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During my pregnancy I went to stay with Grandpa and Grandma for a month or so. During my stay my hormones got the better of me and I needed to get laid really bad. Unfortunately there are no places to meet guys around Grandpas place so I was really sexually frustrated. When I couldn’t take it anymore I want for the only man around, Grandpa. He was a little shocked at my forwardness but when my hand hit his cock he was ready to go. After I sucked his cock Grandpa took me from behind and made me cum several times before he exploded in my pregnant pussy. Grandpa will be taking care of my needs for the rest of my stay solving my problem….. as long as grandma doesn’t find out.

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Dear Diary,
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Sally D’Angelo has to help her step grandson out when he takes two erection pills for his date. But when the date cancels he’s left with a problem that grandma know just how to fix.
Poor Brad was supposed to have a date with a major hottie and in anticipation of all the fucking he was going to get to do he took two of his dad’s erectile pills. But four hours later with his date cancelling he has a real problem. He’s had a hardon for nearly four hours and remembering what the commercials say he’s thinking he needs help. Brad goes to see his father but can’t find him. He finds Grandma Sally sitting on the couch watching T.V. and he asks her where his dad is.
Grandma sally tells him that his dad and stepmom have gone shopping and won’t be back for a few hours. When she sees panic in his face she asks him what the problem is. He tells he what he did and that he’s really needing to do something abuts it. Being the loving and lustful grandma she is Sally has him come and sit down beside her and let her see how bad it is. Brad not knowing what else to do, other than perhaps go to the hospital pulls his pants down and shows Sally his raging hardon.
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