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Desperate Times for Mother

Rachel’s husband made a number of bad investments using money he had borrowed from the mob. He faced an awful predicament when he could not pay them back. Even if he sold every thing he had, he still would not have cleared his debts with them. It seemed his days were numbered. But the mob ended up giving him a surprising life-line. One of their business interests was porno production – particularly taboo, mother-son material. Since the mob knew that Rachel was a hot mom with a stud son, they made the husband the following proposal: allow them to shoot a film of the couple together, and all debts would be wiped out in return. Rachel’s cowardly, irresponsible husband, quickly agreed to the deal. He was so relieved at not coming to harm himself, that he did not mind the rest of his family becoming collateral. When Rachel heard about it from him, she was horrified. Yet it soon became clear that there was no getting out of it. On getting back from work, she had to knock back a couple of glasses of scotch before breaking the news to her son, Max. Neither of them could believe what they were being asked to do. Rachel was a wholesome suburban mom; her son was a clean cut guy with a promising future. Now they under pressure to feature in a film where they had sex together! The pair were at least soothed by the idea that their scene would only be soft-core. The next day, however, they got a rude shock. The director working for the mob arrived and was all business. He shook his head at Rachel’s attire, promptly presented her with something more slutty to wear, and set her straight on her misconceptions about what she was to do. Her scene with her son was actually going to be hardcore – very hardcore. If the couple had a problem with that – they better pay of their husband’s debt – or else. Shaken, but seeing no hope in resistance, the hot mother and her son dutifully went upstairs to Rachel’s bedroom where the scene was to be shot. By the time the camera started to roll, Rachel had changed into her new outfit. For the time being it was hidden under a skimpy silk robe that showed off her deep cleavage. She and Max then held up their ID cards to prove they were really mother and son. Then the show began in earnest. At the director’s urging, Rachel had to put her arm around her son ands kiss him on the lips. Her first effort was a mere peck, and she was told to do better. Though starting out with great discomfort, she finally managed to make herself do it properly. She opened her mouth and began a long, passionate and convincing French kiss with her son. With that little warm up out of the way, she then stood up and shrugged of the robe at the director’s command. Underneath, Rachel was wearing lingerie – a tit-hugging bra and black stockings and suspender belt – that perfectly accentuated the hotness of her body. As Max stripped at the same time, he displayed a big cock that was already growing hard from the sight of his lovely mom. The young man then lay down naked on the bed while Rachel knelt beside him. In response to the director’s next command – for a blowjob scene – Rachel closed her eyes and begin kissing a sensual trail from her son’s chest down to his cock. Taking hold of it, she made herself lick the head as erotically as she could. Again the director chimed in – highlighting Rachel’s forbidden act with her son, telling her to look into his eyes as she deep-throated him. The upright mother winced at the words, but she duly did as she was told. It was all too much for Max, and he suddenly unleashed a load a of cum in his mom’s mouth. The director ordered Rachel to show it to the camera and then swallow it. There was no avoid if for the mother. She even had to pile on the dirty-talk and tell her son how much she loved the taste of his cream. After that, it was Max’s turn to put on a performance. His now topless and panty-less mother lay back as he went to work licking and kissing and rubbing her wet pussy. Without the director’s prompting, she started moaning and writhing and saying dirty things to her son. Both she and Max had gotten totally into things. As Max pushed his fingers deep inside of her, Rachel arched her back and thrust out her perfect tits – ecstatically squeezing them together. Following another blowjob from his mom, Max went on to fuck her crazy in the missionary position. Neither of them cared about the camera or the director anymore. Rachel had her sexy, sleek legs pulled back as far she could get them so that her son could pound his cock to the max inside her. When the couple were not groaning and talking words of lust each to each other, they were kissing passionately. Of their own free will, mother and son went on to fuck furiously in the doggy position. Then Rachel lay on her back again for another deep pounding from her young man. At last, when Max finally came following another of his mother’s blowjobs, Rachel kept his cock in her mouth – taking it right down to the balls. Thick spunk oozed from between her lips and smeared her cheeks. Only when the shoot was over did the mother and son come back to reality and realise what they had done. Yet, even as the guilt and confusion came over the pair, the director hit them with a curve ball. Far from their shoot being enough, it was only the beginning. Rachel and Max had to do a whole series of them in order to

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Anal Punishment For Daughter

Daddy decides to punish his daughter when she comes back from a party dressed like a slut

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Using a massage as our decoy we finally got to squeeze our step sister Molly’s huge natural tits. She went for it and sucked our cock as well. As we entered her teen tight pussy her tits looked even juicier and watching bounce with every thrust had us rock hard and exploding all over her young huge tits.

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Alaina is Daddy’s Little Whore

Alaina Should Have Stayed in School

Part 1 – Alaina Should Have Stayed in School – Dad is working hard at the office, business has been really slow and he is super stressed out. He even had to lay of his secretary and doesn’t know how he is going to keep things afloat. Then is spoiled little daughter comes skipping in and has the nerve to not only be cutting school to go to the mall, but asks him for his credit card. It starts off with spanking her spoiled little ass and then he totally dominates her and makes her be his little whore if she expects money from him. To finish he pounds her young tight pussy until, totally confused, she cums all over his dick. Then he covers her firm round ass with his load

Alaina’s Bad Bathing Suit

PART 2 – Alaina’s Bad Bathing Suit – Alaina is trying to sneak out of the house, even though she is grounded. She thought her dad was out for his regular Saturday of Golf but he is home and catches her. He makes her take of her shorts and sees the sexy thong bikini bottom and tells her if she wants to go out looking like a little whore he is going to treat her like a little whore, She will be daddy’s little whore

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PART 3- Alaina’s Little Pussy Can’t take it – Alaina has become well trained as daddy’s little whore, but her tight young pussy is so worn out from taking daddy’s big cock. She thinks if she can sneak in while he is sleeping she can suck him dry and he won’t need to fuck her so many times each day. Daddy wakes up and Alaina confesses, and begs to be allowed to just ride it a bit and then use her mouth to worship his cock.

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FUCK!!! I’m tired of fapping to my little sister’s dirty panties and spying on her in the shower. SHE FUCKS EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! It’s my turn, Goddamn it! I don’t care if I’m a sick pervert. I’ve taken care of her for years, I think I’ve earned the right to a little pussy from her once in awhile… And now I’ve finally figured out how to get it. I went though my sister’s phone and found a bunch of dirty texts and naked pics she sent to some random guy. I’m pretty sure her boyfriend wouldn’t be very happy if I forwarded him the texts. My little sister is doing yoga in her room right now. I think I’ll stop by and let her know my good news. I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out….

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Slutty Mom is Blackmailed

Naked, Melanie is giving a hot blowjob to your uncle when you walk in. “Why are you blowing Uncle Alex” you yell. “Don’t tell daddy, I was just having a bit of fun.” she tells you as Alex runs out of the room. “You can’t tell your dad. I’ll do anything.” she pleads with you telling you if he found out your father would leave her and she would have nothing. “I didn’t think you were home” she wimpers. You think about what she said. She would do anything… The thoughts quickly race through your mind and you have the perfect punishment for your hot mom. “Promise you wont tell dad?” She agrees to whatever you want, not having a choice.
Dressed in fishnet stockings, very tall high heels, a tight too short see through red dress, and her hair in pigtails, Melanie looks like the perfect slut. You make her pull on her nipples as hard as she can until her face shows pain and she says “Ouch” She tortures her nipples for your sick pleasure. “Oww” she says as she twists them. You command her to bend over and show off her big ass in her tight fishnets.

Scene Two: Suck punishment

She faces the wall and bends over as he pulls down her tight stockings exposing her ass. Her son begins to slap her ass hard. This is so humiliating being spanked by her own son. “Oh Oh mmm oww” she moans as the slaps come harder and harder. With long handcuffs he lashes her feet together and cuffs her hands behind her back. Completely restrained she can’t stop her own son from feeling up her large breasts.
She feels so shameful being exposed and forced to her knees for her son. He takes out his cock and grabs her pig tails shoving her mouth down his shaft. Her chains rattle against the floor as she gags on her son’s huge penis. “Choke on it mom” he tells her. She can’t believe her son is treating her like a whore, no one has ever treated her so badly. With a belt he hits her and she cries out in pain muffled by her son’s cock in her mouth. He uses a chair to further humiliate, spank and force his cock down her throat. She feels used like her son’s sex doll and less like his mother every second.

Scene Three: Fuck punishment

With her bent over a chair she feels him push his cock up against her pussy. He can’t want to fuck her she thinks as he forces himself inside her. He slaps her ass and pounds her pussy making her yell in pain and cry out. She bites her lip to control herself. Her son fucks her harder than she’s been fucked in years. She tries not to enjoy herself. Just let him stop fucking her.
With his cock wet from her pussy he moves to the front of her and makes her suck his cock again. She can taste her own shame on him. His hand on the back of her head forces her to pleasure him. What a whore she’s become.

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He removes the leg cuffs and heels from his mom’s long legs. He pulls off her fishnet stockings and makes her get on top of him. Still handcuffed she bounces her big ass up and down on her son. She has no choice but to fuck him.
He lifts her up with his cock still inside her and fucks her all the way to her bedroom. She’s re-cuffed hand to foot with her ass exposed and her hair pulled roughly by her son’s strong grip. He slaps her ass and fucks her from behind mercilessly. She’s been with a lot of men in her life but never before has she felt like such a used slut as she does with her own son fucking her. She cries out into the pillows when he slaps her ass with the belt.
She sucks her son’s cock wanting it all to end. “I want your come” she’s forced to say and sticks out her tongue. He jerks his big load into her mouth and she sucks him all down. He leaves her tied up, giving her a few last spanks with the belt. She shows the look of total destruction on her cum covered face. Melanie really is a slut now.

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Molly Jane in fucked up video

Molly is a rich do nothing bitch. She’s on the phone arguing with her father about how her allowance isn’t big enough when her father’s maid bot walks into the room. Molly asks him to let her reprogram the robot to make it do what Molly wants. He tells her no and that it’s dangerous. “Ok daddy I promise I won’t reprogram the robot” Molly says crossing her fingers. Resetting the robot Molly begins to work “I am whatever you want master, make me your mannequin” The robot says. Molly giggles playing with her new toy.
She takes a vibrator and places it on the robots pussy. “Orgasm sequence initiated” It says moaning and shaking. Molly smiles “That’s right robot” she says smiling and touching herself. “Sensory overload, powering down, malfunction” The robot says stammering and falling over. “Oh , I broke the robot” Molly says. Her dad is going to her. She winds the robot back up and sees it power up. “Secondary initiative activated, Look into my eyes” the robot says and holds Molly by the shoulders with her strong robot grip. “You are now a robot, program download” the robot tells her. Data is driven into Molly’s mind, rewiring her brain and forever erasing the old Molly. “Downloading… downloading… success… Robot Molly activated”

Scene Two: New robot slut

The robots stand side by side as robot Cory gives her commands based on her programming. She removes Molly’s cloths. “Yes master what is your command.” robot Molly says. Cory activates her mannequin mode and plays with her now robotic body, positioning her and feeling her breasts.
With the same vibrator robot Cory checks her orgasm sequence. “Orgasm sequence initiated” Molly says. She moans and shakes until she malfunctions and shuts down. Cory winds her back up and initiates her “How may I assist you master” Molly says. The two robots sit on the couch “Mutual orgasm initiated” Cory says and the bots start to rub each other. They moan as they roboticaly rub each others pussies. “Yes master I will obey” Cory and Molly say as they bring themselves to orgasm. “Malfunction” The robots say and shut down.
You walk in to find them both shut down on the couch and quickly figure out what happened. You told your daughter not to reprogram Cory and now look at her. You reactivate them and have them self orgasm on the couch. You always found your daughter hot and all she did was use you money. At least now you will get your monies worth from her.
You make Molly pull down your shorts and suck your cock as Cory continues to masturbate. “Yes master I will obey” They both moan as they do as their told.

Scene Three: Robotic blowjob and fuck

You make them get to either side of you as you lays back and watch. “Robot sluts, commence blowjob sequence.” You tell them. “Yes master I will obey” They say together as they suck on your hard cock like good robots.
With your cock wet and hard you commands robot Molly to get on top and fuck you while robot Cory plays with her tits. Molly looks at you with lifeless eyes as she does as she’s told. “Oh Oh, Orgasm complete” She moans fucking you perfectly. “Repeat sequence” you says smiling and making her cum again on your cock.
With their asses in the air you command them to make out while you fuck robot Cory. You loves making Molly into your robot slut toy and fuck her tight pussy just like you always wanted too. “Orgasm sequence initiated” Molly says as she makes out with Cory. You fuck her pussy and make Cory masturbate and orgasm while Molly sucks her big tits.

Scene Four: Robot Makeup

You continue to fuck your bitch robot daughter, making robot Cory masturbate and cum. Robot Molly goes through her orgasm sequence as well cumming and moaning for you. You fuck her on the couch just like you always dreamed of. Your obedient robot whore.
“On your knees” You tell them. “Yes master I will obey” They intone. They jerk you and suck your cock “We are here for your cum disposal” Robot Cory says. “Yes master, please we want your cum” Robot Molly adds. “We are your super sluts, give us your cum master.” Molly says “We are your cum dumpsters, Use us as your cum dumpsters master” Cory tells you. They beg you for your cum and stick out their tongues for you to cum on. “We want your cum master, please feed us your cum.” they beg you in their robotic voices. You cum a huge load all over their faces. “Thank you master” They tell you.
They kiss and share your cum at your command. You tell them to shut down on the couch “Yes master I will obey. Shut down sequence initiated” they say. You leave them naked and covered in cum until your horny again. Two perfect robot sluts.

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Cuming inside sleeping sister

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Family Poke-Her Night

It’s another family Poke-Her night and while I was in the shower Jason and daddy played to see who would be poking me. Apparently daddy’s bad luck streak continued for another week so my brother would be the one I got to play with. The loser has to watch the show so my brother and I really rubbed it in. Jason went down on me while I stared at daddy with a longing look on my face letting him know I wished he had won.

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Nerdy sister get brother sperm inside her

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