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My Brother Ate Daddys Creampie

Dear Diary,

As you know, Daddys been staying at the house while mommie has been on vacation. The other day after my brother blackmailed me for fucking Daddy he confessed it turned him on so much he wanted to watch the next time and clean up after Daddy. With his threats I had no choice but to set it up. With my brother hiding behind the curtains I laid on the bed and waited for Daddy to come in. We started messing around on the bed while my brother peeked from behind the curtains. Daddy fucked me all over the bed while he watched and I think he almost lost it when I asked Daddy to cum inside me. Daddy couldn’t resist my invitation and came deep inside me. As soon as Daddy left to clean up from our little fun session Miles came out from behind the curtain with like the biggest grin ever, but not bigger than my creampie! My brother buried his face in my freshly creampied pussy and licked up every bit. He even sucked out anything that was there! He really seemed to enjoy eating Daddys creampie so maybe I got lucky and tricked him into not blackmailing me anymore…… Then again I did enjoy it too, maybe this whole blackmail thing this family has going on isn’t as bad as it sounds.

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What if I get pregnant?!

Dear Diary,

What the fuck. Last night my brother was sleepwalking or something and came right into my room! I dont know what he was dreaming about but he started touching and groping me!
I figured I should take advantage of the situation and totally fuck him since I really enjoyed fucking him at that crazy family therapy office and I mean I do feel kindof bad for tricking him with his ex-girlfriend and all that stuff.
Well Diary, right when I was about to cum really hard all over his cock the big buffoon came inside me and walked his ass right out of my room like nothing ever happened!
Like … seriously?! What if I get pregnant?! We’re lucky I didn’t the first time he fucked up!

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Dreaming of Daddy

Dear Diary,
Lately I’ve been having these really weird dreams about my Dad. I don’t know what going on with me or if these fantasies are even normal but I really seem to enjoy them. Like last night while I was sleeping I had a dream my Dad gave me the opportunity to act on my desires! He called me into his office and it was like he already knew what I had been dreaming about! He asked me to fuck him, it felt so real! Almost like I was actually having sex! We fucked all over his office and then later that day he called me into his bedroom where we continued to fuck! In my dream Daddy even came inside me, it was so warm and I could feel it leaking out I got so excited I woke myself up and then something weird happened. I was laying there naked with cum leaking out of me and my Uncle J was walking away laughing. Maybe that was just a weird dream too? Maybe I was fantasizing about fucking Uncle J too, but then this creampie felt so real. Well back to bed. Night Diary!


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Sister Blackmailed Into Creampie

Wha- hey!! You aren’t supposed to be here! Aren’t you on vacation? You’re home so early… Oh. My. God. You weren’t supposed to find out! Okay, yes, I had a little party. So my friends wanted some booze. So what? I know it’s your alcohol… wait, I need to make it up to you?! No, I don’t know how much it cost! I’m not even old enough to buy it in the first place so how am I supposed to fix this? … Are you serious? No, I’m not a slut! I don’t just do sexual favors to just anyone… you’re my brother; are you kidding? Gross! Wh- you’re totally serious? You’re going to kick me out if I don’t listen?! Oh my god, I can’t believe this. I mean, I know I really messed up and I’m sorry. But please, please don’t kick me out. I love living with my brother! I’ll do anything to stay! …This stays between you and me, right?

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Reunion with my brother

After my fiancee Sarah left I was done. I didn’t shower. Didn’t shave. Didn’t leave my apartment. I picked up the bottle again and didn’t put it down. I think she was gone for about a month when I got a call from my sister Riley. We hadn’t talked in years. She told me Mom and Dad wanted us to come up to New York with them for a week. Apparently we had some extended family up there they wanted to visit, and they always wanted to see the city and do touristy stuff. My sister said they already booked a hotel room for the two of us, she told me I couldn’t say no. She also said she wasn’t crazy about the idea of sharing a room with me, but we had to try and get along for our parents. I said yes I would come, and I promised she wouldn’t have anything to worry about from me… Things get really hazy after that. I remember the airport and checking into our hotel room. I remember telling my sister to fuck off after the second day of not leaving the room. I remember her her saying Mom was really worried about me, and begging me to get out of bed. I remember watching my little sister shower… just wanting to look at something beautiful…. The next thing I knew she was dressed and telling me she had to leave early, to tell Mom and Dad it was for work. And that she loved me. I knew something went wrong, that I must have fucked something up, but the past three days were a blank… It wasn’t until a few weeks after the trip, back in Florida alone in my apartment, that it started to come back to me. Flashes of memory hit me, how scared Riley looked in the shower and her crying, running away. Then black again… I felt sick… How could I have done that to her? But then I remembered her face next to mine in bed. How soft she was… I remembered her holding me, telling me she wasn’t mad anymore, that she wanted me too… I remembered, that at least for a little while, we were brother and sister again….

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I Need My Brother’s Strong Sperm

Hey! Yeah, come in and sit down, please? Oh, everyone’s out on a hike. I told them you’re still asleep and I just.. don’t want to, overexert myself before.. tomorrow. Uhm, about that. Well, my husband wants me to… to… get a tubal! He actually wants me to tie my tubes when he knows how much I want a baby! I can’t help it. I’m so ready for a baby. I have to stop this.
So… the only solution is to get pregnant, right?… Yes, please! I really need my brother right now. It has to be you! We’re so close, and you already have the best genes and no one would be able to tell. Please make me pregnant! I need to be pregnant before tomorrow’s consultation or I’ll never be! Lay there, relax, and I’ll ride it out of you. You’re the best brother ever!

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Memoirs of Bad Mommies

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Memoirs of Bad Mommie

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