad’s erect penis and fucks him!!! Richard can’t believe the great Fuck he is getting….Margo’s pussy has never felt so good to him!!! Kendra finishes her Daddy off by taking his cum into her mouth….and then quietly sneaking away. Eventually Margo returns home….completely apologetic to her husband for forgetting about him….but Richard tells her that “somebody” fucked him good!!! They speculate that it must have been the horny Lady who lives next door. Margo callsKendra in to ask if Mrs Wilkinson had come to the house earlier….and with cum still on her chin….Kendra tells her Mom that the neighbour did not drop by. For Mom & Dad….the mystery continues!!!

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Power and Influence in Family

Rachel had been married for only a short time when her husband passed away. In the aftermath, her stepson unexpectedly granted her control of the family company of which his father had been boss. He also gave Rachel written authorization to transfer valuable company assets to her account. The step-son then took a leave of absence. No one had seen, or heard from, him since. Presently the auditor of the company came to see Rachel. He had noticed some irregularities on the books, and hoped she might be able to explain them. Rachel was all charm towards him. She made him a drink, and sweetly dismissed all of his concerns. Her look was most alluring – thanks to a sexy red dress that emphasized her shapely figure, and some stockings that showed off her sleek legs. As the meeting progressed, the auditor grew drowsy. This was Rachel’s doing. Sneakily she had spiked his drink to throw him off asking one too many probing questions. She had good reason for not wanting him to find out the answers. With his guard lowered, she set about getting some kind of control over him. She found out that he had recently married a pretty young lady. She learned, too, that he had the final say as to whether the irregularities would be properly investigated or not. Next she flirted with him – drawing his attention to her body – laying a hand on his lap or his leg. Slurring, the auditor commented that it must have been a shock for Rachel to lose her husband so soon after their marriage. Little did he know that Rachel was actually responsible for it. She had switched her husband’s heart-medication for a dangerous stimulant. The auditor next expressed surprise that her stepson had not taken over the company himself. It was common knowledge that he and Rachel had not gotten along. The comment caused Rachel to vividly recall an encounter between her and her step-son. She was wearing a tight pink sweater and an equally tight skirt. A hair-band added a touch of cuteness. She looked every bit a sweet and innocent woman. Meanwhile, her step-son was addressing her angrily – insisting that she would not receive anything that had belonged to his late father. In vain she tried to calm him down. But she did get him to have one of her specially mixed-drinks. From that point on, the step-son’s defiance quickly weakened. Rachel then saw herself coming on to the semi-awake young man – manipulating him with a woman’s ultimate weapon: sex. She was stripped down to some hot lingerie; her ample breasts were lifted out of the bra. After a moment of posing provocatively for her step-son, she drew close, giving him her nipples to suckle on. Then she started stroking and sucking on his big, hard cock. Sometimes, she broke off her sensual pleasuring to tell him how nice it would be if he signed the family company over to her. The step-son tried to resist this influence, but his will had grown weak. Rachel whispered, Mommy knows best, to him over and again until he came to believe her. The spiked drink had made him docile. Rachel herself made him utterly obedient – through the power of her siren voice and the magical touch of her hands and mouth. Soon she was able to make him sign the many legal papers that gave her control of the family company. The step-son was so far gone that he did not know – and would never remember – what he had done. Rachel had expertly manipulated him through his cock – like a puppeteer pulling strings. Her goal achieved, she was just about to cast the young man aside, when he suddenly offered further useful information in the hopes of extending his playtime with her. Rachel was intrigued at his mention of secret company accounts and hidden family assets. Immediately she attended to his cock again – subjecting him to his most awesome stroking and sucking yet. Eventually she succeeded in milking her step-son of all remaining details concerning his late father’s finances. This included all manner of passwords and codes for accessing the company’s secret funds. She continued to jerk and suck him until he exploded in her mouth and on her face. Shortly after that, the naked stepson slumped back and become motionless. Rachel then phoned a mysterious accomplice and announced that The Plan had worked. She said the step-son would not be a problem. He was going on an extended trip. No one would miss him, and no one would ever find him. Her mind returning to the present, Rachel saw that the auditor had just finished his drink. He was very light-headed, relaxed and mellow. His gaze fixed on Rachel’s hands as they moved rhythmically over her stocking-covered thighs. He lost his chain-of-thought as Rachel repeatedly cooed that he had nothing to worry about. Her hand movements and voice reinforced the subliminal message. Then she raised her dress to adjust her stocking clip. Fascinated, the auditor was unable to drag his eyes from it. Rachel behaved as if the surreal scene was normal. She told the auditor how lucky he was to have such a pretty young wife. He mumbled agreement, spellbound by her stockinged-legs – which had begun rubbing against him. All of a sudden, Rachel suggested they get more comfortable, and unfastened the top of her dress. The auditor looked on in wonder as she next pushed down her sexy bra to reveal her lovely big tits. Seconds later, the auditor had his face happily pressed in their delicious, soft, full warmth. He took the greatest pleasure in kissing and licking them. Then Rachel turned her attention to his cock and started to stroke and suck it. The auditor was too overwhelmed to feel guilty at this first ever act of adultery. Presently Rachel handed him his phone and suggested he call his office to tell them there was no need for any further investigation into the transfer of the company’s assets. While he waited for his assistant to note down his message, Rachel continued to slowly suck his cock, her tongue swirling, flicking and licking all over it. She even took his length deep down into her throat as a reward for his confirming that no investigation would be launched. She then mischievously removed her panties, spread her legs wide, and invited the auditor to take her. She wanted to keep as firm a hold on him as possible. Soon the auditor was passionately ploughing his cock into her hot tight pussy. The thrilling vigor of his performance tested even Rachel’s cool self-control. She encouraged him on, enjoying his enthusiasm and stamina and the sweet feel of every smooth, hard cock-thrust. For a long time the pair went at it: fucking twice doggy style, then once reverse cowgirl, and once regular-cowgirl. There was much groaning and gasping, and slapping of body against body; much sexy heaving and swaying of Rachel’s big tits. Finally, she kneeled before the auditor, eyes smiling. She jerked, rubbed and licked his cock while squeezing his balls. The auditor’s satisfaction was complete as he blasted a huge load over her tits. Rachel wiped it off with a pair of panties, then told him to go take a shower. While he was gone, she again called her accomplice. She announced that the investigation would not go ahead, and that all the assets were now safely theirs. There would be no more interference. With the auditor’s DNA on her panties, Rachel had plenty of compromising evidence to keep in permanently in line. She already had them in a sealed plastic wrap. She knew the auditor would do anything to prevent his pretty little wife from about his and Rachel’s sexual shenanigans. Boundlessly wicked and sly, she had succeeded in committing the perfect crime.

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Brother Sister Lust

Ashlynn nd her older brother Giovanni had been secretly lusting after each other for years. They shared a bedroom and as they got older it became difficult to continue to repress their sexual feelings. One evening Ashlynn heard her brother in the bed room moaning. She snuck a peek through the partially opened door. He was lying on his bed slowly stroking his cock. His eyes were closed as he masturbated thinking of her. Ashlynn felt herself become aroused and put her hand down her pants to rub her swollen pussy. He came out and watched TV. Ashlynn went into the bedroom and began masturbating herself thinking of him. She purposely left the door cracked. He heard her softly moan and went to peek. When he saw his sister’s pussy open and her fingers rubbing her clit he became hard. He stroked his cock watching her. That night they went to sleep. Ashlynn had a nightmare and awoke. She went to her brother’s bed and told him she was scared. He invited her to cuddle with him. Ashlynn crawled into her brother’s bed into his arms. He held her assuring her it was just a bad dream and she was safe. She felt warm in his arms. Ashlynn felt his cock hard against her back. She pressed her ass close to his cock. He was aware of what was going on. He pushed up closer to her for encouragement. They did not exchange words but they both had the same feelings. Ashlynn took a chance; she reached over and slipped her hand down his pajama bottoms. His cock was big and hard. She moved her hand up and down stroking him. He said something and she told him to be quiet. She sat up pulled the blanket down and put his cock in her mouth. He laid back and felt his sister’s hot mouth suck his cock. They knew it was right. She lay down and he took her clothes off. He could not wait another minute. He mounted his willing sister missionary. She opened her legs and arms to take him inside her. Giovanni thrust his cock in her for only a few minutes before he felt his urge to explode. Her pussy was white with cum as he pulled out and jerked off on her face. Ashlynn smiled and went to the bathroom to rinse off. She crawled back in her bed and they said good night. Ashlynn let out a sigh of relief, Giovanni had a peaceful smile on his face. The lust they had endured finally came true.


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Daddy’s Dirty Dream With His Slutty Daughter

Daddy fell asleep dreaming about his little girl. She was all grown up now and he fantasized sexually about her all the time. He jacked off smelling her panties and peeked when she showered. Shirley knew how to push his buttons and she purposely teased him to get whatever she wanted. She went into his bedroom one night and stripped off her night dress. His cock was hard. Shirley baby talked to him and asked him what he fantasized about. He told her he wanted her to suck his cock. She smiled and sucked. He fingered her sweet wet pussy. Shirley moaned and told him how good he made her feel. She asked him what else he wanted. He wanted to fuck his little girl; she got on top and rode her daddy’s cock with pleasure. When she came she sucked her daddy’s cock until he was ready to explode. He laid her head on his lap and jerked his cock onto her pretty face. She smiled and sat up, looking him in the eyes. She licked her lips tasting her father’s cum. Dad was so happy this finally had happened and he could not believe she would just go for it, he thought she would be grossed out. Dad woke up the next morning and felt his cock was out, He looked around the room but there were no signs of his daughter, this was all a dream!!!

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A Firm Punishment By Her Daddy

18 Year Old Kendra is caught smoking in the parking lot at the strip mall by her Dad!!! She has been warned time after time by her Parents about not smoking….so her Dad, of course, is furious. Dad grabs Kendra….puts her in the car….and drives her back home. Once they are home…Dad goes to work administering a firm, harsh punishment to Kendra. Dad pulls off his pants and makes Kendra put his cock inside her mouth and suck on it…..”If you like putting filthy things in your mouth so much…..here you go….suck Daddy’s cock!!!”. Kendra is almost in tears as she is made to suck on her own Dad’s cock. Unfortunately, for Kendra…..her punishment is only starting. When Dad’s cock is hard….Kendra is told to take her jeans off….and prepare to be Fucked. Kendra protests….but Dad orders her to do it. Dad begins to Pound away at Kendra as she yelps in pain and begs him to stop. Mom arrives home, and walks in….but to Kendra’s horror….Mom doesn’t save her….but instead, Mom agrees with the punishment….and tells Kendra to suffer through the vaginal pounding. As Mom leaves to get supper started…Dad pulls his cock out of Kendra’s sore young vagina….and makes her take a big load of semen into her mouth….and then he makes her swallow it!!! Through her tears, Kendra promises never to smoke again!!! Sometimes “tough love” seems to be the only way.


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Kendra discovers that “sharing” the bathroom with her Dad, is NOT necessarily a good idea!! Since she is in a hurry….Kendra decides that she will brush her hair and do her makeup in front of the bathroom mirror….naked……while her Dad is taking a shower. Kendra is SO smoking HOT….that her Dad can’t help but peer out through the shower curtain to ogle his naked Daughter. When Dad gets out of the shower to towel off….Kendra innocently bends down to get some things from the bottom drawer…..sticking her sexy young bum up towards her Dad. Dad, of course, gets a boner….and Kendranotices. When she confronts her Daddy about his erection…..Dad admits that he is turned on by her naked body…. and Kendra asks him if he would like to have sex with her. Since Mom is away…..Dad takes Kendra up on her offer…..and with Dad sitting on the toilet….Kendra starts to suck his cock!!! Dad puts Kendra up on the vanity, and enthusiastically eats his Daughter’s young pussy. Dad gives Kendra a hard pounding as Kendra holds on to him….her eyes full of terror, as he pumps her…..until Dad fills Kendra’s pussy with a Massive Creampie!!! Maybe it’s a good idea to wait until Dad finishes his shower next time……

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Cheating Housewife, Party in My Panties

Rachel was a horny housewife who was not getting enough attention from her husband Frank. One day she donned a sexy outfit and had a few warm up shots of martini in expectation of going out on a date with him that evening. But Frank disappointed her as usual. This time he stood her up to go golfing with a work buddy. For Rachel, it was the final straw. Left alone at home, angry, frustrated and tipsy, she decided to look up her son Jeremy’s Facebook page and check out some of his hunky young friends. If she could not get what she wanted from Frank, maybe she could get it from one of them instead. There was a good chance of it. Rachel had noticed many an excited look directed at her from the friends whom Jeremy had brought home in the past. She did not care that she might end up cheating on her husband. In fact, she rather liked the idea. Frank deserved it – in her opinion. After browsing several of the profiles, she finally found one to her taste. His name was Eric. Smiling deviously, she sent him a message pretending to be her son. She said there was going to be a wild, three-day party her house. Eric was invited. Rachel set the time of the phony party for when Frank would be out of town on business. She did not need to worry about Jeremy. He had already left on vacation for three weeks. Fortunately for her, he hadn’t passed this info on to Eric. At the supposed start-time of the party, Rachel sat eagerly awaiting her guest’s arrival. She had the house to herself. There was no limit to the mischief she could get up to with him. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and young Eric walked carrying a bottle of bourbon. He called out rowdily to Jeremy – thinking his friend’s parents were away. On noticing Rachel, he looked surprised and embarrassed. Rachel, however, was quick to put him at ease. After politely letting Eric explain why he had come over, she told him with a straight face that there must have been some mix-up over the facebook message. It was not Eric’s fault – she said. He had nothing to apologize for. She then told him about Jeremy’s vacation. After a little small-talk, Eric said he may as well leave since the party was not on. He had a long drive home. Five hours. Rachel already knew that. It had been a factor in her planning. With perfect logic, she told Eric that he would be better off staying in her guest room for the night. He must be tired – she said. Besides, he had also drunk a couple of glasses of the bourbon he had brought along. Eric decided she was right. Rachel secretly grinned. Everything was working out just as she had hoped. Presently, she made an excuse to go get changed. Eric’s jaw dropped when he saw her return wearing a tight, low cut, short-hemmed dress with red stockings and high-heels. From that moment on he was acutely aware of Rachel’s sexy charms. He weakened to them by the second. Rachel could tell as much, and she pressed her advantage all the way. Having taken up a seat next to Eric on he couch, she nestled up close to him so that her tantalizing cleavage was just inches from his face. She allowed her dress to ride high up her silk-clad thigh. Sometimes she crossed and uncrossed her legs and stretched them out. Most of her conversation was innocent social-talk. But then, when she felt the time was right, she started telling Eric how frustrating it was for a woman of her needs to be married to such a dud of a husband. It was enough to make her cheat on him – she declared. The next thing Eric knew, Rachel proved herself as good as her word. Suddenly taking off her wedding ring tossing it aside, she grabbed Eric with a purpose. She pushed him back against the couch and straddled his lap in an instant. Eric stared at her nervously. He found Rachel incredibly desirable, but he felt a twinge of guilt and uncertainty about what was happening. After all, Rachel was not just a married woman; she was also the mother of his best friend. However, when he felt her hands caress him, and her shapely hips dry-humping his lap, he lost all remaining self-control. Rachel had been too much woman for him to resist. From then on, the horny housewife had all the fun she could with her newly seduced young man. At the beginning there was plenty of fondling and kissing. Then she lay back on the couch and opened her dress so that he could lie on top of her with his face buried between her shapely big breasts – swelling beautifully in their tight bra. Eric took the invitation gladly. Since there was no going back now, Rachel even confessed to him about her Facebook trick. Eric did not mind. It had led him to this wonderful moment, and it was impossible to be angry about that. After a whole lot more kissing, and mutual touching through their clothes, Rachel sexily stripped out of her and bra and panties. It was as pleasurable for her as it was for Eric when he fondled her naked breasts and played her exposed pussy with his fingers. The action got Rachel so aroused that she could hardly wait to return the favor by sucking on Eric’s young hard cock. Knelt before him, she greedily took his meat into her mouth and commenced to fuck her lips erotically up and down its length in an epic show of oral feasting. When she was at long last done, she threw herself down on a fur rug and parted her long sleek legs nice and wide for Eric to slip between. The young was immediately in place. His cock shoved deep into her pussy, he fucked away lustfully, kissing Rachel on lips and breasts, making her gasp and moan at the top of her lungs. The sex was wonderful for her. Being a cheating housewife was paying off big time. And there was till plenty more pleasure awaiting her – in the form of a hot doggy-style to fuck come. With her butt raised up high and her shoulders and face lowered to the rug, she welcomed her young lover pounding hell out her from behind. The sweet deep-reaching thrusts of his cock sent her into her loudest, most frenzied display of enjoyment yet. Eric kept at it for a good long while until he felt the need to cum. Rachel was adamant he shoot it right where it would be most appreciated – right in her mouth and all over her face. In the aftermath, a thoroughly satisfied MILF, she daintily wiped her cum-covered lips clean using her panties. Then she turned to Eric. He clearly worshiped the ground she walked on now that he had experienced the mind-bending joy of fucking her. This was exactly what Rachel had hoped for. It meant Eric would do whatever she wanted in future. For starters, she told him he needed to move nearer to her house so that he could come over and fuck her on a daily basis. She could help him pay for it – courtesy of Frank’s credit card. At the point, she remembered her wedding ring and put it back on. She thought it best to keep up the pretense of being a loyal wife to her husband. Making a fool of Frank was half the fun for her.

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Get LOUIS VUITTON SHOES by fucking your daddy

Like all 18 Year Old girls….Kendra likes shoes. She especially likes pretty shoes….sexy shoes….EXPENSIVE shoes!!! Kendra wants a pair of Louis Vuitton Shoes. She goes to her Daddy to ask him if he would please buy the shoes for her. Dad, of course, says no….and when Dad finds out that the Louis Vuitton Shoes cost a whopping $600….it’s gonna stay no!!! Kendra says that if Dad “loans” her the money….she’ll pay it back from her allowance every week. Dad points out, that at $40 per week….she’ll be paying back the debt forever. At this point, realizing that her Dad is right….meaning it wouldn’t be practical for her to pay the money back…..Kendra opens her robe and shows her young, naked body to her Dad. “Daddy, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me, if you buy me the shoes. You can Fuck me….Lick me….cum all over me….whatever you want….”. Before Dad can protest….Kendra quickly gobbles up his cock into her mouth. Daddy is now putty in her hands (or mouth lol). Kendra Sucks her Daddy…..lets Daddy lick her…..and true to her word, lets Daddy cum all over her face!!! Won’t somebody look particularly stylish at school on Monday……

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