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My brother and I went to a rave but I had no idea what was about to happen. The rave was great but I must have taken something new cause when we got home I was so turned on. Next thing I knew I was naked and sucking my brothers cock while he fingered my pussy. I just had to feel his cock inside me and slid down to straddle it. His cock felt soo good in my wetness I almost came right then. We fucked on the couch for what seemed like hours then heard daddy’s keys in the lock. And that was just the beginning!

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Making off Incest Video

Rachel wanted to shoot a new father-daughter themed porno clip for Red MILF Productions, Inc. She put out a couple of ads seeking a man and a woman of the right ages and looks to play the two roles. Soon after, the responses came rolling in. A couple of them stood out more than the others. One was from a forty-something widower named Frank. He had lost his job a while ago. With his unemployment benefitS about to run out, he had been driven to desperate measures to earn money. The other was from a nineteen-year-old girl called Misty. She had applied willingly – liking the flexible hours and the fact that she would get paid for doing something that she loved – i.e. fucking. Rachel interviewed Frank and Misty separately. On getting to know them in person, she felt they would be ideal for playing father-daughter lovers on screen. Frank had the right air of authority for his part, and Misty was suitably nubile and perky. Neither of them were too concerned about the taboo storyline of the clip they would be filming. It was only make-believe, after all. Later, when Rachel was alone, she went over the application forms that they had signed. On comparing the personal details, she was startled. The pair had the same surnames and lived at the same address. Reading further, it became clear to Rachel that Frank and Misty were father and daughter for real! By a coincidence they had both applied to be in the same production set without the other knowing about it. Suddenly, Rachel grew excited. Here was a chance to shoot some genuine father-daughter fucking action. As well as turning her on, the idea struck her as being great for business. It was highly unlikely that Frank and Misty would ever agree to it. Therefore, they would have to be tricked. Rachel knew just how to manage that. Calling her assistant on the phone, she gave her a message to make sure that, on the day of shooting, Frank wore a mask without any eyeholes. In addition, he and Misty were not to see each other beforehand. When it came time to shoot the scene, Rachel led Misty on to the bedroom set. The young woman wore a skimpy, lacy red outfit and stockings. The masked Frank was already there – lying on the bed. Rachel arranged it so that the father and daughter would go by the names ‘John’ and ‘April’. She was determined to do all she could to hide their identities from each other until the time was right. She then explained to both of them what she wanted from the scene. Misty’s character was to give her father a passionate fuck as a present. She was to engage in plenty of taboo talk such as telling her father what a great big cock he had. With these directions given, Rachel stepped aside and set the camera rolling. First Misty climbed on to the bed, pulled out her father’s cock, and got straight down to sucking it. When she was not loving it with her lips and tongue, or fucking her mouth as far down its shaft as she could go, she was sensually jacking it off – and uttering dirty comments about its size and hardness to her daddy. It was all very ironic. Here were a real-life father and daughter thinking that each other were just strangers only pretending to be father and daughter. In the background, Rachel stood looking on – getting wicked enjoyment. Following Misty’s long and intimate sucking of his cock, Frank pulled down her panties and began rubbing her exposed pussy. From here father and daughter shifted into the sixty-nine position. They mutually pleased each other this way for a long time. While Misty resumed sucking his cock, Frank went to work tonguing and licking her pussy. Together they filled the bedroom with their muffled and moans and sighs. Shortly after, Misty stripped down to only her stockings, then mounted her father’s cock in the cowgirl-position. As she rode him, she groaned, threw back her head, and arched her back so that her pert tits stood out. Frank held on to her hips while she breathily praised him for being such a expert-fucking, big-cocked daddy. He did not recognize her voice because the leather of his mask obscured his hearing. For Rachel, still hovering nearby, the scene was wonderfully kinky. Keeping out of Misty’s view, she grinned and chuckled with evil amusement. Soon Misty was on her hands and knees – being taking from behind by her father. The young woman made plenty of noise from the thrill of his cock thrusting deep into her tight pussy. More taboo comments flowed endlessly from her lips. Furiously she frigged her clit. Spurred on by her hotness, Frank fucked his daughter with ever greater intensity. Meanwhile, Rachel had by now pulled both her tits out of her top and was hornily caressing them. She had made several suggestive and mocking comments to the father and daughter, but neither of them picked up on her meaning. Last up came a missionary style fuck. Misty lay with her slender legs parted wide so that Frank could fuck right to her depths. He drove her wild with his pumping, and kept her uttering her dirty, taboo comments. When he was ready to cum, Frank held his cock to his daughter’s face. She sucked it a moment longer, then was rewarded with thick blasts of cream that filled her mouth, covered her lips and glazed her chin and cheeks. Now, with the shoot over, Rachel could not resist revealing the identities of father and daughter to one another. Frank still knelt over Misty’s cum covered face when Rachel pulled his mask off. As recognition set in, the pair were struck with shock and horror. Frank leapt from the bed; Misty began to sob uncontrollably. As Rachel congratulated them on their performance, they gathered their things and fled the bedroom in shame. Rachel was not concerned. She felt sure the pair would be back some time. They had broken the taboo line, and there was no going back for them. On top of that, they had clearly loved fucking each other. All Rachel had to do was wait for them. Then she would be able to make a whole series of money-making clips featuring the real-life father and daughter.

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Brother Fucker

Addie Juniper: Sleepwalking Siblings and Creampie Dreams Awoken and aroused by groping hands, Addie is shocked to discover her sleepwalking brother in her room! Though she’s wet, Addie is horrified when she realizes her still sleeping brother is about to fuck her. Still afraid to wake him she bites her lip as his huge cock enters her. She decides not to wake him and lets him explode inside her. This taboo encounter leads to more sex between these step siblings with Addie initiating and Conor stunned as she works his cock until he fills her once again with his warm load!

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Mother Son Secret

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Ava Taylor Porn Addicted Daughter

Ava is looking at porn on the computer masturbating. She sneaks into dads room before he has gotten up in the morning and gives him a blowjob. He comes in Ava’s mouth,falls back asleep without knowing.
Ava watches her father take a shower and rubs herself thinking about him, he comes out of the shower and she fucks him.
Ava wears skimpy clothing around the house and teases her father. Dad breaks down and fucks Ava on the couch. Mom comes earlier but there is no time for Ava to get off dad. Mom sits down and asks if Dad has talked to his daughter about acting Slutty. Dad promises to have a talk with his daughter and mom leaves.
Dad continues to fuck Daughter till he finishes inside her.
Ava gets naked in dad’s bedroom and ties her hands together and tells her dad to take advantage of her. Dad helps with the restraints and fucks Ava in every position he can. Ava begs for his cum in her mouth and makes Dad promise to always keep this a secret.

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I’m in Florida for Spring Break,staying with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred. A few days into my trip it was raining so I stayed in and watched tv in my Aunt room. Uncle Fred came stumbling in from the bar and flopped in the bed almost on top of me. His semi hard cock brushed against my leg reminding me I hadn’t been laid the whole trip. I’m not sure why but I started getting turned on and began rubbing Uncle Freds cock through his pants. I just had to get it in y mouth so I unzipped his pants and rolled him over. His cock throbbed to life in my mouth almost gagging me. Before I knew it I was naked and riding my Uncles cock cowgirl style. I’m pretty sure Uncle Fred was enjoying himself since he blew a huge load in me as I came the 4th time.

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Slipping my Brother some Viagra

Katie’s brother is trying to watch the Olympics, but Katie has her own little agenda. She tries to model her new, sexy dress, but her brother just wants to watch TV. She offers to get him a drink, but slips a Viagra pill into the glass, and continues her flirting. After a while – little brother is experiencing an unwanted growth – in his pants – and Katie is sure to pick up on that!!! She starts to rub him a bit, and little brother is shocked at first, but it feels so damned good, and nobody is watching anyway!! Right? She pulls his shorts down, and starts sucking her brothers cock – stopping to ask him if he likes it. When he answer “YES”, game is over! She takes off her bra. She takes off her panties. She straddles her brothers cock and starts riding him! Brother can’t help himself at this point. He gets his sister on her knees, and pounds her ass from behind, until he’s ready to cum. He gets on his back, and his sister jerks a big load from his cock, right over her hands…. You pretty much KNOW your sister is a whore, when she lifts her hands up, to let YOUR CUM dribble into her mouth!

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Naked Joga With Sister

Richie’s Baby Sister, Victoria was doing her Naked Yoga…..and needed some help….a “spotter”….that was all this innocent girl wanted…..and she asked her Brother Richie to give her a hand. After Richie helps with a few of her stretches, he can’t help but “accidentally” touch her Naked Pussy. Victoria yells at him and calls him a Pervert…but damage done….Richie has a Massive erection!! Victoria needs him to help her with her Naked Yoga…but Richie has a big boner……so big Brother has a deal for his Baby Sister…..if she “gets rid of his boner” for him…he will help her with her stretches. Victoria reluctantly agrees to relieve his discomfort by masturbating him, in exchange for his help. After a few minutes of Jerking his cock…..Richie confesses that he may not be able to ejaculate from her hand only…and he asks her to perform oral on him. Victoria, again reluctantly agrees to Suck her Brother’s cock. After a few minutes of Sucking his cock, Richie admits that the only sure way to get rid of his boner…is to have sex!!! Victoria is disgusted!! She does not want to have sexual intercourse with her own Brother…but makes him a deal….”If I let you Fuck me…you have to finish fast…..and in exchange…you must help me with my Naked Yoga for two hours”. Horny as he is…Richie readily agrees….and begins to pound away on his little Sister. After a few minutes of being Fucked like a Rag-Doll…Victoria turns the tables on her Brother…gets on top of him….and Fucks the living *$^# out of him, while smothering his mouth and telling him to “Shut Up and cum!!”. Baby Sister Victoria soon forces her older Brother to cum!!! She may be the younger Sister…but this Baby Sister knows how to FUCK!!!

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Boring Vacation With Father

Alex’s step dad was sent to Vegas for a work conference. She begged and begged to go with him. He told her that she would be bored, and that it was just a work trip, but she insisted. Now Alex is sitting in the hotel room with no money and nothing to do.
Alex misses her boyfriend so much that she calls him to have phone sex. She puts the boyfriend on speaker phone and sets the phone on the floor. Alex tells him to jerk his cock for her. She describes to him what she is wearing. Alex moans and rubs her pussy pulling down her cute panties. Taking off her top, she describes to her boyfriend how she plays with her tits.
Her step dad walks in and sees his daughter on the phone. She calls him over and puts one hand over his mouth and one hand on his crotch. She moans on the phone that his dick is so big. Going to her knees she pulls down her step dad’s pants and jerks his cock. She teases and licks his balls before taking his cock into her mouth. She describes every detail of what she is doing and moans while loudly sucking cock. She rubs her pussy and jerks her step dad’s cum into her mouth. Swallowing it all down she tells her boyfriend how good he tastes.

Scene Two: Tipsy Daughter

He rushes out of the room the next morning bothered about what happened between him and his step daughter. Left alone in the room again Alex raids the mini bar. Chocolates and alcohol make a great combination and she is surprised at getting hammered so quickly on the tiny drinks.
He comes back to the hotel room to take her out to lunch and have a talk. Alex drunkenly tells him that she is sorry but she is so bored and so horny. It’s no fun without any money in Vegas. Alex tells him how much she loves his big cock and places his hands on her breasts. She kisses him, and tells him how much she wants him to fuck her. Clothes fly off as Alex strips herself and her step dad. Getting on the bed she sucks his cock. â€ooh fuck me daddyâ€? she screams guiding his cock inside her. She cums hard and keeps fucking him until he explodes inside of her.
Spent the step dad lays on the bed and closes his eyes. Alex goes into his pants and takes his credit card.

Scene Three: Look What I Bought

Alex has been out shopping with her step dad’s credit card. She takes out her purchases, sexy lingerie with nylons. Striping naked she puts on the items and lays seductively in bed waiting for him to get back to the hotel.
He can hardly believe his eyes when he walks in. His stepdaughter is the sexiest thing he has ever seen. She asks him seductively if he likes what she bought today. She sits him on the edge of the bed and gives him a Vegas lap dance. Shoving his face into her pussy she moans â€olick my pussy daddyâ€?
She strips her step dad naked and sucks on his hard cock. Pushing him to the bed, Alex pulls her panties to the side and rides on top of him. He touches her tight young body while she rides him like a sex starved daughter. She closes her eyes tight and has a quivering orgasm on his cock. Thank you for buying this for me.

Scene Four: Hotel Bill

After a great vacation Alex and her step dad are ready to check out. When he calls down to the hotel lobby he finds out that she has been buying, room service, liquor from the fridge, and movies on demand to the hotel room. Thousands of dollars have been charged alone in the last few days. Alex tells him that she is sorry but that she was really bored.
He is so mad that he flips her over and spanks her. Pulling down her pants and panties he tells her that she is going to earn every penny of that money back and gives her a few more spanks. He pulls off her shirt and bra and fucks her mouth.
He throws her to the bed and when she pleads with him that she is sorry he takes her panties from the ground and gags her. He fucks her furiously holding her down on on the bed.
Pulling the panties out of her mouth he tells her to open wide and shoots his load onto her waiting face. She is going to fuck him every day until that bill is paid, and she loves every minute of it.

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Rachel Steele Does It Anywhere. Including Here

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